5 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins (2020 Compared)

5 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins (2020 Compared)

A WordPress powered WooCommerce store is one of the most versatile and powerful ways of setting up your eCommerce store. With access to tons of plugins, it allows you to create feature-rich e-stores in a jiffy – this includes setting up a dedicated wholesale online store.

Just by installing a single WooCommerce Wholesale plugin, you will get access to all necessary features and functionalities to help you accept and deliver wholesale requests. 

But that being said, the market is flooded with tons of sub-par WooCommerce wholesale plugins. As such, we have put together a quick read to help you pick the best plugin for setting up your wholesale e-store.

Here we will tell you what features to look for in the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. And on top of that, we will also highlight the best wholesale plugins that are currently circulating the market.


What’s the best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins for 2020?

We have handpicked a shortlist of some of the highest-rated plugins in the market, 

without further ado, let’s look at the best wholesale plugins for WooCommerce::

1. Optimizeform – Wholesale

Optimizeform is a powerful WooCommerce order form plugin that you can use to streamline the order process for vendors coming to your online store. The plugin comes with tons of useful features and functionalities including the Optimizeform Wholesale module.

It gives you access to specific features that allows you to cater to your wholesale vendors, and also set different prices for your wholesale products. Here is a quick look at some of its key features to give you a basic idea of what it has to offer.

Key Features:

  • Option to set dynamic pricing for your Wholesale customers which is discounted from the retail price of the products.
  • Wholesale price can be set according to user roles, minimum order amount, or even the product category.
  • You can set a minimum quantity and maximum quantity for wholesale orders on each of your products.
  • Offers a streamlined one-page ordering process.
  • Supports the wholesale customer/distributor registration. You have full control over which users are approved and which users are rejected from using your wholesale platform.

Who is it for?

Since this is a module for Optimizeform, it makes the most sense for users who are looking forward to using the Optimizeform plugin in the first place. This includes users who are looking to streamline the entire ordering process to offer a faster and more advanced user experience for their users.

The Optimize Wholesale module works on top of that to help you with wholesale customer registration and setting up dynamic pricing for these users.


Pricing for Optimizeform’s Starter bundle which includes the Optimizeform Wholesale bundle starts at $69/year. It comes with a license to use it on a single website.

However, if you really like it, you can go for their Lifetime Access plan which will cost you a single payment of $397 and will give you a license to use it on unlimited websites.


In case you run into any sort of problem, you can get in touch with the Optimizeform support team via Email. Typically they reply within a few hours and will proactively help you troubleshoot and fix any issue that you might be having.

2. IGNITEWoo – WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite

IGNITEWoo – WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite offers you access to a collection of powerful plugins that gives you granular control over your wholesale website.

You get complete control over how you wish to display your wholesale pricing as well as how you wish to assign them to your different products. Not just that, but you also get tons of controls to manage payment gateways, shipping methods, dropshipping compatibility, and so on.

Here is a quick look at some of the key features of the plugin to give you a basic idea of what you can do with the plugin:

Key Features:

  • Offers a multi-tier role based pricing structure to help you create different pricings for different scenarios.
  • Support for Wholesale-only coupons.
  • Option to show pricings inclusive or exclusive of taxes.
  • Allows wholesale customers to backorder your out of stock items.
  • Gives you detailed control over who gets to view the prices as well as content on your website.
  • The plugin is dropshipping ready and compatible with UPS, Fedex, and USPS drop shipping extensions.

Who is it for?

The main feature highlight of the plugin is the level of control you get over setting up the wholesale pricing for your products. You get to create multi-tier role based pricing structures.

But at the same time, the plugin lacks essential user role management options which can be problematic.

Overall, it is ideal for users who require to create an wholesale product pricing for different scenarios and don’t mind installing another plugin to manage their Wholesale customers and their user roles.


Pricing for IgniteWoo’s WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite starts at $149/year which gives you license to use the plugin on 1 website. It can go up to $249/year which allows you to use the plugin for upto 25 websites.


All WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite users are entitled to industry-leading support provided by a team of experts either via email or phone. It generally takes less than a day to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that you may run across.

3. WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B is a feature-packed wholesale plugin for WooCommerce. It offers an all-in-one solution giving you access to all the necessary bells and whistles to help you run your business-to-business eCommerce store without any possible hiccups.

Here is a more detailed look at the different things the plugin enables you to do.

Key Features:

  • Only shows the price to registered logged-in users. Customers who browse your website as guests won’t be able to see the product prices.
  • Enable guest customers to see product pricings inclusive of taxes. Whereas customers signed in to WooCommerce B2B will see pricing excluding taxes.
  • Option to create customer groups and then allocate customized discount percentages to each group for differentiating catalog price lists.
  • Option to accept or deny user registration requests. This gives you complete control over which customers you do business with on your platform.

Who is it for?

WooCommerce B2B is perfect for users looking to set up a separate experience for their retail and wholesale customers. Users will get a great deal of control over how they wish to price their products as well as tons of advanced options to manage their customer base.


The regular license of WooCommerce B2B will cost you $45 for the first year, which you can then renew for $15/year from the next year onwards.

There is also an Extended License for the plugin which allows you to use the plugin in an end product and then sell it to your customers. For this license, you need to pay $125 for the first year, followed by $37.05/year for each consecutive year.


WooCommerce B2B offers email-based support. Typically, it takes around 1 business day to resolve any customer issue or complaint.

4. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

The WooCommerce Wholesale Suite comes with three dedicated plugins to help you grow your wholesale eCommerce store. This includes the Wholesale Prices Plugin, Order Form Plugin, and the Lead Capture Plugin.

All the three plugins work in tandem with one another, giving you a cohesive and seamless experience while managing your wholesale business. Here is a quick look at some of its key features to give you a basic idea.

Key Features:

  • Offers tons of pricing options. You can control and manage the wholesale pricing across different levels giving you much more control over your business.
  • Can set certain products to “Wholesale Only” or “Retail Only.”
  • Option to force wholesale customers to use certain shipping methods and payment gateways, and also add optional surcharges.
  • Comes with a streamlined one-page ordering form that’s loved by wholesale customers/distributors.
  • Supports tax-adjusted wholesale prices.

Who is it for?

If you are looking to create a high-end wholesale website filled with tons of advanced features and functionalities then the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite would be the way to go.

As the name implies, you are given access to a suite of plugins that will not only help you show different pricings for your wholesale and retail customers but also provide better UI/UX for your users as well as powerful lead capturing tools to help expand your business.


The WooCommerce Wholesale Suite is available under two licenses.

There is the Growth Bundle which will cost you $147/year and will allow you to use the three provided plugins on a single website.

Then there is the Business Bundle priced at $247/year which comes with additional multi-site support and option to use it with potentially unlimited wholesale websites.


WooCommerce Wholesale Suite offers a ticket-based support system consisting of a team of experts that will help you answer your questions or troubleshoot your problems in no time. 

They also have a vast knowledge base filled with tons of useful information and FAQs.

5. WooCommerce Wholesale Price – Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce, formerly known as WooCommerce JetPack, is a powerful WordPress plugin for WooCommerce powered websites. It comes loaded with tons of useful features and functionalities to supercharge your WooCommerce website. 

This list of features includes the WooCommerce Wholesale Price option which allows you to set up minimum quantities of purchase as well as discounted pricing for your wholesale customers.

Here is a quick look at the main features offered by the WooCommerce Wholesale Price module of the Booster for WooCommerce plugin.


  • Enable wholesale pricing for the products on your WooCommerce website. Set discounted prices and a minimum number of products that can be purchased to avail the discounted prices.
  • Option to set wholesale pricing for all your products or just a few selected products.
  • Allows you to calculate the discount from the total cart quantity instead of the number of specific products.
  • Enable/disable wholesale discounts depending on if other cart discounts have been applied.
  • Can show/hide wholesale discount information from the cart page.

Who is it for?

WooCommerce Wholesale Price is mostly suited for users who just need a way to showcase discounted wholesale prices of the products on their website. As such, it is ideal for users who are just getting started and/or experimenting with the wholesale eCommerce marketplace.

Now, it is worth noting that WooCommerce Wholesale Price isn’t a dedicated plugin but only a functional module of the Booster for WooCommerce plugin. The plugin comes with plenty of other modules that are all geared towards helping you become more productive with your WooCommerce store and increase your sales.


Booster for WooCommerce is free to download and use. However, the WooCommerce Wholesale Price module that comes with the free module offers limited functionality. 

To get the complete deal, you will need to purchase the premium version of Booster for WooCommerce, a.k.a. Booster Plus for WooCommerce which starts off at $59.99/year for a single site license and $89.99/year for an unlimited site’s license.


Booster for WooCommerce offers email-based support to all your technical or sales related issues. 

6. Wholesale for WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce is a standalone all-in-one plugin that allows you to manage multiple wholesale pricings as well as handle multiple wholesale user roles, and much more.

The plugin will help you to supercharge your WooCommerce store so that you can simultaneously serve both your retail and wholesale customers without needing to create separate websites for each demographic.

Here is a quick look at some of its notable features to give you an idea of what you can do with the plugin.

Key Features:

  • Create and manage multiple wholesale pricings.
  • Supports wholesale prices for simple products and variable products.
  • Add a percentage discount to your wholesale products if they exceed a minimum threshold of orders.
  • Helps you to register wholesale customers.
  • Option to create multiple user roles to help you manage your wholesale and retail customers.

There is also an option to extend the plugin functionalities by installing extensions. 

This includes the WooCommerce Subscription add-on. It allows you to create variable subscriptions for your Wholesale customers so they can pay an yearly or monthly rate and get access to a discounted price on your products.

Who is it for?

If you are looking to create a unique and distinct experience for your retail and wholesale customers, then Wholesale for WooCommerce is an excellent plugin for the job.

With all the features you are getting on the table, it will help you create and manage all your discounted pricings as well as wholesale customers with utmost ease. 


The Wholesale for WooCommerce plugin will cost you $49/year.


Support is provided by the team of talented developers over at WPExperts.io via email. Typically issues are resolved within 1 or 2 days.

Buyers’ Guide: What to Look for in the Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins?

The bare minimum that is required from a Wholesale WooCommerce plugin is the option to offer different pricings for your trade and retail customers. Most wholesale plugins in the market only cover this feature and advertise itself as “the #1 wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.”

However, you will need a lot more features and options in order to successfully run your wholesale WooCommerce store. As such, you should be looking for plugins that come with the complete deal.

That being said, here is a list of features that you need to consider when searching for the best WooCommerce Whole Plugins:

  1. Supports different prices for your retail and wholesale customers

When setting up a wholesale e-commerce store, you want to provide discounted rates for your wholesale customers.

As such, there are two basic things you want the plugin to handle perfectly.

First of all, it should offer a simple and straightforward way for you to set up different retail and wholesale prices.

And secondly, your customers should be able to conveniently switch between the retail and wholesale prices, preferable with a single click. 

  1. Creates private WooCommerce shops

You might not want your retail customers to be aware of the wholesale prices of your products. In this case, you might want to create two different instances of your e-store specific to your retail and wholesale customers.

Your regular retail customers will still be able to visit your regular store where they can see the retail prices for each product along with product images, and reviews.

However, the wholesale WooCommerce store would remain password protected and hidden from the regular users where only your wholesale customers/distributors can join and browse your list of products at discounted prices.

  1. Displays products in a wholesale friendly view

The discounted wholesale price generally depends on how many products are being purchased.

For example, you might have a different price slab for customers buying only 100 pieces of products compared to a customer buying 1000 pieces.

In this case, the plugin should preferably allow you to set up a table where customers can get a clean view of the different wholesale price slabs depending on how many units they are purchasing.

  1. Allows users to register as a wholesale distributor

While running a wholesale eCommerce store, you will need users to signup as a wholesale distributor to use your website. 

Technically, you have the option to use a dedicated plugin to help you manage the user registration. However, since it is an integral part of having a wholesale WooCommerce website, it makes more sense to have the functionality with the wholesale plugin itself. It also makes things much more convenient and easier to manage.

  1. Option to create separate user roles for your wholesale users

Just like coming with the option to let you take user registrations, the plugin should also help you create separate user roles for your wholesale distributors/customers.

They shouldn’t be labelled as regular users/customers of your eCommerce store and therefore should have separate user roles with adjusted accesses and capabilities.

  1. Forms to streamline the wholesale orders

This one is optional, but nevertheless, a really useful feature that you should look for in the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins.

The ability to provide wholesale distributors/customers with a dedicated form so that you can take a detailed order is priceless when trying to provide the best service. 

By allowing for a form, you not only take a basic wholesale order, but also allow the customer to include any special information like branding requests, multiple delivery addresses, and so on.

Wrapping Up

So these were our picks for the 6 best WooCommerce wholesale plugins. Do let us know if you found the list to be useful and whether it helped you in finding the perfect plugin to set up your wholesale eCommerce website.

As you can see, we have put together a diverse collection of WooCommerce wholesale plugins that target different users with different needs and requirements. 

But that being said, if you see that we have left out your favourite plugin from this list, then do let us know in the comments below. Your contribution will help to improve the scope of this read, and it might also provide your fellow readers with a few more extra options.


5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugins (2020 Compared)

5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugins (2020 Compared)

While measuring the success of a website we mostly look at how much traffic that site is receiving. However, if the site is not able to efficiently convert these traffic into subscriptions or sales, then is all that traffic really worth it? Hence it is highly important for proper implementation of call-to-actions on your website.

This is where the role of popups come into play. Statistics have proven that popups are one of the best methods for boosting your conversion rates. Now by default WordPress doesn’t offer such popup functionalities, but that can be easily managed by installing plugins on your website.

Now for this read, we will be looking at some of the best WordPress popup plugins. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Bloom Plugin

In essence, the Bloom Plugin from Elegant themes is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin. It comes equipped with all necessary tools to help you with this task. That being said, the main feature highlight of the plugin is its ‘automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers.’ You will have full control over how your pop-ups look like, and what behavior activity causes them to pop-up on the screen.

Here is a bit more comprehensive look at its popup related features:

    • Access to over a hundred pre-made templates for the opt-in forms and pop-ups.
    • Extensive customization options to tweak the design, look and feel of the popups. It is important as an attractive pop will lead to better lead generation.
  • Several options to let you choose when you want the popups to trigger. For example, you can set a time delay, or have it trigger when the user reaches the bottom of a post, after scrolling, after commenting, once the user makes a purchase, or even after a period of inactivity.

Apart from these you also get:

      • Integration with 16 different email marketing systems.
    • A highly powerful and user-friendly Bloom dashboard.
  • A/B testing.


Elementor Popups

Elementor, the most popular page builder for WordPress, offers as part of the Pro package an advanced visual popup builder.

With Elementor, you have the most professional styling features to help you build a truly beautiful and effective site, and one of the big differentiators of building popups with Elementor is that you get the same level of design to build your popups.

Incorporate your WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor content in your popups, to create a richer experience for your visitors.

Elementor Popups also offer advanced targeting and triggering options that help you set off the popup at just the right time and to the right segmented user.

Use Elementor’s integrations and connect your popups to your favorite email marketing tools. With Elementor, popups work off the bat, with no setup needed.


Convert Plus

Convert Plus is a feature-rich popup plugin which is fitted with all necessary features that can help your WordPress website turn into a lead generation powerhouse. And besides offering so many features, it is also super easy to use. You can practically create gorgeous popups in a matter of minutes.

Now without delving too much into an introduction, let’s get on with the laundry list of features the plugin brings to the table:

    • First and foremost you get access to over a hundred professionally designed templates for your popups.
    • Besides all the ready-made templates, you will also get a real-time live editor to tweak the templates or create your own design.
    • You can also configure your popups with the boatload of different triggers, including an exit intent trigger.
    • There is also the option to customize each popup according to the page or post which can have a positive impact on the overall conversion rates.
  • To help you known what combination works best for your site, the plugin also throws in A/B testing.



SumoMe is a well known and free list building plugin for WordPress which comes packed with powerful popup functionalities.

The plugin offers many features that will help you build a strong mailing list, especially during the early phases of your websites. It comes with relevant features such as scroll-in popups, exit-intent popups, and much more. Also, as you start to grow, you can hop on to their premium plans for advanced offerings.

Feature highlights of the plugin would include:

    • The heat map functionality that helps you track how visitors are behaving on your website, and whether or not they are actively interacting or not.
    • There are also plenty of social sharing tools, to drive in more traffic to build your mailing list.
    • A built-in analytics system to let you evaluate which post or page is working best.
  • There is also the option to add a customizable contact form which will let you quickly set up your contact page.



OptinMonster is one of the most well-known as well as best-selling newsletter plugins. It packs in a lot of useful features bundled in a user-friendly UI that has helped hundreds and thousands of users. All the plugin features are geared towards helping to grow your email list, among which we have the pop-up functionality.

Here is a quick look at the pop-up related features you get with the plugin:

    • The ability to create beautiful pop-up forms with access to over 65 pre made templates.
  • Advanced page level targeting.
    • A/B testing.
    • Geolocation targeting.
    • Integration with all the popular e-commerce platforms and email marketing services.
  • Options to trigger pop-ups based on user activity, e.g., exit intent popups.


Hello Bar

Hello Bar WordPress plugin isn’t strictly a popup plugin, but it will help you to grab your readers’ attention by implementing a simple navigation bar. These navigation bars can be configured to show up either at the top or bottom of your website/blog and convey a message to your readers, like a deal or offer.

You can get this plugin for free, but it follows a freemium planning. This means to access some of its advanced features, you will have to pay. However, the free version does cover much of the basic features.

Now coming to some of the feature highlights for the plugin:

    • An extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to get the most out of the plugin, even for beginners.
    • A tracking option which lets you monitor if your conversion rates are actually improving.
  • An interactive design style which will surely improve audience engagement.


In Conclusion:

We hope you enjoyed our best WordPress popup plugins roundup and found it to be helpful. Also, if you are a former user of any of the plugins we mentioned here on this list, then do let us know about your experience with it. Other users will love to get feedback from a fellow reader.

6 Best WordPress Community Plugins (2020 Compared)

  • If you are looking to build a community using WordPress, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will be discussing some of the best WordPress community plugins out there.


    Every business has a chance to build a community around its brand. Even open-source projects require communities to thrive and improve over time successfully. This is where community plugins come in. As WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, we will only be covering community plugins surround it.

    To make it easy for you to make a choice, we will first go through the things to consider before getting started.

    Things to consider

    #1 Social Networking features: The first thing that you should check if the plugin has proper social networking features. Any community site requires social networking features and should invite people to share and build a community around it.


    #2 Ease of customization: No two community sites are the same. That’s why you should try to find a community plugin that lets you customize your community site. You should also be able to set it up easily. In short, you should be able to easily customize it.


    #3 Responsive Layout: The community plugin should support responsive layout. Most of the community use different types of devices and screen size. Also, a responsive layout will also help your community site to rank higher.


    #4 Proper authentication and access control: You should be able to have proper authentication and access control to ensure that you control different accounts and control who can access different section of the website.


    #5 Plugin and add-on support: The plugin should be able to support different add-ons and plugins so that you can improve the community site features and functionality.

Let’s start with the best options we have, but before we begin with the list, I’ll recommend you to have a list of requirements, which will help the process of finding the exact match.

#1 UserPro


Starting with a premium plugin which is currently trending on the platform like CodeCanyon, was the easiest choice for me, and also the obvious one. It’s a plugin that adds user login and profile functionalities to a normal WordPress website powered by BuddyPress, and once it’s working, it can really improve the user experience. The design part is dominated at the front-end, offering most of the features and visuals to the end-users, and everything is wrapped in a simple yet elegant looking UI. It is compatible to work with WooCommerce and even MailChimp, which both are excellent tools further to increase the functionalities of a BuddyPress powered website. The main highlight here is that the plugin integrates social profile login modules, making it damn easy for users to register and login.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin packs content restrictions and supports multiple popular languages.
  • It can create a member directory and allows the webmaster to offer badges to the highlight users.
  • It supports unlimited custom fields and allows approving users manually, controlling everything.
  • It supports add-ons which can further increase the functionalities like adding a private messaging, user rating, media manager, and much more.

Full Details & Download

#2 BuddyPress Member Types


If you have a lot of users registered and want to divide them as per their roles, then use this plugin to make that happen. It can divide the members into types and make it work; you don’t have to write any code. Other than this single functionality, the plugin packs other as well, like it makes the procedure of user registration, slightly easy and interactive. It’s a premium product which is backed up by dedicated support.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can be used on multiple types of websites like dating, job, intranet, education, healthcare, etc.
  • It allows importing the existing user base and can integrate complete details.
  • Users are divided into types and visually, it’s shown using tabs.
  • The integration is deep into WordPress, allowing the users to have a proper role in the main WordPress Dashboard.

Full Details & Download

#3 WangGuard


Every website receives some sort of spam and the ones allowing user registration, receives tons of them. The same applies to a BuddyPress powered website, and the default system doesn’t have any mechanism to keep a filter. So, to add one, you need to use WangGuard plugin, which can add dedicated protection against the spammers and sploggers. The plugin is free to use up to a user limit, and once that is over, you need to pay for the premium version of the plugin. Other than the normal functionalities which are included in the package, the plugin also supports add-ons which can further increase its power.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin packs a configuration section where the settings can be made to affect the global avatar throughout the website.
  • It works properly on SSL and is compatible with all the security measures it packs.
  • It works properly with other plugins like W3 Total Cache and many other.
  • It uses a centralised database for the spammers, and once it sees the wrong behaviour, it updates that user profile throughout every website.

Full Details & Download

#4 rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress


Allowing users to upload images and add them to their respective profiles is one simple way to make the community interesting. To make it happen to a normal BuddyPress powered website, you need to use this particular plugin. It even works with bbPress which is one-stop solution for running forum. Apart from this basic introduction, the plugin packs hundreds of functionalities out of which, many are available without any price tag. And, there are also paid add-ons. The design part is responsive to ensure proper functionality on smartphones and tablets, which is a crucial ranking factor these days.

Plugin highlights:

  • It totally supports BuddyPress and its activity stream functionality.
  • Special privacy features are available which can control which users can see which images.
  • It comes with a dedicated front-end uploader which is featured with other image related tools.
  • The plugin also packs audio and video encoding and conversion services with FFMPEG and Kaltura add-ons.

Full Details & Download

#5 BuddyPress Default Data


Before we can begin a new website, especially the one with lots of user registration and community activities, every functionality and feature have to be tested thoroughly. The same implies in the case of BuddyPress as if things go wrong after making the public debut; it will not look good. So, here is a plugin that can help you get dummy user registration and profiles and even the activity streams. Using all these fake profiles, you can test everything, checking whether or not things are working as they are supposed to. It’s a free plugin and should be used for demo purpose only. In any case, it shouldn’t be used on a live site. So, go ahead and create a demo site to test if the configuration is working properly or not. 

Full Details & Download


Finally, there you are the best community plugins. Let me know which one you are picking and exactly why? Also, let me know if this compilation helped you or not. If not, how else I can help you today? See you in the discussion section below. Peace!

5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins – Compared

5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins – Compared

Before you know about the best WordPress cache plugins, you need to know the basics. I’m sharing a comparison coverage here which will help you pick the best, but you should always check these details.

The only way to become an expert at WordPress (or anything) is to try and experiment with different options. So, you can check each of these plugins yourself.

My job here is to first let you know about caching, how it works, how it is beneficial and followed by the best cache plugins we have out there.

What is Caching?

Caching is a technique which involves saving of static content in the web browser at the user’s end. When a website is reloaded or reopened, the static content is delivered from the web browser itself, rather than re-fetching it from the server.

This simple to read technique saves a lot of time and makes the website looks faster than usual.

With more brains into the cache technique, it has evolved from this abstract view to a much advanced one. For a person who is not into coding, caching is definitely a mountain to summit.

Thanks to the developers of these plugins, a normal user can still enjoy these advanced features without getting into coding. A proper configuration is all it needs to make a website’s performance top-notch.

So, Which is the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium plugin which comes with easy to understand user interface and is almost set to function what it is supposed to. The moment this plugin is installed, the difference in page load time can be noticed easily, all thanks to the advanced page caching techniques it uses. The decrease in page load speed also favours the search engine ranking of individual posts, which is a big win-win situation. The code behind is checked for efficiency and security and the overall plugin is developer friendly. FYI, the number of features it offers are more than any other alternative.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin holds techniques to compress static files coded using HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript.
  • It can even implement LazyLoad feature which can make a page full of images, load instantly.
  • The plugin supports the implementation of CDN and the functionality is available by default.
  • It is compatible to work with Multilingual plugins and also with the e-commerce plugins to support the shopping portals.

Full Details & Download

WP Super Cache

A free plugin developed by the WordPress developers, is I think the best way to define how important WP Super Cache plugin is. It can take care of a WordPress blog and improve the page load speed in any way possible, without minimising the available feature set for the users. It is the mostly used caching plugin, considering the fact that it’s the official developers behind the product. It is 100% compatible with every new WordPress version, making it the top choice.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can take care of the PHP caching and also has built-in tools to compress the web pages and make them weigh less than usual.
  • The plugin supports CDN and it also saves a Cache rebuild which can be reset anytime you want.
  • A simple switch is there which can prevent the caching of specific or all pages for logged in users.
  • It uses the Mod_Rewrite using Apache which is the fastest caching method available out there.

Full Details & Download

W3 Total Cache

With over a million active installs, W3 Total Cache is the most advanced plugin out there, which offers all these features to the webmaster. One can configure those available features according to the custom requirements and can have better control. However, the number of features inside also makes this plugin a safe bet for expert users only, as a newbie can easily get lost in the numbers and definitions. The plugin is well-labeled and the sections are divided intelligently to make it still look easy. It is used by some big names in the technology industry.

Plugin highlights:

  • W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to use with CDN. It is recommended by most of the CDNs out there including MaxCDN, which is everyone’s favorite.
  • It works perfectly with SSL using websites and can even cache the web pages in mobile-friendly mode.
  • It can work on HTTP compression and minify the HTML, CSS, JavaScripts and even feeds to deliver up to 80% of the score.
  • It supports various database optimizing techniques to bring down the size and further decrease the page load speed.

Full Details & Download

WP Fastest Cache

The hunt for a caching plugin should end at WP Fastest Cache because these four are the only recommended ones. This last entry is another free plugin which uses the special and the fastest Mod_Rewrite caching technique available. It supports SSL and CDN which are the vital elements in the modern web programming.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin allows the webmaster to set Cache Timeout for particular or all cached web pages.
  • It can automatically create a cache of all supported websites using the Preload Cache technique.
  • It has options to exclude certain web pages from caching or the complete website for certain user roles.
  • The plugin is available in more than a dozen international languages.

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Comet Cache

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Which one is the best?

Now we come to the final chapter of the coverage where we’ve to decide which one is the best among these. As per me, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugins are really close to each other, and WP Rocket is currently leading the scoreboard.

The third one is a premium option, so you need to consider using it only if the project is premium. Otherwise, you can easily rely on the other two free options we have.

So, which WordPress cache plugin you’re picking now?

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Ensuring the best security measures is a very important step in website maintenance. And when your website is developed on WordPress, you need to provide special attention to the security aspect.

Thanks to its large user base, WordPress is a very lucrative target for hackers. They are always looking for new vulnerabilities and weak points of WordPress sites. You need solid security measures to prevent these potential attacks.

Luckily, there are several security plugins which can help you in this regard. In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to the best security plugins for WordPress. These plugins will help you prevent the common security threats and provide suggestions to improve the overall security.

  1. iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress. The Pro version comes with all the necessary features for protecting your site from hackers and other security threats. First of all, the Hide Login & Admin features will change the default URL’s of the login pages.

The strong password enforcement allows you to choose which type of users should use strong passwords. Thanks to the integrated brute force protection feature, you can limit the number of login attempts for the users.

There is also a file change detection feature, which will alert you in case of any changes to your website files. Other notable features include full database backup, automatic 404 detection, away mode, ReCAPTCHA integration, etc.

iThemes Security Pro pricing starts from $80 per year for 2 sites.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Simple way to hide the login and admin pages
  • 2-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Detailed security checkup for individual users
  • Malware scanning, 404 detection, and away mode features.

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  1. Wordfence Premium

Wordfence is another widely used security plugin for WordPress. It comes with various security features like malware scanning, web application firewall, constant threat analysis, etc. to protect your website from new and existing threats.

The firewall is continuously updated with the latest updates from the threat defense feed. This will identify malicious traffic and prevent them from entering your website. The plugin will actively monitor all the login attempts on your website and bock any potential brute-force attacks at the preliminary stage.

Along with the regular blocking options, Wordfence premium also comes with manual blocking options. You can check out the login and logout history, track the bot and crawler activities, and get detailed reports about the blocked attempts.

Wordfence premium is priced at $99 for 1 year. You can reduce the price by increasing the number of keys or years.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Unique threat defense feed to block new attacks
  • Reliable web application firewall to block suspicious traffic
  • Malware scanning with remote scan feature
  • Special tool for repairing corrupted files

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  1. Defender

Defender is a WordPress security plugin developed by WPMU Dev. This premium plugin allows you to strengthen the overall security of your WordPress site. It will scan your website for security vulnerabilities and provide feedbacks to improve the existing issues.

The plugin will continuously check your website files for malicious codes. It will alert whenever any core file is corrupted and/or changed. The detailed security reports will be useful in tracking the common issues with your themes and plugins.

Blacklist monitoring is an interesting feature of Defender. This feature will inform you whenever your domain is blacklisted so that you can take quick actions. As the plugin will keep automatic cloud backups of your website, you won’t have to worry about that.

You can get Defender by becoming a WPMU Dev member. Membership pricing starts at $49 per month.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Complete website analysis with recommendations
  • Continuous file scanning for suspicious codes
  • Restore the original version of any corrupted filed
  • Automate website backup on the cloud

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  1. Hide My WP

The immense popularity of WordPress is the number reason to why WordPress site gets targeted so much. You can change by hiding the fact that your website is based on WordPress. You can easily do that by using the Hide My WP plugin.

The handy plugin allows you to hide the names of themes, plugins, change the directory structure, permalink structure, rename the login, admin areas, uploads folder, etc. There are some common terms which confirm that a site is based on WordPress. As the plugin allows you to remove or replace any string from the source code, you are saved from that risk too.

Hid My WP will work as a solid firewall against various kinds of attacks like brute force, SQL injection, XSS, reading arbitrary files, etc.

You can get the plugin for $19.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Complete solution to hide all traces of WordPress
  • Blocks direct access to PHP files
  • CSS and HTML minify features
  • Detailed information about the suspicious visitors

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  1. Swift Security Bundle

Swift Security Bundle is another comprehensive security plugin for your WordPress site. Thanks to the simple plugin options, you can make your website more secure without requiring any technical knowledge.

The plugin allows you to hide all traces of WordPress from your website. It is also possible to change any string you want on the source code. This makes it more difficult for attackers to find out which CMS you are using. There is also a pre-configured firewall, which will be useful in preventing malicious attacks and blocking suspicious traffic.

Other notable features include geo-filtering, brute force protection, email notifications, CSS/JavaScript minifier, code scanner, multi-site support, etc.

The plugin is priced at $36.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Offers a comprehensive solution for WordPress security
  • Built-in firewall and geo-filtering for blocking suspicious visitors
  • Scheduled code scanner for the website files
  • Simple plugin options for easy management

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  1. Smart Security Tools

Smart Security Tools is a highly powerful plugin to improve the security of your WordPress site. The plugin works with Sucuri Free Security Scanner and VirusTotal to calculate a unique secureity percentage point for your website. It will also offer various tips to improve the score.

When using the plugin, you can prevent SQL injection, long URL, disable XML-RPC, restrict the username length, remove username, WordPress version, and perform various other tweaks. There are also lots of .htaccess enhancements which will further enhance the overall website security.

You can get the plugin for $30.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Lots of custom tweaks for enhancing website security
  • Security logs to store details about suspicious events
  • Email notifications about the security status
  • Export and import the plugin settings to and from other websites

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Final Words

If you want to protect your website from the common security threats, vulnerabilities, and other weak points, you should use a security plugin. Now that you have read this post, you know which security plugins you can rely on.

Do you any of these plugins for your WordPress site? Or maybe you are using other methods to secure your site. Whatever method you use, let me know by leaving a comment below.

15 WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

15 WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

PDF is a universal platform for sharing documents and it has been popular since years. By default, there is no support for this particular format within WordPress.

But, you can definitely add it, thanks to the available plugins or extensions. Here, I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress PDF viewer plugins today.

Each of these can implement the required support for this particular format and that too without writing any code. It will be simple and straight.

So, let’s have a look at the best options we have.

PDF viewer for WordPress

PDF viewer for WordPress

Let’s start with a premium plugin which can take care of not just implementing this required functionality but can also bring related features to the table. It comes with feature rich Admin Panel that can let you quickly make available changes. It is ready for translation, supporting up to 100+ languages. Moreover, it supports Google Analytics, and allow tracking of the performance. The developer is offering six months of dedicated support which is included in the package.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports features like print, download, zoom, and even the social sharing is integrated.
  • The whole layout around the plugin is responsive and is compatible with all known web browsers, for both PC and mobile platforms.
  • It displays the PDF files just like Adobe Reader does, keeping things familiar for the users.
  • It allows embedding a file anywhere on a page or send via email and customise it with personalised logo.

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Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder Plugin

It’s one of the most popular free plugins offering the features we’re specifically looking here. It adds this functionality so well, that the browser doesn’t require any Flash or PDF browser plug-ins to make things work. Other than the PDF format, it also works with all known MS Office file formats, offering a helpful extension. Moreover, it uses the Google Docs Viewer, which is widely known for its premium service at no cost.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can open and let the user view files from Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and even Autodesk or AutoCad.
  • It supports Scalable Vector Graphics and PostScript formats.
  • It can even take care of the Archive files available in either ZIP or RAR formats.
  • It is available in 10 internationally known languages and supports translation among them.

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WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin

As you must have judged from the name here, it’s a WooCommerce compatible plugin which can be used to generate invoices and packing slips which are usually in PDF format. These files are created automatically which are later available for download or can be sent to the users via email. If configured, PDF invoices are attached automatically to the products. It packs fully customizable HTML and CSS made invoice templates, which further saves time, efforts and money. It allows inserting header image or logo, set the paper size to A4 or letter, and customize the data, footer area, disclaimer and other details which are part of packing slips and invoices.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is translation ready, keeping the functionality available for a global standard.
  • It allows extensions which are all paid ones, but can be used to further extend the functionalities.
  • It keeps a sequence number of invoice numbers with custom formatting.
  • All the invoices for a particular user are made available under My Account section.

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Print Friendly and PDF Button

It’s an extremely simple and lightweight plugin which implements a functionality that supports PDF files, allow users to view them, and later, Print those files by clicking a button which is implemented by the same. It offers features which are related to these two prime functionalities and believe me, it’s extremely easy to use. It supports over dozens of internationally known languages and active translation between each. The print button is offered some configuration which can be tweaked to deliver a custom solution. For example, you can set to remove images from getting printed.

Plugin highlights:

  • It holds an on-page Lightbox which keeps the visual experience to a user-friendly level.
  • It allows keeping the print button at a precise location, selecting its margin, alignment, and a specific location on a page or post.
  • Even the PDF button is customizable, as it allows changing the text or graphics around it.

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PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce


It’s a premium product which is specially designed for WooCommerce, and it’s currently trending at CodeCanyon platform. The product is extremely easy to use and is ready to use, out-of-the-box. Multiple templates are offered in the package which can be used to get started quickly. Powerful Admin Panel is available behind-the-scene, allowing the webmaster to quickly bring a possible functional or visual change. It can support high-resolution images within the PDF files and even allows creating PDF files via HTML.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports WPML plugin and is ready with multilingual stores, keeping itself ready for the global crowd.
  • It can implement user roles restrictions keeping the files away from unauthorised access.
  • It packs a built-in widget for quickly implementing a PDF download button.
  • It doesn’t require support from any external code, as it’s completely built to function on its own.

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GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud

GroupDocs Viewer for Cloud

It’s a free plugin which works initially for free, but once you login with the Cloud API, you need to pick a paid plan to keep the functionalities working. It works on its own, keeping itself free from dependency on any external code. The PDF files and other documents are displayed in the best possible display quality. Moreover, the layout is responsive and is compatible with cross-browsers, keeping the elements available on smartphones and tablets.

Plugin highlights:

  • The UI is convenient, offering an easy to use interface for users to quickly understand and interact with.
  • It supports almost every document format known popularity among the users.
  • It also offers proper navigation while interacting with multi-page documents.

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Let us know the particular selection you’re making in order to implement the PDF support within the WordPress site. Your feedback is important for us and it will also help other users to make a specific selection. Don’t forget to share this compilation with all your social networks. Peace!