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Everyone in the world of Internet Marketing is aware of StudioPress developers, and their prime product, i.e., Genesis framework. It doesn’t need any introduction, especially to you.

But you need to be aware of the fact that, to keep the framework really simple and fast, the developers behind has to keep the feature list to the extreme minimum.

This is also a reason why many marketers don’t find the framework that powerful. If you are stuck with the same power issues, then here is your chance to gain valuable insight.

I’m writing this compilation of best Genesis framework plugins, which will help you know the exact plugins to implement a particular functionality.

All you need to do is to have an idea of the kind of functionality you are looking for, and then start the matchmaking process with below mentioned options.

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Let’s start with the list now!

#1 Genesis Simple Share

Genesis Simple Share Plugin

Implementing social sharing icons is an important task for every website, and if you are using the Genesis framework, then here is the plugin to make it happen. It’s an official product from the StudioPress itself, and it comes with few configuration options to customize how the social icons look. As usual, the product is extremely simple to look and easy to use, and you’ll never feel the need of any documentation to get started with it.

Plugin highlights:

  • It has special settings for Twitter to help you put username.
  • You are allowed to change the orders of the icons and that too via simple drag & drop.
  • The plugin is fast in performance and can be used with the default settings as well.

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#2 Genesis Simple Edits

Genesis Simple Edits Plugin

Every Genesis parent install and its Child theme setup come with pre-set footer and configuration about post-info. The default framework doesn’t have any option to change these. And, to achieve these changes, Simple Edits is the plugin that can help. Again, it’s an extremely simple to use the plugin, lightweight and is available for free.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can let you quickly change the footer information and put your own custom details.
  • On a post, below the title and at the end, the byline information can be edited, and you can fix which details to be shown.
  • You can make these changes either by putting the PHP functions or by putting custom code.

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#3 Genesis Simple Hooks

Genesis Simple Hooks WordPress Plugin

It’s an advanced plugin as it let you play with the development of the base code. The plugin aims for a simple application, i.e., allowing the webmaster to change the HTML and PHP code. It is done by putting special hooks which can be attached to about 50+ actions. Again, the plugin is available for free and comes with proper compatibility for WordPress and Genesis Framework.

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#4 Genesis Responsive Slider

Genesis Responsive Slider WordPress Plugin

Every Genesis theme lacks a dedicated slider, which can be placed on the homepage to showcase the featured posts, sliding with their images and information. If you wish to implement such a slider, then here is your chance. Use this plugin to run a responsive slider at the homepage which can showcase the featured image, post title and excerpt.

Plugin highlights:

  • It lets you pick the dimension of the slideshow and set few configuration on how it function and looks.
  • You are allowed to add this slider in the widget area.
  • It lets you add custom posts to the slider via their post IDs.

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#5 WP Responsive Menu

WP Responsive Menu Plugin

Recently I was part of a conversation on one of the Facebook groups on Genesis framework. The conversation was about the Menu area and its functionality on the mobile devices. Not everyone was impressed with what Genesis is delivering these days, as it lacks the professional and modern touch. But, if you wish to achieve a fully responsive and interactive Menu for smartphones and tablets, then it can be possible via this special plugin. It’s a free product developed by third-party developers. As you can expect, it packs certain configuration options to customize the primary menu further.

Plugin highlights:

  • The Admin interface behind-the-scene is extremely simple to use, looks elegant and is powerful enough to help you quickly setup the configuration.
  • It helps you put support for swipe gestures which will add a proper functionality for modern touchscreen devices.
  • It allows the admin to put a custom search tool within the menu.
  • It allows you to either enable or disable the pinch-to-zoom functionality.

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#6 Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a known product in its category, and it’s been used by millions of WordPress users to implement an e-commerce functionality. If you are using Genesis framework and a child theme which doesn’t support e-commerce by default, then here is your plugin to make that happen. It simply puts a deep integration between the two, Genesis and WooCommerce. It’s a product from official developers and is available for free.

Plugin highlights:

  • It functions properly with the e-commerce platform allowing you to display product lists or their archives.
  • It supports customizations which can be added at the template level, making sure that those visual changes you have made are never lost.
  • It is compatible with modern WordPress version, Genesis version, and WooCommerce 2.1+.

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#7 Genesis eNews Extended

Genesis eNews Extended Plugin

It’s a third-party product which adds a special and simple functionality into the framework. It creates a special widget which can be integrated with the email subscription handlers like MailChimp, Aweber, FeedLBlitz, and much more. You just have to select the service provider, input your user ID, and the configuration is good to use. It packs few other configuration options to let you properly customize the subscription box.

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Now you are aware of a bunch of powerful plugins which work perfectly with Genesis and can supercharge it anytime. Once you have a happy experience with any of these, don’t forget to share that in the discussion section and also share this compilation with rest of your friends. Especially to those who think Genesis framework is not that powerful. Peace!