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So hot on the heels of last week, WPMU 2.8.4a is out with a security fix. If you are stuck at 2.8.1 and have trouble with the auto-upgrade, you have to apply the edits Donncha mention in this post.

A lot of us old-times are still more comfortable with the manual upgrade, so if the auto-upgrade gives you grief, you always have this option. It’s just a matter of taking backups (both of the database and the files) and then uploading all the new files.

I must say, I’m getting so excited for the merge. 🙂 I’ve also had a quick look at the recent Buddypress trac and some exciting stuff is in there, too. I’ll write it up as soon as I grok it.

As always, if there’s a wordpressmu related technique that you’d like to see a tutorial on, just let me know. I’ll either find it or write it.


    • You’d have to import the stand-alone blogs into the MU install, and use the Domain mapping plugin to make the sub-blog handle the domain name.

      It’s pretty do-able though.

      For example, this very blog was a stand-alone WP blog, then we moved it into our WPMU install.