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We all follow certain websites and magazines (or blogs). Not only because of their content, but also because how great they look.

Personally, I never stopped dreaming about owning one such website or blog. If you are like me, then here I’m sharing something today, that can help you make that dream come live.

Here are the best clone WordPress themes which are just like popular websites like Buzzfeed, Groupon, Fiverr and so on. These themes not just look similar, but also possess similar functionalities to deliver the complete package.

Let’s start with the compilation now, and see if it helps you or not.



Fiverr is a known platform to post and find macro jobs. If you have a similar plan, then check out what all Pricerr theme has to offer. The best thing it packs is that it covers all the exact functionalities and saves you from installing any third-party plugins to achieve them. the layout is totally responsive and helps the website to work correctly on mobile and tablet devices, other than the regular desktop and laptop. It allows visitors to put task or job, and there is support for this particular kind of post, which can be controlled by admin from the Dashboard. The theme also supports the latest version of WordPress and is kept updated for bug fixes and performance improvements.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal,, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Skrill, etc. It even supports Bitcoins.
  • It provides a built-in and regular email notification service for all job posters and interested buyers.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration are there, allowing the users to create a profile quickly and also share the gigs.
  • Its setup is ready to work after the installation, and it can also handle a regular blog, where you can share regular content.

Full Details & Download | Demo



Everyone knows Groupon and how popular it is. These days, there are hundreds of coupons and deals sharing websites available and most of them are making a fortune out of it. If you wish to create a similar platform for visitors and planning to monetize that traffic, then here is a copy-cat theme, named WPGroupbuy. Its prime attraction is how close it looks to the one it’s copying and includes all the exact functionalities and features. It holds built-in tools to create a new deal, and even allows merchants to have their own accounts.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is ready for localization, ensuring the content is available in multiple foreign languages.
  • It supports multiple payment gateways, ensuring a proper trust is build between users and sellers.
  • It possesses built-in reporting and stats tools and that too of advanced level.
  • The design is responsive to ensure proper functionality of the website on mobile devices.

Full Details & Download | Demo



I’ve been following TheVerge since it was in Beta mode and have never stopped following their work. If I were set to create another magazine, which looks just like TheVerge, then I would have picked Steam theme to make it happen. It doesn’t copy the complete UI but offers a very close look, which isn’t the case with any other theme. It is a responsive theme with support for Retina display powered devices, and it is ready to publish latest news and regular product reviews. All the features are built-in and don’t require any third-party plugins. It is powered by Industrial Framework and is also compatible to work with WooCommerce plugin and its extensions to help you sell merchandises online.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is built using Bootstrap framework, adding rigidity, security, and top-notch performance to the prime frame.
  • It comes with a built-in page builder with drag & drop versatile content panels and elements.
  • It comes with Sticky top controls, Mega Menu and quick post access which are all customizable.
  • Other than categories, filters are also included in the UI, which is powered by Ajax.

Full Details & Download | Demo



Freelancer is a known name in the outsourcing business and here is a premium theme by EngineThemes offering a similar layout and set of functionalities. It’s your very own chance to create a similar platform, targeting all the services or maybe the few ones. It comes with built-in tools and methods to monetize the user base and payment gateways like Escrow are also integrated. The bidding feature is also offered, and it is fully functional, thanks to the Escrow system. Moreover, it comes with a responsive layout to help the website looks and work perfectly on mobile devices.

Theme highlights:

  • The layout is highly customizable, and that too via drag & drop elements, keeping the webmaster away from coding.
  • It is compatible with all the SEO norms and is even mobile-friendly and optimized for performance.
  • It holds a special tool which takes care of the project submission via four clear steps.
  • It allows freelancers to have a profile, offers them regular live notification and email updates.

Full Details & Download | Demo



We all know how simple, yet interactive the website of Huffington post and other newspaper agencies look. If you’ve wished to copy their design and offer your visitors a similar look, then Newspaper is the perfect theme to achieve it. It’s a product of Theme-Junkie, which is a known developer in the WordPress realm, and it’s their premium product, backed by proper support. The developer allows using it for unlimited domains and includes free updates for lifetime. The layout is fully responsive and includes dedicated UI for smartphones and tablets.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with a powerful and easy to use Theme Options Panel, available at the Dashboard to bring possible customizations.
  • It supports stylish Mega Menus which are shown in full-width, supporting mega links and mega posts.
  • It holds three custom page layouts and three post listing styles, completing the proper magazine look.
  • It holds specific and custom widgets in the package which are a couple of clicks away from implementing if needed.

Full Details & Download | Demo


Did you find the one you’re looking for? If not, let me know your favorite website, and I’ll see if there any worthy clone theme available for that. Don’t forget to share your experience with the compilation in the discussion section below. Peace!