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WordPress is a great platform for news sites, blogs and thanks to WordPress responsive themes, you can create an incredible and powerful user interactive site. These themes can be used for any news niche such as tech, gossip, politics, sports, games and much more.  If you intend to have a blogging or magazine site, you need to understand that people will be viewing your site not only from their PC but also mostly from their Smartphones and tablets.  Therefore, it’s mandatory for your site to have a responsive theme that will comprehensively cater for the needs of all users.

Another crucial thing to put into consideration is that your site should be able to show posts or recent news in an organized manner. The same case as with a physical magazine, your content, pictures and titles should be able to show beautifully on your magazine site to attract readers.  Nowadays, people tend to read magazine sites more than physical magazines. So, if you have a magazine WordPress site which is not appealing, unorganized and not responsive, you blogging career will not be productive because your site will not get the much needed attention.

Below are some of the top WordPress magazine themes that are beautiful and come with numerous exciting features.



If you care about increasing your social presence while generating higher earning then, it’s likely that SociallyViral could be the theme for you. It’s been featured in numerous collection here; I personally used it for my niche projects too. The design is created in a way that intrigues readers to click through to other pages. Thanks to the support of infinite scrolling your readers can discover new articles quicker and more conveniently.

Thinking of running advertisement you your website? You will be glad to know that SociallyViral as serval optimized and placements. I have benefited from this first hand with a small women’s magazine blog I run using this theme.

Theme highlights:

  • You get the benefits of a fast loading template which is also searching friendly.
  • It comes with optimized areas in which you can place advertisements, opt-in form or even promote your own products.
  • Inspired by ViralNova website which uses a similar theme and is said to hit the $35 million dollars this year.




Howto is another great template to consider, if well coded for better security and won’t harm your search efforts. You two unique homepage layout in which you can play with to create something unique to your site. Not only that but you also get tons of features to make your magazine website stand out from the crowd. Such as custom widget style to compliment your blog, unlimited color version to in keep with your brand identity.

Theme highlights:

  • One click installation and updates to make maintaining your website a breeze.
  • Enable the built-in breadcrumb for easy navigation.
  • Parallax scrolling to impress your readers.
  • Social media integration plus you have the option to gear your website towards getting viral traffic at the flick of a button.




Divi offers a sleek, modern, and unique look for website designers. Some of its key features are as follows:

  • There is no coding necessary.
  • It offers tons of pre-made layouts that are completely customizable.
  • Its design is responsive no matter what device your reader is utilizing.

Divi seems too simple, but it actually is only simple in the designing process. The end product is nothing but outstanding and will definitely drive readers to your website.



Flex Mag

Looking for a totally modern product? The one with super cool and modern features? Flex Mag should be your pick as it uses a mobile-first design which is responsive to suit every smartphone and tablet devices. Moreover, it packs special features like the auto load for posts, different layouts for posts, different layouts for normal articles, and four pre-set skins to pick from. All these features are available to configure via the Options Panel at the Dashboard which is easy to get started with.

Theme highlights:

  • It has mobile ready custom fly-out navigation and super interactive menu for the desktop variant.
  • Both WooCommerce and bbPress tools are integrated to support an e-commerce and online community platforms, respectively.
  • It has built-in support for advertisements and has pre-set locations with a bunch of configurations to customize it further.

Full Details & Download | Demo



It’s a super premium theme holding almost every popular feature which is part of online magazines. The design part is challenging to achieve as a developer, but you’re getting it over here, which is all set to use. It supports over 500 variations for the post layout and packs 12 Shortcodes, allowing quick implementation of a particular functionality. It holds built-in social sharing buttons and comes with the one-click update button. It is backed up by dedicated support and also comes with the knowledge base.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports active translation and even holds dedicated support for RTL languages.
  • It holds specific features which can be configured to improve the overall performance.
  • It supports sticky sidebars, unlimited sidebars, unlimited fonts, unlimited colors to picking get a total custom solution.

Full Details & Download | Demo



It’s a trending product in its category and one of the best selling ones at ThemeForest. The real power is how far it can be customized, as it offers 250+ home demos, which are one-click away from setting up. It holds 200+ sliders and blog combinations. Visual Composer drag & drop page builder tool is also included within featured with its live customize visual elements. Almost every post formats are supported and the every layout is 100% ready to work with tablet and mobile devices.

Theme highlights:

  • The plugin is compatible to work with WooCommerce, ensuring the e-commerce module can be run within.
  • Either image of videos can be used in the background.
  • It holds 2 Mega Menu versions and dedicated gallery styles are also included in the package.

Full Details & Download | Demo


If you’ve been looking for an impressive WordPress magazine theme to bring your projects to life, Colormag is the best choice given the fact it is still relatively new on the market but has managed to charm the hearts of many. Having been released in mid 2015, Colormag downloads have surpassed 30,000 and many more users are curious to benefit from this well designed theme. The popularity of Colormag has increased significantly in the recent months thanks to plenty of positive reviews.



Colormag is an exciting and well thought out multipurpose WP theme that is ideal for business, publishing, newspaper, news and many more types of sites. Unfortunately, without the use of a proper styled theme, news and magazine sites can at times look disorganized especially when content is not well planned. The main aim of Colormag designers was to create a powerful theme which is clean, well-planned with a beautiful appearance. It’s amazing how this theme creatively and in a smart way organizes categories and incorporates different widgets into the overall design. If you love working with colors, Colormag as the name suggests is a rich color theme that enables you to set different colors of your choice with each category; it makes the site look really cool.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time using this theme, developers have included a comprehensive theme guide alongside technical support in case you’re stuck and you need help. Overall, Colormag is a must try especially if you value creative and beautiful sites.




If you run a sports or game niche blog, then GoodLife is a perfect theme for these two niches. It can even be used for the Music and Fashion niches. It is primary ready to be used for running a blog and it features support for high-resolution screens with eye-catching visuals. There are five different blog post layouts which can be picked with a single click. It even has dedicated page layouts for sharing videos and galleries. In short, it’s a perfect pick for running a modern blog on the aforementioned niches.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with three different Header styles which are further customizable.
  • It packs premium plugins like Visual Composer, Rankie, Maintenance Pro, Essential Grid, and Visual Quiz Builder.
  • The social media integration is available by default and it also supports Jetpack plugin out-of-the-box.
  • It has dedicated tools to quickly implement advertisements and expect better CTR.

Full Details & Download | Demo


Hueman is no doubt an incredibly well designed theme. This theme is associated with Alexander Agnarson who has worked hard to ensure it is a success and fully meets user needs. Today, Hueman is one of the most downloaded popular themes at wordpress.org. If you intend to design a magazine or news site, this theme is fully responsive and therefore, the quality of displayed content is high. It is important for a news/magazine site to allow for simple and quick navigation. Hueman has beautiful toggle sidebars that ensure you have a great reading and browsing experience regardless of whether you’re using a computer, tablet or mobile.



Nowadays, there are several incredible news and magazine sites out there competing for the same online audience. It is therefore important to select a theme which will give your site a unique edge over competitors. Hueman is an incredibly unique and awesome theme whose quality can be matched with premium themes. You can access this theme in two ways; either from wordpress.org or theme page. It’s important to point out that Hueman wordpress.org version is “lite” and therefore, lacks features such as shortcodes and sharing buttons. The wordpress.org version is considered more of a plugin and is therefore basic. A lot of people who’ve downloaded this theme love it for its flexibility and wide array of features.



In order to have a platform that attracts audiences, you need to choose a sophisticated theme that is not only attractive but comes with plenty of exciting features. Compass is famous for its modern look and is highly responsive making the theme a top choice for web designers. Compass is multipurpose and therefore can be used to build different types of websites.

This theme’s flexibility and good coding policies contribute a huge role in designing modern and tasteful magazine and news sites. Using Compass, it is so much easier to maintain your site using a stress-free and time saving approach. For any news or magazine site to be successful, you must choose a theme that will conform to modern web design standards as well as beautifully convey content to large audiences. Compass provides you with all these benefits in addition to the fact that your site will keep your audiences informed, entertained and coming back for more. The interactive features associated with this theme add glamour to the site with a powerful retina display enabling the theme to display perfectly on laptop, mobile and tablet screens. If you’re working with numerous images, you don’t need to be worried because Compass ensures they remain clearly even after altering their sizes and displaying on different screens.

Now, if you love a site with widgets, you’ll love Compass because you can have a homepage which is dominated by widgets. The cool thing is these widgets are fully customizable and therefore, you can continuously tweak them until you obtain your desired results. Thanks to a Dynamic Homepage Builder, Live Customizer and ZOOM Framework, you can preview live the changes you’re making.

This theme comes with a powerful Jetpack plugin that adds a whole new level of functionality. Some of the key features here include; plenty of sidebar widgets, tag cloud widgets, good categories, smooth Touch Slideshow which works perfectly on mobile platforms and a related posts feature. When all these features are used together, the results are really impressive.



Content is the main driver of website traffic and therefore, you have to know how to present your content in the best way possible. Fortunately, there are numerous WordPress themes that can help you achieve this. If you’re in need of a super smart WP theme that has been designed to build content-rich platforms, NewsPaper is an excellent platform for you.

For starters, NewsPaper is known for its impeccable user interface which is an instant attraction. Furthermore, this theme is highly responsive and it’s simple to upload content to the site. Managing a multi-media site can be extremely challenging especially in the absence of efficient tools required to get the job done. However, NewsPaper is the perfect solution for anyone looking to build an engaging, highly interactive and multimedia website. The highly responsive ability comes with numerous features i.e. parallax scrolling effect to boost depth and tone, easy and fast translation thanks to multi-languages capability and mobile compatible courtesy of automatic shifting to display nicely on different screen sizes.

NewsPaper is a good choice of a theme because it is highly customizable allowing you to change backgrounds, fonts as well as colors. Don’t worry about your site appearing in search engines because this theme is search engine optimized to ensure you get good rankings. The good news is that for only $45, you are allowed to use the theme on unlimited sites, enjoy unlimited support, get constant updates as well as access informational tutorial videos. When it comes to speed, NewsPaper loads super fast which is good for search engines as well as visitors who love sites that load quickly. For those who to monetize their sites, this theme integrates perfectly with AdSense transforming sites into income streams.

With a powerful options panel, you have the freedom to customize your site to cater for your content. NewsPaper is excellent when it comes to working with third party widgets and plugins and its seamless navigation is something users appreciate. This theme provides you with several alternatives to organize your content along with famous categories. There is also a featured section and brands section for corporate entities keen on marketing their brands.


Forceful Lite 

The first thing that everyone is always looking out for in a theme is to find one that has rich features. Forceful Lite is a simple theme with many features clustered in a single page yet it has a beautiful feel. If you’re interested in having a theme with an elaborate header, this theme has so many details yet they all fit nicely and look appealing. Some of the details shown in the header section include the menu, social icons, weather, breaking news bar, search option as well as latest news section yet all this information is displayed in a neat and organized manner.

For people wishing to have a stylish theme for their projects, Forceful Lite is the perfect tool for building news, magazine sites and blogs. The key advantage of this theme is the ability to quickly set up and configure it to suit your style and accommodate your content. Thanks to a wide variety of features, your interaction and use of the theme is simplified allowing you complete freedom to have a say in how you’d want your site to appear within the shortest time possible. Some of the key features accompanying this theme include provision for social links, featured posts slider, translation ready, multiple layout options among other great features.

A lot of users have successfully used this theme to build incredibly beautiful sites that deliver content in a smart way and keep users engaged. Nowadays, theme users prefer choosing themes which can be set up quickly but at the same time, deliver excellently when it comes to reliability and functionality. Forceful Lite is a good choice especially if you’re keen on how to best present a lot of information within small interfaces.
There are several nice magazine themes that you can select to bring your project to life. However, the ones discussed above have been picked from the popular list of themes with great user reviews and verifiable performance. Before choosing a theme, it is good to research and choose one that will work for you best.




GoodLife is a great theme if you want to offer your readers a unique, interactive experience. It offers awesome features such as:

  • There are lots of demos to start.
  • It offers five different article layouts, four gallery and video pages, and three header styles.
  • You can also customize the location of your ads so that you can optimize your earnings.
  • It is fully equipped with a language switcher.
  • It also offers unlimited sidebars, video playlists, and mega menus.


The Voux

The Voux is a WordPress theme that is both beautiful and engaging. No matter what content you have, your website will end up with a very elegant feel and look. Here are some of its major features:

  • The Voux is responsive and ready to look equally impressive on all devices your reader uses.
  • Pages are completely customizable.
  • You are able to easily share content on all the major social networking sites.
  • It offers a fully equipped header with a mega menu and full screen photo galleries.

The Voux WordPress theme will allow for your users to have a very elegant and eye-appealing experience while providing them with the content they desire.




Like other WordPress themes, Noticia offers designers and readers a simple and easy-to-navigate forum. Some of its best features include:

  • Theme layout will easily adjust to whatever device your reader is using.
  • You can generate more money by placing your ads where you like them.
  • There are lots of widgets, and you can place them wherever you like on your homepage.
  • It offers bbPress plugins for your website forum.
  • There is plenty of RTL support.
  • There are three custom post types that are offered.
  • It also offers tons of font and color options to best suit your website needs.

Noticia is a great option for website designers as it offers all of the basic options for you to showcase your information.




Forbes.com named the Braxton theme one of the top ten best-paid WordPress themes for 2013. Some of its key features are:

  • It offers fly-out navigation for mobile users.
  • It allows for slide shows in both your posts and pages.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress.
  • It also offers the optional feature of infinite scroll, which allows the page to continue loading.
  • You can also embed a video instead of the standard image.
  • The demo is super quick and easy to follow.
  • Braxton gives you the options of unlimited colors and full-feature headlines.

Braxton is another easy-to-use WordPress theme that allows you to feature all of your content in a relevant way.



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