Divi WordPress Theme

It’s officially out: WPMU 2.9.1. As Donncha says, this will likely be the last release before 3.0 and the merge.

PLEASE see the info about adding the new commentsmeta table.

(Wow, what a crazy ride. :D)


  1. I updated my 2.8 version to 2.9 and then noticed that the mu-plugins is no longer being used.. I use the “userthemes” plugin which is installed in the mu-plugins folder.. anyway around this? or do I just have to go backwards?

    • What do you mean by “not being used”? Because it is definitely still supported, and was already in single WP months ago.

      On the other hand, I have seen posts from people having issues with the userthemes plugin.

      • For me to get it to work I had to move the “userthemes” php file from the mu-plugins folder to the regular plugins folder.. cleared it right up.. but that’s just me.