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WordPress has been out in the 2.9 version for a few days now, and Donncha has just checked in the 2.9 code into the MU trunk. You can find it here: WordPressMU trunk

Scroll down to the bottom of that page and there is a zip link. Do not put this on a production site yet, but please do try and test it somewhere. Maybe a development site, or a test site on a spare domain, or locally on your computer.

The more people who test it now, the less bugs we have to deal with after releases.

There are some useful changes coming through, and some are especially useful for MU sites. Like the video embed. You’ll be able to ditch the plugins to embed video for popular sites. 😀 Please read the official release post on the WordPress blog for an overview and highlights.


  1. Is the new Post Image already integrated into the latest trunk ? I am running BP with latest WPMU without a problem so far but I couldnt find new feature of Post Image.

    • I haven’t compared the code, but it was my understanding that the new post image feature was to be handled by the themes and didn’t show up as a thingy in the backend menus anywhere, really.

  2. When I activated some plugins like BP then it disappeared from the plugin list however its activated but wouldnt be able to deactivate them when I need to. Any idea about it? I updated with the latest version of trunk.

  3. Just installed the wordpressmu 2.9.1 version to try out embeding videos.
    But is I try to do it I get a page
    ‘Are you sure you want to do this??’ I would love to say YES, but there is no option.
    Any thoughts on this??

    By the way: My Buddypress still shows up in teh sitewide plugins.

  4. I have the video embed working by simply posting the youtube url. Are there any variables we can add to alter the window size?

    As an example I would prefer not to have only 480 width boxes and would like to be able to vary this width.

    Can this be done with CSS?