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WordPress may be a simple CMS, but it’s certainly not an easy one to master. It has tons of functionalities which one requires time and lots of practice to expertise.

Every week, more than couple of hours are invested in taking care of the WordPress things, which has nothing to do with the actual ‘Blogging’.

If you’re running a custom website, then you definitely have to be a developer, but for a normal one, things should be simple, right?

So, if you’re in full mood to bring down that time to almost zero, then here I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress Autoblog plugins.

These plugins can fix a lot of functionalities and tasks and set them on automation according to a configuration. Once done, the WordPress powered blog can take off its things on its own.

Sounds cool, right? Let’s start with the best options we have and know them one by one.

#1 Autoblog

WordPress Autoblog Plugin

Let’s start the list with a top-notch product from a known developer. It’s a plugin that can fetch the content from an RSS feed, and then post it on a WordPress post with all the details, as mentioned in the feed. It’s the best solution to repost blog post on multiple sites, and thus, can save a lot of time. The plugin is extremely simple to use, and the UI matches the default look and functionality of the WordPress itself, keeping you safe from learning something new. It packs tons of related features and functionalities, including one that can keep the duplicate content away from posting. It is compatible with social media platforms, allowing feed import from YouTube and auto tweet when a post is done. The only downside here is that you can’t get this plugin separate, as buying complete membership is the only option.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can create original URL for a post that is being published on automation here, keeping it away from matching with others.
  • It can even set featured images, and import images for the content within.
  • If you want, it can set a link to the original post, appreciating the honor.
  • It can take care of the categories and tags, and can even filter import by word or phrase.

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#2 FeedWordPress

FeedWordPress  WordPress Plugin

Now, the second offering is a free alternative to the first one, offering a stripped version. As you can expect from a similar plugin, it can import the whole content with all the details, as it is, from an RSS feed, and can repost the content on a new blog. It works with both RSS and Atom aggregator for WordPress and even supports FTP and SFTP. There are no additional features offered here, to keep things minimal and fast loading. It works with WordPress 3.0 version and above.

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#3 WP Robot

WP Robot Autoblogging Plugin

It’s more of an affiliate plugin, as it can import content from channels like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc., and can post on your WordPress website. It supports dozens of platforms like Ezine Articles, Flickr, Google News, iTunes, PRWeb, YouTube, KontentMachine, and many others. Moreover, it can even import the content and images within from a Feed URL, and can add it to a new post, with unique URL. The plugin works with almost every WordPress theme, coded with precision, and can work with almost any niche or keyword. For the set of feature it offers, the price is too high, which is the only downside in its case.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin works with few other known languages (German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.), adding international support.
  • It can add content via drop feed new content mechanism, allowing you to make the automation work on a long run.
  • It’s helpful in creating niche sites that can connect to the primary one, and thus, promote it further.

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#4 WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Plugin

The above recommendations were all powerful but were missing a premium functionality. This particular one is available for free on official WordPress plugin repository, and it packs the functionality of add-ons. You need to pay for those add-ons, but it’s a good thing that you’ve option to extend the functionalities further. Other than the premium features, it packs tons of free ones, making it one single package that can do almost, everything in this specific niche. It works with WordAi to implement unique content and can even including the thumbnails and excerpts. Adding multiple feed source is possible, and you can even put a name to them. It is also backed up by a dedicated support forum.

Plugin highlights:

  • It works with Shortcode, allowing the implementation anywhere on the website.
  • Customization options are available within the Shortcode, thanks to the included parameters.
  • It allows opening videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion on automation.
  • It allows putting a time frame on the feed items which can be stored in the database.

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#5 WPeMatico

WPeMatico WordPress Plugin

It’s my final recommendation which again holds a similar set of tools, packing all common functionalities, but it stays unique with its addition extensions. Those extensions are paid, but you can start with rest of the plugin without paying anything. It works with both RSS and Atom feeds and is capable of fetching the data to create a  new post. It allows putting campaigns, making the management part easy and even supports tags and categories.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows putting an additional limit to the number of items allowed for fetching at a single time.
  • The images fetched are stored separately within the WordPress library.
  • It can even let you import just the featured images while ignoring any other within the post.
  • Detailed notifications are sent via email, regarding the automation submission, keeping the webmaster in the proper loop.

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These plugins are meant to provide more free time which can be invested into other important tasks, then maintaining the usual chores of WordPress. And, I hope you did find the exact one came here looking for. Let us know about the selection in the discussions section, as it will further help the other visitors to come to a decision. Peace!