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WordPress is free to use, but running a website using it, isn’t free! It includes the cost of domain, server, followed by the cost of producing quality content, SEO services, and many other.

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on choosing the right WordPress hosting:

For a newbie, the costlier thing among these is the hosting. And, they are always looking to get a better server for as low as possible. Most of them are even looking for the free solutions, which is not recommended, at all.

There Are Two Versions Of WordPress: WordPress.Com And WordPress.Org

  • is the free version of WordPress, although you can pay for better themes if the free ones don’t fit the information you are trying to convey. Hosting is always free on, but there are limitations. For instance –you will need to upgrade if you need specific items added to your blog or website. However, free hosting or not, does have top-of-the-line security and spam detection.
  •, is currently used as a blog or website builder for about 24% of the web. The software itself is free (it downloads on your computer,) but you will need to pay for hosting, as well as your domain name. Sometimes this is the better choice, because if you pay for all the items you may need, it can be costly. has some free themes, but you can buy premium themes, too.

Why Free WordPress Hosting Is Not A Good Idea

Some domain sites, such as, will allow you to purchase your domain name and hosting, while providing a way to build a WordPress site within tools. Of course, this service is not free.

The main reason that free hosting isn’t a good option, however, is not because of hidden fees. It is because the security at their site isn’t very good. There have been stories of sites being hacked and taken over, or just out right stolen from the rightful owner. I liken it to that show “Naked and Afraid.” You are out in a wilderness, unprotected and vulnerable. Who knows what could happen.

If you are just learning and can’t afford a paid option, then use a free host. Just make sure that your site is a WordPress site. The protections built into either version will be a big help.

Which is the Best Free WordPress Hosting?

Going with a free hosting is like keeping your blog or website and all the related resources in the open and unprotected ground. Still, there is a case where going with a free hosting is recommended.

That’s when you’re totally new and planning to learn how things work in real life. And, going with a free option can help you a lot.

So, if that’s what’s your situation is, then go ahead and pick any of the following mentioned best free WordPress hosting options.



What’s better than getting a free hosting service from a premium hosting provider? WPNode is a free offering from SiteGround, a known name in the WordPress hosting, and it’s the number one recommendation from my side. It’s the best option to start as when you need premium features; you can simply add them to the existing plan. There are no advertisements offered inside and it even comes with support, which is extremely rare among free hosting providers.

Hosting highlights:

  • It offers 5GB of SSD storage, which is an exceptional feature to have, as we’re talking of SSD here.
  • It comes with W3 Total Cache plugin, preconfigured, which ensures fast page load.
  • The hosting plan supports SFTP, allowing uploading and downloading.
  • It also comes with 1GB of email, which is based on Roundcube, and free CDN from CloudFlare.

Hosting Details



If you’re looking for alternatives to above option, then x10host is also a recommendable option. It comes with 100% pure Cloud SSD servers, ensuring faster page load and top-notch hardware handling everything. For nothing, you get almost everything in the package, including PHP, MySQL, and even cPanel. Also, the provider has been working in this business since years, so no chance of getting a low-quality service.

Hosting highlights:

  • It comes with advanced software tools like 1-Click Software install, website builder, etc.
  • You’re offered complete control over the server, allowing you to run any possible PHP script.
  • Uploading, downloading, and editing is allowed via FTP tool, which is available inside the package.
  • It also allows the webmaster to configure email inboxes and multiple domains.

Hosting Details


Free Web Hosting No Ads

As you can make it from the name, this hosting provider offers a service at no cost, and no advertisements are served inside the frame. It comes with PHP 5, MySQL, FTP, POP E-Mail, Hotline Protection, and many other features which are all helpful. There is no limit or a time frame for which you can use this service for free. The package even includes free HTML templates, and it even allows putting sub-domains.

Hosting highlights:

  • The package includes Script Installer tool, which is helpful to install WordPress, Joomla, and similar scripts quickly.
  • It comes with free PHP hosting, supporting versions 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4.
  • It also includes Web Site Statistics tool, which is known the analytic tool.
  • It allows keeping feels and directories protected via passwords.

Hosting Details



It’s my next recommendation which comes with a specific set of features and tools, which can allow you to put a WordPress driven website online, and can even manage it. The best part about them is that they own the servers used to provide this service, which offers a sense of security. They also offer a Control Panel to the users, making it easy to manage the available options and tools. A dedicated Script installer tool is also available in the package.

Hosting highlights:

  • It comes with 1GB of free disk space and an FTP account with File Manager app to manage the files and folders.
  • MySQL and PHP are supported along with support for the add-on, parked, and subdomains.
  • They even offer SSL certificates on all free hosting domains which are self-signed.

Hosting Details



It’s the last recommendation from my side which offers 6TB of free space and 50GB of monthly data transfer, i.e., Bandwidth. The provider has provided tutorials and even includes support (up to a level) in the free package. Despite being a free option, it’s a reliable service to try.

Hosting highlights:

  • It comes with built-in Control Panel, ZHCP, allowing the webmaster to have a better grip on the available features and tools.
  • There are no advertisements served inside the package, not even the silly pop-ups.
  • It comes with dedicated FTP accounts which quickly allows to upload, edit, or rename a file.

Hosting Details

Things to be aware of

Before you sign up with any of the options mentioned above, you should be aware of following things.

  1. Usually, the free hosting providers never provide support, regarding anything. On the other hand, paid ones do provide regular support.
  2. The free hosting options are not secured. Nothing on the internet is secured, but these servers are barely protected by any means. In short, they are unreliable.
  3. The resources you get with these servers are extremely limited, which clearly means that you can’t run a professional blog or website for long.
  4. The features they pack aren’t worthy, and in most of the cases, they are unavailable.

Now, the only way you can know the differences in real is by testing out both options. Go ahead and check the free one, and then start with Shared hosting.

Final words

Again, you should pick these free options (or any) only if you’re trying to learn the way around WordPress. The moment you decide to run a professional or proper blog or website, going with non-free option is highly recommended. You can start with Shared hosting options which are available for as low as $1 per month.

Finally, which particular free hosting provider you’re picking now? Let me know your experience in the discussion section which will also help other newbies. Good luck!


  1. From my personal experience I can say that using free hosting is a headache. I was using a free hosting for almost 2 months and it was disaster. I switched to after reading good reviews about them. I can say that it was the best decision. I recommend not to use free hosting!


  2. Free hosting as it’s benefits but I wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term solution. Rose hosting looks great thank your for your feedback on them. I hadn’t heard of them until now 🙂

  3. I hosted websites on free hosting in the past. I will never do that silly thing again.
    Paying 15 $ a month is not much and most hosting companies have such plans. I prefer to have a team behind me, especially if the website is my livelihood.
    My current host is better than most and I never had troubles with them.
    So free hosting – hell no.

    • Hi Saief,

      Well said, but I am sure people choose a free host to start just to test and get familiar with the whole hosting concept.
      That’s what I did years ago when working with Front Page haha.

  4. Hosting a professional website for free is not recommended because there is a big security risk. I always prefer to use affordable web hosting for my websites. Thanks.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Another great piece of advice 🙂
      I guess the big takeaway is don’t host anything serious or professional on a free host.

  5. Yes, free hosting is not recommended for a professional blog. But this post is for those just starting out and don’t have any budget. For 150 traffic a day, it can be useful for some. I just wrote a blog post with 9 good and 9 worst hosts to look out for. Do check out and let me know your experience with them so that others can make their hard choice. Thanks.

  6. Am currently on the free Byet host plan with a 4month old blog.
    i have started receiving Warnings of over usage of Cpu resources….even uf free hostung us good for the start point,i think some paid hosts are also whack.
    Though am moving soon since i’ve graspped everything i need to know in wp.

    • Hey Mike,

      So you used a free host to understand the ins and outs of WordPress? What were you trying to achieve?

  7. Hi Brain, thank you for this great article! i have been using DigitalBerg to host my Travel Website travelionx for almost a year now and very happy, They provide Fast SSD Hosting even in their Free Hosting Plan. To get the Free Hosting Plan just follow my link then Select in the top menu: More->Free SSD Hosting, if you need more power they also have affordable Unlimited SSD Hosting & VPS.

    • Hi Guy,

      Happy to hear you are having a positive experience, may I ask you what made you go with a free hosting provider?