Divi WordPress Theme

Small potatoes is crazy. Seriously. He’s giving away some $5 theme club memberships so site owners like myself can run whatever kind of contest we like.

So here’s the deal – want a membership? Subscribe to my feed for this blog and leave me a comment. That’s it. I’ve got 50 accounts to give away and we’ll go until I run out.

I wrote about the $5 theme club back here.

UPDATE: this went belly-up months ago and is now closed, so I’m closing the comments.


  1. I am in!

    They looked like great themes. By the way. Still a few quirks, but I finished my rebuild, and made my own magazine style up. To maintain my bad taste ( : ) ) I used gradients, but overall the experience is a lot less in your face, and lot more information.

    Your pluggin and SimplePie are the saviors. Now I might be able to say the same thing about the $5 dollar club.

  2. I can has themez?

    Just stumbled across your site today from a post you made on the WPMU forums, and it’s already paying off! Thanks!! 🙂

    Former homeschool student (back when it was illegal here!)

  3. I’m in!
    This is my first comment here though I am a regular visitor.
    Thanks to you, I have a couple of WP MU sites up and running.
    You are awesome! 😀
    So, any memberships left?

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