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Creating a successful website is all about adding value to your visitor’s lives.

To do that, you need detailed information about your visitors. And the best way to collect visitor information is to use Google Analytics.

While Google Analytics provide the information for free, you need to collect the information manually. Doing this on a daily basis is boring, time-consuming, and inefficient. Luckily, there are some excellent WordPress plugins which can do this job for you.

In today’s post, I am going to introduce you to the 5 best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. Let’s see which these plugins are, shall we?

6Google Analytics WD

This is the plugin we use to monitor visitors coming to WP Multiverse. It gives me actionable information which enables me to provide better value to you the readers. For example, I am a UK writer and base on the analytics; I know that the majority of readers are from the, USA so I try to change my spelling to match. On each of the post/pages, I can quickly see how each article is performing and where the majority of that traffic is coming from. Google analytics WD allows you to effortlessly set up goals and event which lets you keep an eye on things at a glance. Not only that but you are also able to send yourself automated reports when goals are met or scheduled on a weekly basis.

Plugin highlights:

  • Adwords integration to better understand how your ads are converting.
  • Adsense integration to see which post or page is making you to the most amount of money.
  • Track author, category, tags and post dates for a more efficient content marketing campaign.
  • E-commerce support to better understand your customers purchase path to exposed what channels are working best.


5MonsterInsights Pro

MonsterInsights Pro is the premium version of Google Analytics by MonsterInsights, which has more than 1 million active installs at this moment. You can get started with the plugin by simply authenticating it and selecting the site. Since the plugin uses asynchronous tracking code, you can rest assured that you are always getting the latest and most reliable data about your website.

The plugin adds an attractive visitor metric widget on your website dashboard. You can enhance the report by enabling interest and demographic options. As it supports downloads and outbound link tracking, you can easily track various events like affiliate link clicks, file downloads, pageview, etc.

If you have a large website, it is likely that you have several people with different user roles. MonsterInsights allows you to ignore the activities of specific user levels, so that you can get more accurate details about your visitors. What’s more, it is also possible to track the 404 and search pages.

Thanks to the referral detection feature, you can easily find out the top referrers of your website. Another feature enables you to track the journey of your visitors. You can find which page they visit first, where they go next and how long they stay on each page. MonsterInsights also helps you detect the most popular posts, pages and other content types in your website. You can use this information to further optimize your website.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Complete activity tracking of your visitors.
  • A simple identification system for finding out popular contents.
  • Ecommerce addon for tracking WooCommerce or EDD store performance.
  • Full debug mode for addressing potential issues.

MonsterInsights Pro is priced at $89 per year.

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If you want a simple solution for keeping track of your Google Analytics data right from your website dashboard, you should consider Analytify. This handy plugin could be very useful to find out the average visitor activity on your WordPress site. The intuitive stats display feature makes the data simple enough for the non-technical persons too.

The integrated Analytify dashboard will show real-time data about the visitors, referrers, top keywords, entry pages etc. You will find detailed information about the social media activities taken by your visitors. This data will be helpful in ensuring the best content optimization. The plugin also provides the relevant information for individual pages and bog posts. You can restrict access to this data by specifying user level.

Unlike most traditional analytic plugins, Analytify supports the universal tracking code, which is preferred by Google itself. That means you are future-proof by choosing this plugin. The fully responsive plugin works perfectly on all screen resolutions. As it is also compatible with WordPress multisite, you can use Analytify in your networked sites as well. There are several add-ons for this plugin too. These will be effective for tracking sales, transaction, and conversions in your eCommerce sites.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Official partner of Google Analytics
  • Dedicated dashboard widgets with real-time updates.
  • Fully responsive design for various screen sizes.
  • A simple representation of complex, technical terms.

Analytify pricing starts at $29 per year.

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3Google Analytics+

Coming from WPMU Dev, Google Analytics+ is another trusted analytics plugin for WordPress. The plugin helps you to get a quick overview of your website performance right from the dashboard. You can get started by providing the activation and tracking codes.

The dashboard widget provides an overview of the whole site. If you want a more in-depth report, you can check out the stats for each post or page as well. The available stats include page views, visits, bounce rate, referrer, average visit duration, etc.

Advanced users can enable the display advertising and find information about the interest, demography of the visitors. If you have a shop section, enabling universal analytics will help you in tracking product performance, campaign success and other necessary metrics.

The special multisite integration feature ensures that you can track all the sites in your network, including the mapped domains and subdomains too. It is possible to choose which user types can access the analytics data.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Single tracking code for all sites in a multisite network.
  • Tracks both mapped domains and subdomains.
  • Graphical representation of key statistics and information
  • Advanced tracking options including demography, interest, and shopping pattern.

You can get Google Analytics+ by becoming a WPMU Dev member.

Full Details & Download

2gAnalytics – Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

gAnalytics is an excellent plugin for integrating Google Analytics with your WordPress site and displaying the data in the website dashboard.

The plugin enables you to track the performance of individual posts and pages without having to open Google Analytics. You will find the links to Posts > All Posts and Pages > All Pages. Clicking the link will take you to a new page containing the total page views, referral traffic, organic search history along with detailed charts.

The dashboard widget shows detailed information about the performance of your website during the last three months. Besides the page view, visit, average visitor duration and bounce rate details, you will also find the top 5 pages, top 5 keywords and five best referrers for that time period.

The plugin comes with a handy compare feature. This allows you to compare the site performance against various time periods. The repot section will provide detailed information about all the necessary site stats.

Monthly report is another interesting feature of gAnalytics. It provides detailed monthly reports for various factors like page visits, average time on site, search traffic, bounce rate etc. And if you want to check out the mobile usage stats of your visitors, you are in luck. GAnalytics has a dedicated section for displaying the details of your visitors’ mobile devices.

The plugin comes with several custom widgets to display the data in the sidebar. The site visitor widget will display the number of total visitors your site has received till date. And the top countries widget could be useful to display where your visitors are coming from.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Simple presentation of the essential information.
  • Custom widgets for visitors and countries.
  • Separate report for mobile devices usage of the visitors.
  • Detailed data analysis and compare features for the last three months.

The plugin is priced at $34.

Full Details & Download

1Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

If you are looking for a Google Analytics plugin with specialized event tracking support, Extended Google Analytics for WordPress could be the best choice for you. This simple but powerful plugin helps you get the most out of Google Analytics for your website.

Once the initial settings are taken care of, the plugin will automatically track all the links, including downloads and mailto as well. In case you want to track the statistics for some specific files, that is possible too. The plugin could be configured to track only the chosen file extensions.

Generating campaign tracking link is another handy feature of this Google Analytics plugin. This feature enables you to generate unique links for your newsletter, campaign, and other promotional activities.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Specialized event tracking system.
  • Complete monitoring of all outbound link clicks.
  • Generates special links for individual campaigns.

You can get the plugin for $15.

Full Details & Download

Final Words

Having access to the necessary visitor information is the key to a successful website. And the Google Analytics WordPress plugins mentioned above make it very easy to collect all the information about your visitors.

So, are you using any analytics plugin on your website? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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