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Thankfully you don’t have to try a lot of things, to monetize your blog in the best way. There are already a lot of presets available which anyone can follow and get the best results. Google itself offers such online resources.

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But to get those strategies into the right act, you need to have a theme with compatible infrastructure. It should have proper spaces for advertisements and related tools.

Yes, such themes are available, and here I’m sharing a compilation of best free AdSense WordPress themes.

To kick things Off here is my top recommendation:

ThemeType:FeaturesEase of useSpeedMobile-friendly?


Magazine4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
FranklinMagazine4 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating


Magazine4.9 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
GriffinMagazine4.3 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
FinchMagazine4.3 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating

Scroll down to see the runner ups.

Most of the premium themes already have these specialisations for AdSense, but it’s not the case with most of the free ones.

So, the following are the best you can begin with!



It’s one of the safest product to choose in this compilation because of two reasons. First, it’s a free product from a known and highly passionate developer, MyThemeShop, and second, there is a Pro (paid) version of the same theme available. Once you find the free one helpful, then you can opt for the paid one in future and get more features without changing the whole look of the blog. It’s a theme specifically designed to offer dedicated areas for advertisements and it can be used for almost any niche. It even packs a dedicated Theme Options panel to help the webmaster to come quickly up with visual and functional changes.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is ready for SEO norms and even comes with optimisation for performance tabs, ensuring higher ranking on SERPs.
  • It uses a responsive layout, making sure that the blog is functioning and looking perfect on mobile devices.
  • It comes with a bunch of customization options which are easy to put up.

Full Details & Download | Demo



It’s another product from MyThemeShop, and it’s developed using HTML5 and CSS3, the two very modern web programming language to ensure its compatibility for modern and future elements. It uses a responsive layout which is specifically designed to make the website look like a magazine. The theme comes with built-in features like Related Posts, active translation, custom widgets and proper optimisation for SEO norms. Yes, AdSense optimisation is also onboard.

Theme highlights:

  • It packs a dedicated Options Panel at the Dashboard, helping the webmaster to bring quick allowed changes.
  • It is backed up by a proper and top-notch support from the developer, which is a rare case with a free product.
  • The theme comes with proper documentation including video tutorials.

Full Details & Download | Demo


RedWaves Lite

It’s a theme which uses a minimal layout, ensuring top-notch performance in almost every case. The theme is responsive to ensure proper functioning on mobile devices, and it can handle the language translations as well, making sure the content is ready for the global audiences. It has a simple and blog specific layout which also looks elegant.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with two column options to pick, but you’re allowed to set only a right sidebar.
  • It packs threaded comments feature which helps the discussion to look natural and increases the user experience.
  • It comes with proper customization for background, colors, and Menu.
  • It also supports featured images concept, multiple post formats, and Sticky Post.

Full Details & Download | Demo


SuperAds Lite

If you wish to run an experiment, putting a lot of advertisements onboard, then going with SuperAds Lite is the safest bet I can recommend right now. It comes with specific cut-outs to put ad banners at most of the places in the UI, which is simple and nice to look at. This theme offers a lot of flexibility and options for the advertisements, which can increase the CTR, for sure.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme comes with right sidebar, but there is no option to keep it off or use the left sidebar.
  • It supports translation which helps the content to be available in multiple languages.
  • The theme comes with Gray color scheme but allows change the color schemes and even the Menu area.

Full Details & Download | Demo



It’s a free product developed over BootStrap framework, which makes sure that the theme is lightweight in size, and still packing modern features which don’t consume a lot of server resources. The theme is compatible with most of the known browsers and is also responsive in nature, to ensure proper functioning on mobile and tablet devices. The primary approach of this theme is to get the best possible optimisation for AdSense advertisement banners.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme supports multiple post formats, allowing you to share a lot of stuff, and it also packs Sticky Post feature.
  • It offers threaded comments which help in getting a natural looking discussion going on.
  • It comes with customization options for background and Menu area.

Full Details & Download | Demo



If you were looking for a product that can handle e-commerce too, then welcome our next option. It is best to run a blog on multiple niches and does include dedicated support for e-commerce, thanks to the integration of WooCommerce. It also includes dedicated integration of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme proper supports all possible AdSense banner sizes and have proper cut-outs for them.
  • It comes with customization options for Background, header, and Menu area.
  • It comes with dedicated Theme Options panel at the Dashboard.

Full Details & Download | Demo



If you prefer a grid layout at the homepage, then check out the demo of ProMax theme. It is optimized for both SEO norms and AdSense and other advertisement platforms and even includes dedicated integration for social media profiles. The theme was recently updated, and the newly added feature was the support for WooCommerce.

Theme highlights:

  • The UI part looks like a proper magazine and a proper blog look is maintained with threaded comments to complete it.
  • The theme comes with dedicated Options panel at the Dashboard and it also supports two and one column layouts.
  • The layout is totally responsive and there is support for multiple post types.

Full Details & Download | Demo



Now as you’ve gone through the best Adsense WordPress themes compilation, you can understand the tools and infrastructure I was talking about. I hope this compilation helped you to get, at least, one perfect theme. If you find any issues with their setup, explain it in the discussion section below, and I’ll be happy to help out further. Good luck with your blog!