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Looking for the best free WordPress theme?

That\’s responsive, fast loading and suitable for your business?

Great, because today I will be presenting to you the biggest and best collection of the most impressive themes you will ever come across. 

The best part is that it doesn\’t cost an arm and a leg.

A startup has a limited budget and for a modern new business, having a website is necessary. If you know your way around WordPress, then you can save hundreds of dollars which you otherwise have to invest in the website development.

Note: The themes mentioned below only works with self-hosted version of WordPress which means you will require your own domain WordPress web hosting. For this, I recommend SiteGround to host your site for as little as $3.95 you get FREE SSL, Free domain & support.

All you need is a WordPress setup and then a niche business theme to give the website a proper look. To help you find the best theme, I’m sharing this compilation over here.

When it comes to running an online business having a professional website that makes the right first user\’s impression is critical.
Thankfully in these modern times, we don\’t have to spend arm and leg to have a professional looking website. That brings me to the point why you\’re here in the first place which is the find the best free WordPress theme for your company.

For those of you that are in a rush, I have selected the five templates I would most recommend.

Check this out:

ThemeType:FeaturesEase of useSpeedMobile-friendly?
UnconditionalMultipurpose4 Star Rating4.7 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
Zerif LiteMultipurpose4.2 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
ConiMultipurpose4.2 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.2 Star Rating
Pixova LiteMultipurpose4.5 Star Rating4.6 Star Rating4.2 Star Rating
SydneyMultipurpose4.4 Star Rating4.6 Star Rating3.9 Star Rating

Want the full list?

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I\’ve been that working with WordPress for several years now and I must have reviewed thousands of WordPress themes. The collection in which your viewing today is an accumulation of My Years of expertise within this industry, and I\’m here to recommend only the top percent of the best WP templates on the market chosen above thousands of contenders.

  • Advantages of Free WordPress Themes

There are numerous advantages of choosing a free WordPress theme over one that is paid.  The first one being you might have guessed it, it\’s free and cost you nothing so you can quickly set up a website that looks professional.  There are many free themes out there that are backed by a passionate community who are committed to improving the theme and contributing their ideas.

  • Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

The disadvantage to a free WordPress theme would be that no guarantee of a future update(the same can be said for paid).  The theme developers are not obliged to provide support.  Depending on where you\’re downloading your template from it could be riddled with bugs and viruses.  However, the ones that we recommend are free from any malicious coding.

  • How to Check Your WordPress Themes for Potentially Malicious Code

So how can you further protect your website and check that the theme you\’re using doesn\’t have any malicious code in embedded in it? In a moment I\’m going to recommend a few plugins in which you can use the check the quality of cording and that particular theme you can also check for any unknown viruses.

Wordfence security
I would recommend using Wordfence security it\’s used by over a million users worldwide. And it can scan your website, secure your firewall, protect your login and find any hidden malware and much more.

Theme Check

It\’s also worth installing theme check just to view the quality of the coding on any particular theme you\’re considering or currently using. To get accepted in the official theme directory, all themes are checked by this plugin, to begin with, and then manually check by a theme reviewer. So you\’re able to get actionable insights on coding improvement but might need to be carried out on your chosen theme.

  • What type of things I am looking for in a good WP template?

For a theme to get listed here, it first has to be fully responsive meaning you can create a website that looks good and flows seamlessly across the various types of devices. I\’m also looking for the customized ability of the template as I personally don\’t want you to have your website looking like the thousands of other WordPress users that\’re currently using the same theme. My aim here is to give you a little bit of an edge to help you stand out from the millions if not billions of websites on the web.

All the templates mentioned here are from trusted and reputable theme authors, so you need not worry about junk coding or spammy footer links.

So without further ado let\’s have a look at the best free WordPress themes for businesses.



Unconditional is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme. On the homepage, there\’s a great call To Action button to help drive your visitors in the right direction whether that\’s to learn more or to make a purchase. The color scheme is well complimented on this template so straight have a box you could simply filling your business information, and you\’ll be up and ready within a matter of minutes. It supports Awesome font icons so you can display icons in the menu or on a page as seen in the demo to demonstrate the feature list. Scrolling down the homepage, there is the latest news section to inform your visitors quickly at the latest ongoing within your organization. If you would like to Showcase your portfolio, then this can easily be achieved with Unconditional custom built portfolio page. All round it\’s a great multi-purpose WordPress templates, and best of all it\’s free easy to use, and you can customize your site Live using the live customizer for faster editing.



Business One Page

The first entry is from the popular picks at none other than the WordPress Theme repository itself. This free theme which looks premium from every angle comes with tons of features and functionalities built-in. It is SEO friendly and is designed in such a way to comprise with both Google’s SEO and performance standards, which together ensures good organic rankings. The package includes three custom widgets including the integration for social media platforms. Moreover, it also comes with dedicated support from the developer and well-written documentation.

Theme highlights:

  • It holds two Call to Action areas, where conversion mechanisms can be applied to boost the overall interaction or sale.
  • It is perfect for running a business agency website or a portfolio for freelancers or bloggers.
  • It has a mobile friendly design which makes the website 100% compatible with smartphones and tablets.



Coral Drive

It’s a free responsive business specific theme which follows all SEO norms to ensure the content is liked by Google and other search engines. It packs special features to support the portfolio post types and even the galleries. It can even handle a dedicated blog where business related subjects can be discussed or shared. It’s a good theme for small business websites, especially the one in travel niche.

Theme highlights:

  • It’s a one-page layout theme, having primary focus on the content and Call to Action areas.
  • It has threaded comments, featured images, and other blog specific features too.
  • The theme is translation ready to make the content available on global standards.




Everly is a brilliant WordPress theme, perfect for bloggers or those wanting to create an online magazine. This theme as been crafted with care which can be seen by how well the typography compliment the site design. Everything is well put together from the backquotes, share icons and sidebar design. On the homepage, you have the ability to display your most recent post and/or most popular post to show off your best content. If you want a modern WordPress template with premium features, then Everly could be the theme for you. Download it today; it’s free!
Theme highlights:

  • Instagram integration to display your latest posts.
  • Custom styled widgets.
  • Featured homepage call to action section.




I know its a colourful and graphic-rich content era but, black and white design frames are still holding their ground. Ryan is a theme which uses black and white design, standing aside from the bunch and looking totally unique. If you were in search for such a unique solution, then have a look at its Demo. It’s a Retina display ready theme, which comes in both Free and Pro versions. The free one is good to start the business website and its design is the primary feature, making it gorgeous in looks.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is e-commerce ready and can also be used to run a fully functional blog.
  • It allows putting custom background, header, Menu, and logo.
  • It has a Grid layout which is perfect for sharing images and even a cluster of blog posts.



Free Business Theme Responsive

Theme highlights:

  • Theme Options to help you customize the look and feel of your website.
  • Menus Capability, allowing users to efficiently navigate your website.
  • Responsive Layout for a seamless experience across various devices.




This one is a perfect fit for the specific niche we’re looking at and it can also be used for sharing a portfolio or running a dedicated blog. The layout is kept responsive to support smartphones and tablets, perfectly and the overall product is optimized to achieve better SEO and performance scores. Social media links are integrated by default, saving the webmaster from needing any third-party plugins. It also packs Options Panel, allowing the webmaster to quickly make a possible visual and functional change.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is perfect for running a business website and attached blog as it has all required features.
  • It has the customizable header, menu, and logo areas, which is required to have a custom look.
  • The website  is compatible with WPML, supporting active translation.




Astrid is a premium theme which is available without any price tag and it is perfect for running a business niche website. It comes with the famous 5 minutes setup, requiring lesser attention after the installation to get everything in motion. You just have to upload a custom logo and few other custom elements, update the content at every section, and the business website is ready to serve. The design part is eye-catching which is another goodie you’re getting without paying anything.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme comes with custom widgets which can be used to add multiple options in the sidebar areas.
  • It can also be used to run a fully functional blog as it includes features like sticky post, threaded comments, featured image, right sidebar, etc.
  • It has active translation feature, ensuring the content is available globally.




The translation is the superpower of CorporateBusiness free theme which you can get straight from the official WordPress’s theme repository. It is available in almost every globally known language with the support for translation for the content as well. The layout is responsive to ensure the mobile friendly layout is achieved and the user experience is not ruined when viewing the website from a smartphone or a tablet. Social media integration is available by default and there is also an option to run a dedicated business blog using the same theme.

Theme highlights:

  • It focuses primarily on the service and team sections, by putting these at the centre. Yes, dedicated CTA sections!
  • The theme is designed in such a way that product being featured is marketed at its best.
  • It comes with support for plugins like WooCommerce, Breadcrumb NavXT, and WP-PageNavi.



Portfolio Blog Theme Responsive

Theme highlights:

  • Valid XHTML CSS for increase compatibility with 3rd party plugins.
  • Unlimited background color selection
  • Free support and updates.



Business Card

Business Card theme is built using the famous Bootstrap framework, offering a rigid secure base and totally modern layout at the front. The header area holds logo with navigation, followed by a full-width image section which operates just like a Call to Action element. One can share an image with some text to woo the visitor. The design is really iconic and you shouldn\’t miss checking its demo.

Theme highlights:

  • It packs dedicated Theme Options panel, available behind-the-scene to quickly make visual and functional changes.
  • It is available in two color schemes, black and blue while there are options to customize the color schemes further.
  • The layout features two columns and special features to make it usable as a blog.



Simple Business WP

With premium features like FontAwesome Icons, Google Fonts, and few more, Simple Business WP makes a decent offering among the free themes at the official WordPress repository. The homepage features a full-width slider which can keep both images and text to work as a proper CTA element. The layout is responsive to ensure dedicated compatibility with the smartphones and tablets.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is ready for translation and it functions as fast as it should.
  • It is a one-page template but can also be used to run a blog or a portfolio. Thanks to the available multiple page layouts.
  • It comes with Theme Options at the base along with multiple customization options for colors, Menu, header and background.




Ever heard about Automattic? It’s a parent company of WordPress, and if you get a free product from the same, then nothing can beat this chance. It’s a theme designed to suit the business niche, and it can be used for multiple sub-niches. You’re offered a bunch of customisations which can help you setup the theme according to personal taste. The overall design is clean and elegant. However, it might not look compelling to everyone.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme comes with a dedicated Options panel at the Dashboard, offering quick and easy tools to bring functional and visual changes.
  • It supports active translation along with supporting the RTL languages.
  • The theme comes with full-width template supporting two columns and right sidebars.
  • It comes with flexible and custom Header, custom colors, and custom Menu options.



Zerif Lite

If you’ve been around WordPress for, at least, a couple of months, then you must have passed through the Zerif Lite theme. It’s among the top 10 free themes at the platform and comes with support from the developer, which is very rare among free themes. It’s a multipurpose theme with tons of options for customizations, and even supports the concept of Child themes. Specifically, it fits the business niche.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with a clean and validated code, which is a rare attribute to look at a free theme.
  • It is compatible to work with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell or giveaway products via an online platform.
  • It is built on BootStrap framework and also comes with parallax features.
  • The theme uses responsive layout and also supports Retina display devices.




West is the free modern WordPress theme that is perfect for business owners and creative owners alike. It features a floating menu which allows users to navigate easily to relevant sections within your website. It comes with the features you would expect such as a feature list section, a portfolio section to display your latest works and creations. And of course, the team section which allows you to show their social profiles and also their job title. Also included is a brand that part to build trust in your prospects by showing them previous clients you\’ve worked with. As you get closer to the bottom of the page, there is also a call to Action after you\’ve taken users through the journey that they have seen further up the page. Edit your website with the help of the WordPress that live customizer tool eliminate the guesswork out of designing your website. The header image is easily editable from the live customizer tool as well as many other elements on the pages such as for portfolio section.

Theme highlights

  • Built on HTML5 and css3, you get the latest web standards meaning you get a website that is cross-browser compatible and is also ready for the future.
  • Thinking of starting your website in a language other than English? Good news West is translation ready to help you achieve just that.
  • With awesome support, you\’re in good hands if you should ever get stuck on face any problems using this WordPress templates.




| Demo


Pixova Lite

Parallax effect is generally used to deliver a super cool look and overall feel, and here is a free theme that uses this particular feature primarily. It manages to keep the layout responsive, making the website ready to work properly on a tablet, iPad, iPhone, and other Android smartphones. Moreover, it is compatible to work with multiple web browsers.

Theme highlights:

  • It is compatible with the WPML plugin offering the active translation feature.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, ensuring the e-commerce module can be created and managed properly.
  • Every module of the theme is ready to work on high-resolution displays.



Regina Lite

Regina Lite is a free WordPress theme and at those in the medical field such as doctors, dental practice and other health related website. On the homepage, there\’s important information displayed such as your business contact number, email address and also a call to Action to encourage visitors to schedule an appointment convenient to himself. Throughout this theme, there\’s numerous call to actions to help you increase the number of leads you received from your website. As you scroll down the page, there\’s multiple opportunities to explain what your business does in an easy to digest manner. The about section is unique to this template in the sense that as you hover over the staff, there\’s a short blurb giving a bit of information about them in which you can click the read more button for the full detail. Within these industry galleries full of testimonial is essential and this theme allows you to do that in an elegant and engaging manner.

Theme highlights

  • It\’s cross-browser compatible meaning users on different browsers can experience your website in the way you intended them to.
  • There\’s support for Woocommerce the powerful plugin which allows you to set up an e-commerce store in no time.
  • A feature that could prove particularly useful is that this theme supports translation so you can display your website in numerous languages.




Enigma is a theme developed using BootStrap framework and it comes with dozens of options which are always a surprise, considering its available for free. The theme has been used by thousands of users so far, and other than using it for creating a business website, it can also be used to run a proper blog. The theme supports multiple browsers and comes with a responsive layout to work perfectly on the mobile devices. It also packs four different page layouts and 2-page templates.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme comes with five custom widgets inside, along with a dedicated one for Flickr.
  • It supports adding custom Menus to the header, primary navigation, sidebar and footer areas.
  • It comes with dedicated Theme Options panel at the Dashboard, offering more control to the webmaster.
  • The theme supports threaded comments, RTL languages, translation, and Sticky post.



Farben Basic

It’s an extremely creative theme, thanks to the UI it offers. The visual elements are simply unique and top-notch and the theme still manages to stay on the lighter side, keeping things minimal. It can be used to showcase the work portfolio and it also supports almost every post type within WordPress’s realm. It uses Google fonts to deliver an awesome looking typography. 

Theme highlights:

  • It is compatible with WooCommerce, allowing the possibility of an e-commerce solution.
  • It is compatible with both BuddyPress and bbPress to let you run an online community.
  • It is built using SASS, Compass, and Bootstrap 3 framework to ensure modern layout and top-notch security.



Accesspress Lite

It’s an extremely simple theme with very elegant UI and very specific features which re all required for this specific niche. It comes with a responsive layout and offers extremely minimal UI. Few configurations available in the Dashboard are through the dedicated Options Panel. You should check out its demo to see if it looks any good or not.




It’s a free product from colorlib, an expert developer in the WordPress realm and it can be used to run a business website, where you can share portfolio, testimonials, services, team details, and even run and manage a dedicated blog. The homepage is so elegantly designed that you’ll find it hard to grasp that it’s a free product. The layout is responsive and follows the one-page concept. Moreover, it is built over BootStrap framework.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme supports multiple known WordPress plugins like Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, NextGEN Gallery, WooCommerce, and much more.
  • It comes with pixel perfect UI which is also ready to work perfectly on Retina display featuring devices.
  • It comes with unlimited color options to pick, Font Awesome icons, and also supports translation.



Business Elite

It’s one of the elegant and unique looking theme which supports the maximum of the SEO norms and also uses parallax scrolling effects to woo further the visitors. It supports multiple known plugins and even the BuddyPress and bbPress to help you run an online community (e.g., Forum). The theme is ready to function properly on multiple web browsers and uses a responsive layout.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports Child theme concept which is the best way to add customizations to a theme.
  • It comes with built-in social sharing options which save you from installing a specific plugin to achieve the functionality.
  • The theme supports WooCommerce, which is a known tool to start an e-commerce website.
  • It comes with threaded comments, three columns, translation ready, and a bunch of customization options, which all helps in running a dedicated blog.




If you’re looking to run a featured blog which also shares the primary details about your business or company, then Ascent should be your pick. It integrates both, a business website and a fully functional blog, into a single homepage layout. The layout is responsive to work on all mobile devices and known web browsers. It does come with support from the developer.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is built with HTML5 and CSS3, the modern web programming languages.
  • It supports right and left sidebars and also supports multiple post formats.
  • It comes with dedicated Theme Options panel at the Dashboard, which helps in bringing quick functional and visual changes.
  • The theme comes with the custom background, Menu and also supports featured images.




It’s the last recommendation theme in this list, and it comes with a premium UI, delivering an elegant look and feel. It’s a multipurpose ready theme which comes with responsive layout and is also compatible to work with WooCommerce. The homepage holds few Call to Action areas, which suits the business niche, perfectly.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with a dedicated Theme Customizer, helping the webmaster to bring quick visual changes.
  • It can handle a dedicated blog which comes with all the right ingredients like featured image, threaded comments, etc.
  • The header area holds dedicated slots to share contact details, which makes it a perfect choice for our specific niche.



Parallax One

ThemeIsle is a known developer and it’s a free product from the same. It offers a one-page layout with stunning visuals which are even ready to work on smartphones and tablets, including the Retina display devices. The base code is always kept updated to ensure proper compatibility with the modern WordPress version.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is compatible with localisation and all known web browsers.
  • It packs an Options Panel at the Dashboard to allow webmaster control the global configurations.
  • The code behind the theme is clean and validated to ensure proper security.




It’s a one-page theme that comes with support for Retina display devices and other smartphones and tablets. It uses markups and even packs the Hook Alliance action hooks. It is compatible to work on all major web browsers and uses customisable header and menu area. Moreover, it is ready for the translation to keep the content ready for the global audience. No other features are offered, which keeps the overall package small yet effective.




It’s a full-width theme that offers a responsive layout, offering a blog specific perfection. It supports translation with the support for RTL languages. A dedicated Theme Options panel is also available which is usually the case with premium themes only. Moreover, social media integration is also available inside the package.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports two columns and one column layout which is highly customizable.
  • The layout is fluid to ensure responsiveness, ensuring proper compatibility with mobile devices.
  • It packs tons of Google Fonts to choose from and quickly change the overall typography.




It’s not a theme to run a business website, rather it’s specially designed to meet the blogging platform’s requirements. It uses responsive layout, and follow almost every important SEO norms, including the support for markup. It offers two blog styles and five sidebar positions. It even comes with a documentation file. In short, if you’re planning to start a food niche blog, then check out the demo of Seasonal theme.

Theme highlights:

  • It offers Admin Panel at the Dashboard, allowing the webmaster to quickly bring a change.
  • It supports threaded comments to kickstart a fully functional community.
  • It is extremely lightweight and achieves better performance scorecard.




ThemeFuse is a known developer and surprisingly, Gadgetry is available without any price tag. It can be used to run a fully functional blog or a small size magazine. All of their themes are backed by a powerful framework and dedicated Options Panel is available to quickly bring possible visual and functional changes. Moreover, it allows changing the color schemes and layouts.

Theme highlights:

  • It has dedicated configurations to adjust the SEO scorecard and compatibility.
  • It supports sidebars and Shortcodes to quickly implement a particular functionality.
  • With the built-in 1-Click Content install button, demo content can be imported.




Specifically about architecture and construction business are known as Constructzine. The theme is a very neat product of creative designing with simple navigation\’s and organized sections to portray your business eloquently. You get the two major colors in this theme which are black & white with the themes highlight more focused on the content of your business. You can enjoy some good social integration as well as have no fear of unresponsiveness by installing Constructzine. Enjoy this minimalistic work of web-based art and customize it the way you like for your business.



I Am One

I Am One gives your website a unique perspective that is fully compatible with the most new web trends of the day. The most noticeable side of this theme is the presentation of a full-width image with the homepage slider that makes it quite an attractive thing to look at. I Am One is also a responsive theme that can be viewed across all internet-enabled devices. So, show-off your portfolio, present your blog posts, or simply portray your business, I Am One has everything there for everyone.




The path is designed for multi author blogs and magazine style websites. It’s responsive, it supports post formats, its translation-ready and so much more. You can set the global layout in theme customize: one column, two columns or three columns. You can have the content on the left, right or center. You can also set logo, background and footer text in theme settings.



Dazzling WP Theme

This theme has made an impact right after its launch in the earlier phases of 2015. The best thing about dazzling is that you can use it for any purpose at all; it fits all types of niches conveniently. The homepage shows off a full-width slider with white color engulfing every corner of the theme. Most folks have used this theme for traveling, sports, creative designing, and blogging purposes, but you can use it the way you like. Dazzling is a responsive theme that is fully customizable with very easy settings and option to play with. Plus, you have the translation extension built-in the theme which could be helpful for a variety of reasons when you target international realms.



Lawyeria Lite

This is a theme which is so neatly designed and integrated with so good a functions that one should not miss it altogether if they represent a legal office. The sections are so beautifully organized that a visitor to the website will at once know where to go to seek the kind of content he/she is there for. Plus, you can optimize the theme, customize it, and set it up the way you see fit and also be fully content as the theme is fully responsive. Surely the best bid to offer on no price at all.



TA Portfolio

For startup businesses, TA Portfolio is a must try onepage free business portfolio theme that has an impressive layout. The theme is highly responsive and incorporates a simple to use contact form and portfolio items all displayed within a single page.


Creative Portfolio Theme

Just as the name suggests, this theme allows you to creatively in portfolio style, display your latest projects. One of the key features of Creative Portfolio Theme is a full screen slider and a fully responsive design that enhances the user interface and improves interaction. This theme is both CSS and HTML compliant.


Swift Theme

Swift theme is a product born from a common need. A fast, server friendly theme, with complete control over design. Driven by our obsession with usability, we have crafted, to our highest standards, a theme you will be thrilled to use.



Pure Portfolio Theme

Showcasing your projects in a theme that comes with both grid and masonry layouts is highly beneficial especially if you want to make an impact on your audience. Aside from being a retina ready theme, Pure Portfolio theme is highly responsive allowing you to display your photography works. You can easily customize your page layout thanks to a powerful admin panel and a wide range of settings and options.




This theme is ideal for photographers, artists, architects and designers. It is a concept based theme that is sleek and responsive and works perfectly on mobile platforms Android and iOS.



Snaps is a free highly responsive and powerful portfolio theme that adjusts to your content and enables you to achieve a wide variety of tasks such as loading content, images and videos. This theme is mobile friendly and displays correctly on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and other mobile gadgets. Snaps is the perfect tool to display your work so that website visitors can identify with your talent and expertise.



Agent is an all inclusive theme that brings together a set of cool features that encourage user interaction and boost functionality. This theme is designed for building professional WordPress sites and includes contact pages, sliders, resume pages etc. There is a page slider and unlimited layout options making it possible for you to effectively customize the theme’s design.


Lucky Blue- One Page

Despite the fact that it’s a one page theme, there are plenty of features such as a responsive slider that adds glamour to the design. For portfolios, there is an awesome 3 column grid to enable you clearly display various portfolio items you need your customers to see.

Bubbles Parallax One Page WordPress Theme

This theme is unique and has rich features that enable you to comfortably build portfolio websites with slideshows and grids. The layout of Bubbles Parallax is clear-cut enabling site owners to showcase their portfolios. Even though it’s a one page theme, you cannot underestimate its potential.


These were the best free business WordPress themes picks from my side, but these are not the only ones. If you didn\’t find any of the options mentioned above interesting, then let me know your specific requirements in the discussion section, and I’ll be happy to help you further. Don\’t forget to share this with your friends with the new business or startups. Good luck!


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