In these recent times, a lot of web designers are increasingly becoming keen on developing highly responsive and interactive sites to cater for the needs of modern internet users.

Fortunately, technology has been growing at a rapid rate to allow new inventions. When choosing templates for your site, it is important to ensure they’re well designed actually to present your site in the best way possible.

HTML5 CSS3 templates have become common because they’ve introduced a unique and fun way of creating sites. The cool thing about HTML5 CSS3 templates is that they work perfectly for different uses; whether it’s a blog, business/company or personal project, having a site with HTML5 CSS3 features is cool.

It’s worth mentioning that all professionally designed premium responsive HTML5 and CSS3 predominantly feature HTML5/CSS3 features. Numerous web designers especially those working on animation projects rely on HTML5 features to create powerful animation sites. Good news is that HTML5 animation sites don’t need Adobe flash support to be on the web browser, so long as you’re browser supports HTML5, you’re ready to go.

Interestingly, HTML 5 has been around for some time and developers have begun to embrace the concept to the extent of freely sharing HTML5, CSS3 resources. Templates discussed in this article are free but packed with incredible features i.e. jquery sliders, flat design and responsive layout.

A look at some of the best HTML5 WordPress themes:


Headway has made progress into the WordPress theme development sector in the past six years. With that sort of experience level, you can depend on it knowing what it is talking about.

Headway has been in operation since 2009 as well. It is optimized for use by a variety of users. These users include: business owners, freelancers, designers and simple hobbyists too.

They feature a Drag and Drop option that lets any developer (or non-developer) design your layout to your specifications. And no writing of code to boot.

As for pricing, Headway has a few options. They offer a standard option for $89 that offers support and updates for three sites. This package also offers purchasers support and updates for up to one year.

Headway’s Deluxe offering runs $199. With this option, buyers gain updates and support for as many sites as they need. They also get the same length of time of support and updates, which is one year.

Why you should check it out:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Light framework
  • Changes take place in no time
  • Extensive array of example templates available
  • Customizable CSS, PHP, and HTML codes that are easily inserted

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Ucorpora is a free and incredible bootstrap HTML website template with a responsive layout designed for business and corporate use. Designed and built on a Bootstrap framework, the template is packed with a wide array of powerful and exciting features that conform to the latest web technologies.



The number of digital stores and e-commerce sites has gone up in the recent times. Ustora is a free and amazing HTML5 template designed specifically for supporting e-commerce platforms such as accessories, clothing and phone stores. Ustora template is unique because it has additional information tabs such as secure payments, shipping, and new products on the homepage designed to make it easier for customers to find relevant links to aid in their transactions. This template also supports beautiful images and various text fonts.


Infusion- One Page Business Portfolio Template

If you’re looking for a well designed and impressive business portfolio theme, Infusion is an excellent choice. End users of this theme benefit from rich HTML5 CSS3 features which make Infusion responsive with complete functionality. Call to action elements can be included in any section of the layout regardless of the layout designs.



Characterized by a minimalist design, GeoMetry is a perfect HTML 5 Geolocation Template that works perfectly with online platforms with features of maps as well as user geographic positions. This template is intricate with details and its clean design ensuring that information is displayed in the best way possible.


Free Business Responsive Website Template

It’s always the wish of every web designer to effectively bring their projects to life by incorporating creativity and including powerful web features. This free HTML5 template helps to spruce up sites thanks to amazing parallax effects. Navigation is excellent with both a back-to-top button and a strategically placed dropdown menu. Other features such as search buttons are placed in visible sections of the site to enable users to find what they’re looking for easily.


Acme- Free Responsive Corporate Template

Every business website owner has to find a suitable and sustainable theme that can help them creatively showcase their website. Acme is a popular HTML5 template with a well structured coding system to simplify website management tasks. This template is designed based on twitter bootstrap 3.x.


Sport Business Template

Designed by Pixelbuddha, this template is an excellent selection for both commercial and personal sites. The theme is free to download and is known to have a minimal and responsive landing page design as well includes critical files such as HTML, CSS, and jQuery. A full-width slider is included in the landing page with a strategically placed call to action buttons to drive conversions.


Ultra-Modern Free Responsive Design Agency Theme

If your project demands a lot of content to be placed in a highly organized manner, Ultra-Modern is a free HTML 5 template whose key advantage is its extensive customization qualities that allow you to tweak settings until they cater for your needs. This theme is highly transformative thanks to a colorful and attractive visual display, trendy design, intuitive navigation and a well-structured layout. All these amazing features ensure that website users have a pleasant experience which keeps them coming back to your site.


Extant- Free Responsive HTML5 Template

When choosing a website theme, it is important to select an all inclusive theme with amazing cross-browser compatibility, responsive, contact form, website blog, and many more features. Extant is a freely downloadable HTML5 template designed to cater for your needs exclusively. This attractive, beautiful template is guaranteed to attract users to your site and effectively show off your business.


Magnetic- Free Photographic Website Template

Photography is well showcased in a theme which is designed exclusively for beautifully and accurately displaying photographs. If you’re interested in a free HTML5 template that has the latest features and stands out from the crowd, Magnetic is for you. The entire template has a responsive design that ensures perfect display on desktop as well as mobile platforms. Key features include a full-width contact page, and one left sidebar to facilitate quick navigation as well as accommodate additional social media icons.


Avada Plus- A Free Responsive HTML5 Agency Template

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important feature in a website template. Avada Plus is a unique template because it’s an HTML5 free responsive template and is SEO friendly.  This is a great combination because it avails you both an intricate and beautiful design as well as a site which is search engine friendly.


Bukku- Free HTML/CSS Template

Bukku is a free eBook template that is ideal for people designing eBooks. This theme is a Bootstrap 3.x template that enhances readability and comes with a responsive design. Furthermore, the unique topography is a major plus for users of Bukku.


Creative Free Responsive HTML5 Template

Designed with HTML5 and CSS3, Creative is a one-page free template. Creative is highly responsive and adapts well to both desktop and mobile environments. Creative is a multi-purpose Bootstrap framework 3.3.1 based theme that can work well for personal sites, portfolio sites, business/corporate, consultancy and mobile websites.


Free HTML5 Dance Studio Template

As the name suggests, Dance Studio is a free HTML5 template designed to cater for those interested in dance and rhythm. Using this theme, you can successfully design an amazing site that reaches out to music and dance lovers. The layout is simple and impressive; navigation is also well taken care of.


Stable – Free HTML5 Responsive

Stable – Free HTML5 Responsive

An eye-catching web design project would yield good results especially using Stable which is a free HTML5 responsive theme. If you value good layouts and designs, try using Stable; you’ll not be disappointed.

Modex Bootstrap Portfolio Theme

Finding a theme that is multipurpose and compatible with various platforms is crucial for every web designer. Modex key features include a flat design, sleek toggle button and a full page header for enhancing user friendliness.


Solidity- Free Responsive HTML5 Template

When it comes to organization, this free HTML5 template is your perfect choice. The image gallery displayed in the portfolio section of the site is a clear presentation of your skills. Page contents are divided into four sections under a single HTML file.


Free HTML5 Photography Theme

Photo sites have to be carefully designed because you wish to creatively showcase your work to an online audience. This template comfortably accommodates all information you wish to present on your site i.e. artist’s background and brief descriptions. For an artist looking for a platform that will boost interaction with their fans, this theme has all the features you’re looking for.


Featuring an extended onepage design layout, Timber is a new theme designed using a bootstrap responsive framework and is best suited for business sites which need to run on some pages such as the contact page, gallery, map, and portfolio. Since it’s a modern day template, Timber is an excellent template with numerous features designed to build modern websites.


Corporate entities are increasingly looking for unique platforms to best showcase their products and services. Moderna Bootstrap 3 comes with modern features such as Ajax contact form, Flexislider, and a Portfolio filter. This website is clean, modern and simple to facilitate quick customization.


If you’re into selling online services, Capture is a charming and elegant bootstrap template that you need to establish an online platform which can also work well on mobile platforms.


Polygon Free HTML5 CSS3 Template

Being a free HTML5 template, Polygon has rich features that include lightbox gallery page, services page with hexagon shaped icon boxes, about page and a contact page with hexagon maps. Just like some modern HTML5 CSS3 templates, Polygon is powered by Bootstrap responsive framework.


Concept Free Responsive Template

Bootstrap framework is the underlying architecture behind Concept Free which is an HTML5 CSS3 template. Company pages and Services feature sub-pages alongside maps and contact forms. Concept Free gallery is integrated with responsive lightbox.


Showcasing your projects in a unique way is one of the most effective ways of interacting with an online community. Brandy is associated with a responsive layout design plus an assortment of cool features to bring your projects into reality.

The above are some of the coolest HTML5 CSS3 templates that are aiding web designers in building robust, highly customized and interactive online platforms. Before selecting a template, ensure that you are aware of the features you want to be included in your site and find a theme that adequately responds to your needs. With time, newer and more advanced HTML5 CSS3 templates are set to be launched and therefore, web designers have a reason to smile.


  1. Super collection of WordPress themes. They should help me in my upcoming projects. Luckily, many of them seem to be free