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Seems the latest version is a wee bit broken in the cache area. It’s an older problem that was previously fixed, but soemhow slipped through again. It happens. Check the trac ticket here on the issue and the fix here.


  1. Some of our installs appear to be having problems with the object cache even with backing up the file to a previous addition and doing that single fix. Haven’t really looked at it yet though.

  2. Hi,
    This will be a totally OT question.. 😉 I’m on a quest (lol), looking for a good free WP-based blog host. Can you recommend me anything? The biggest ones I found till now are blogvis, bloggles, blogsavy, blogsome, the last of which doesn’t unfortunately give the option to export the database…
    Also, is it possible with WPMU to give users the option to get their own domain parked (by allowing them to use the blog hosts’ NS)?