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This Friday will be the first post in a 6 week series on how to set up and run your WPMU-based site. We’ll walk you through setup, picking themes and plugins, and a few extras like SEO, tweaking the server and security.

The rough plan is as follows:
1 – thinking about your end users, picking a host and installation
2 – choosing your front page theme, set up main page features and sitewide plugins
3 – User’s blogs: choosing themes and plugins (widgets) for them
4 – SEO and stats
5 – Securing the site and the server
6 – Promotion and maintenance

Since news of the merge, there will likely be more and more people wanting to learn how to make the best use of multi-blogs features, so we thought we’d better get cracking on a series of helpful tutorial posts. I picked Fridays, as I realized most people will probably be doing this in their spare time on the weekends.

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  1. Great stuff Andrea, your new tutorial series is sure to become a valuable resource as we head towards merger between WP and WPMU.

    I’m almost ready to cut over my site to a new WPMU 2.7.1 site, but I know there’s plenty more I can learn from you and Ron, so I look forward to the tutorials.

    Thanks very much guys!

    warm regards,

    Bradley / @Entregreeneur
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  2. Hi Andrea,

    I’m looking forward to your Friday lessons!! I’ve been working with WP for a long time, but WPMU presents a whole new dimension for me. Thank you so much for holding these!

  3. Andrea… I think my sites on life support right now, or needs defibulation, or maybe some “anti brain freeze medication… ( I dunno) It could be a case study…. !! ;^)

  4. Just launched my 1st wpmu site. I am a newbie. Searching around for useful info. Found your site to be very informative. Looking forward for your new series. Tks very much for the effort.