Sometimes on a WPMU system, you may wish to have a theme enabled just for one blog. The main blog is a good example,. because you do not want users able to choose the exact same layout as the main blog with any custom coding it may have.

First, make sure the theme is not active site-wide. If you have just uploaded the theme, it will be like this by default. If it is already enabled, you just need to go to Site Admin -> Themes and click No, then Update Themes to disable it.

To enable the theme for just one blog, go to Site Admin > Blogs. Find the blog in question and click Edit. This will bring you to a page to edit all variables for this blog, including a list of disabled themes on the far right. This time, there is a checkbox by each disabled theme name. Check the one you’d like to enable for this blog, scroll down, and click the Update Options button.

When the admin of this blogs goes to the presentation page, they should now see the new theme. Other blog admins will not be able to see it in their Presentation menu. You can test this as a site admin by visiting the backend of the blog in question.


  1. There is a plugin for WPMU to manage plugins called PLUGIN COMMANDER if I spelled it right. Go to to see if they still have it there.

  2. Thanks for this post, it has helped no end i was trying for ages to figure out how i could go about this.

    Im brand new to wordpress mu but using it as an additional service / add on to my current online media offerings.

    Thanks again i really appreciate it 🙂

  3. I wish WP 3.0 had this feature for plugins in the core.
    Using Plugin Commander and it only stops all from not using it.
    Wish there was a plug in that’s free that will allow plugins by site

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Really hoping you can help me out…

    Let me start by saying that I’m green as Dublin grass when it comes to “webmaster” type stuff…so please bear with me…

    Trying to do this trick in WP 3.0.1, and I’m having a little trouble making this work….do I need to change the username or something to enable this 1st?

    I disabled all the other themes in the Network site area so only my chosen theme for the main domain comes up.

    Then, I turned around & followed everything you said to do here, and even though I clicked the theme option I want to appear on the site…it doesn’t appear when I go to activate it to begin working in my new site.

    What’s the deal?

    Still coming up with the site theme that’s on the main blog only. Matter of fact, anytime I’m editing, I only see the main blog name. so. When I’m trying to set up my other blogs, EVERYTHING changes on the main blog as well…

    Can you help me?