Divi WordPress Theme

In continuation to our introduction for top WordPress themes!

Today, we look at the best WordPress minimal themes of 2016, for the convenience of all those individuals who likes to work on WordPress regularly. These themes give the feeling of simplicity, with offering some enticing looks, in addition, excellent technical support! Despite offering less color and modules! These themes still convey the significance of your message remarkably well to the targeted audience. Though, the market is full of WordPress themes, but there are few that can make wonders for you. In the lines below we discuss the most functional minimalist templates that most designers would like to work on for the Web Pages. Keep in mind, these minimal themes are diverse in nature and used for different sorts of jobs; you’re the best judge to decide on, what theme proved finest for you, while working on a website.

We look at the top 5 minimal themes for WordPress 2016




It’s a blogger related theme basically, also it can be used to tell the stories to the targeted audience with a rather undemanding yet enticing intend. It sucks the core of images to offer a best ever look to the world, along with permitting you to insert thumbnails to your displayed posts with most excellent resolution, on a homepage. It also offers three diverse layouts, which help give your website a great look. Also, its Admin panel grasps lots of tweaking tools to produce a customized website.



The Breaking News


It’s a dream come true theme for news-oriented works. If you’re looking to employ a theme for a news related site, this is the best theme for doing the tricks; employing the Breaking News related features is a great way to produce breaking news in different styles. It also offers you personalized post setting, along with offering extra fast speed that helps you to place additional news stuff devoid of having slow loading issues.





It’s the 3rd theme from our Top 5 minimal themes for WordPress 2015, meant for those who love to read only. Whatever you likes to create a blog, a themed web page, or a news web page! It works for you at all the places with distinction. A dream theme indeed for above-mentioned categories!

It offers an excellent coding support with full SEO optimization scope as well. It offers divers adjustable SEO tools that help you’re content to present an extraordinary look, in addition to customized shortcuts as well. It helps you to swiftly import content along with widgets into the post and on the web page even. This is a remarkable minimal theme for content related Web Pages.





Skilt is the 4th theme in this collection; it’s a great contemporary blogging theme that offers alluring designs. It’s live customizer enables you to do desired alterations on the web page effortlessly while viewing them live if you will save them! It helps gives you a look of the web page. The CSS3 integrated features permit you to apply effects to the uploaded images as well. The inbuilt “Like” arrangement will let you know swiftly what posts of yours accumulate more likes compare to others even. All in all, it’s a worthy minimal theme to work on.





Here is last but not the least minimal theme from our top 5 minimal themes for WordPress 2016, it’s a magazine related excellent theme. It offers HTML5 and CSS3 oriented great features to the designers to tweak the web page by applying these latest techniques. It offers some brilliant hover effects along with offering other animation facilities as well.

It offers a built-in rating arrangement that helps update you for your WebPages latest standing. Also, you can produce review website in addition to a mobile-optimized layout that surely gives your audience an excellent in-hand experience as well.