I wrote the original login widget 2-3 years ago. The reason I wrote it was that quite a few of our bloggers on homeschool journal had/have their comments set to user must be logged in to comment. The default flow for a commenter (using the default links) in that situation is

  • Click the login link & wait for wp-login page to load
  • Provide user/pass & wait for the dashboard to load
  • Find the post again using previous path

For blog readers not familiar with WP/WPMU, this was a bit bewildering. The original version of the widget returned the logged in user to the home of blog where they logged in. The user logging in does not need to be a subscriber on that blog to login with the widget.

With this version (for WPMU 2.7) of the widget the user logging in is returned to the originating page where they logged in. Logged in users have a logout link. Blog admins have links to their dashboard, write post and manage comments. You can drop the plugin file in either plugins or mu-plugins. The widget can then be added to a sidebar. [download#9]

Edit: The download link has been fixed.