In the recent times, a lot has changed especially when it comes to web design methodologies. WordPress has quickly become not only the most popular platform for building sites but highly reliable and effective as well. As a result, a good number of bloggers have opted to using WordPress to bring their projects to life. It’s not hard to imagine why many web designers are using WordPress themes.

However, choosing an appropriate theme to deploy for your personal blog is not an easy decision to make. With several hundreds of exciting themes to choose from, it is important to learn how to select a theme that will make your site stand out as well as boost interaction with your readers. Giving your users the right impression of who you are is not only how you express yourself but also depends on the type of theme you decide to use to advance your agenda.

Whether you already have an operational blog or are thinking of having one, the themes listed below can be of great help. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to spend money on a theme for your personal blog because there are numerous free WordPress themes such as the ones discussed in this article. Furthermore, having a responsive theme is useful because you’re sure your site will display well on different types of screens.


The Voux

If you love templates which are highly visual, The Voux is an excellent option. As a highly responsive and retina-ready theme, you can expect a perfect display of content and images as well as full compatibility with both large and mobile screens. Customization is extensive with every page being fully customizable thanks to the Visual Composer. Furthermore, this theme supports mega menus which greatly enhance site navigation. Users find it easy to read your blog since articles automatically load as you scroll down the page. Infinite scrolling makes it possible for page urls to shift as articles are viewed. If your blog incorporates numerous images, The Voux allows full-screen galleries.


It is important for every blog to fully integrate with various social media platforms to boost engagement and traffic. This theme supports numerous social media plugins for sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest among others. Voux allows you to comfortably modify numerous features to make your blog more interesting and interactive.




Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is famous for its excellently designed user interface. This exceptionally responsive theme appeals mostly to bloggers who wish to have blogs with a feminine look. Those who’ve used this theme agree it has an outstanding layout that simplifies your blogging activities. This theme is captivating and finds the best way to ensure blogging is a rewarding experience. With over 31 color schemes, you’re guaranteed to be in full control of how your site will look like. Because of this, a lot of users can expect to quality content presented in a manner that is readable and appealing to views.


Mary Poppins has an elaborate Theme Options Panel that allows you to conveniently and comfortably customize your header and footer options i.e. upload your logo/favicon, customize taglines as well as footer widgets.  Slider options are available where you can specify the number of items you’d want to include in the slider. With over 600 Google Fonts to choose from, you can set your topography options and decide how you would want your content to look like.

Furthermore, this theme is translation ready meaning your users can access your content in different languages which is key for connecting with a wider global audience. Using the Theme Options Panel, you can track the performance of your site using Google Analytics by inserting your Google Analytics code to keep an eye on your site’s traffic and demographics.




It’s amazing to see how innovativeness has been incorporated into modern WordPress personal blog themes. Tulip is a highly creative, dynamic, attractive, minimalistic and highly customizable theme. The fact that this theme is flat and simple makes it very likable and numerous users have used it to design their blogs.

The precision with which Tulip has been designed is impressive because it focuses on maximizing attention to your content which should be the aim of every blog. You don’t need to worry about using this theme because regardless of your level of web design knowledge, it’s a simple theme to customize and implement. Beautiful and elegant blogs have immense power over audiences. In addition, you can get your blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

With tasteful blog layouts and post formats, your content is enhanced with beautiful and vast eye-catching styled content. Numerous options available to make your blog look better and therefore, the chances of having an incredibly beautiful blog are higher. Key features of Tulip include clean topography, Sticky Posts Slider, color selection among other visually attractive features meant to make your blog look livelier and attractive for visitors.

Images are critical for any blog and Tulip shares this vision by having numerous features that allow galleries, high resolution images, videos as well as articles that integrate seamlessly with multimedia content. You can never go wrong with this theme, it’s a must try.




Having a minimalistic, modern, clean and simple blog is a dream come true if you use Corner theme. Using this theme, you can maximize your content visibility using a sleek platform that will display your content in a well organized and captivating layout.

As a premium WordPress theme, you can be assured of numerous cool features included in the theme to make your personal blogging experience unforgettable. Using Corner, you can not only showcase your content but you’ll be able to connect your blog to major social media platforms. The powerful Control Panel simplifies customization and allows widget integration.




Vernum is a powerful theme that has transformed how blogs appear contributing highly to user engagement and making sure there is an instant connection with audiences. Those who’ve used this theme love its appearance, flexibility, neatness and responsiveness. Using this theme, you can effectively showcase your work as well let users enjoy parallax viewing of your pages. As a one page theme, it is a perfect choice for bloggers who value creativity displayed within an organized layout.

The beautiful thing about Vernum is its incredible beauty that still makes your blog look natural. The beautiful portfolio section is cute because not only does it show your work but you can customize it within a few minutes. No doubt, this is a powerful theme for bloggers looking to make an impact on the online space.




The journey to having a successful blog begins with choosing the right theme. MyBlog is a popular and top rated theme well respected for its numerous cool features that enable you to easily and conveniently build either a personal or corporate blog. When it comes to organization and a balanced layout, MyBlog has left nothing to chance. The blog comes with two major layouts for your home page, post areas, post formats, widgets, numerous sidebar, footer widgets and many more offerings.

If you get your implementation strategies right, MyBlog can be of great help thanks to features such as Related Posts which play a huge role in boosting website traffic. You can use this section to entice your readers to see your other interesting posts. We all know that SEO optimization is important for any blogger keen on gaining high levels of success. Fortunately, MyBlog is SEO optimized and therefore, you’re guaranteed of ranking well in major search engine rankings.

It is every hope of every blogger to have a theme that can allow them to customize various features. MyBlog has a flexible Theme Options Panel that enables you to tweak almost every feature until you get your desired results. This theme is well coded with clean and optimized code which makes it easier for you to customize numerous features.

The power of social media cannot be underestimated in these modern blogging times, MyBlog has attractive social icons that fully integrate with social media platforms to boost traffic. For large blogs that require many writers to upload content, there’s an author box to indicate the details of the person who wrote the article. The details include name, photo, short bio and any other relevant information. If you’re looking for a clean and minimal exciting theme, try using MyBlog.




Editor is one of the best WP themes for creating blogs because aside from being a free theme, this theme is incredibly beautiful and displays information in the most attractive way. If you haven’t seen the design of this theme you need to do so because it gives your site an elegant and smooth feel. Also, Editor is highly responsive and therefore, you can expect perfect display on desktop, mobile and tablet screens. Getting your posts to look stunning is the first step of attracting a large audience to your site; using Editor’s crisp topography, this is possible. Site navigation is improved thanks to a sticky sidebar that also displays widgets as well as featured posts.


A lot of users have fallen in love with Editor because it consists of numerous cool features whose aim is to simplify your work. Customizer is a powerful feature associated with Editor which gives you the freedom to perform several tasks as well as customize the theme until it meets your expectations. Customizer facilitates you to upload your logo, change the title as well as set sidebar colors; you can do all this as you preview your changes live. One of the selling points of Editor is the clean and simple design that allows you to arrange your content in a visually appealing and organized manner. Other key features of this theme include; HTML5 code, ease of translation, infinite scroll compatible among others. Don’t forget- it is absolutely free!




It’s the dream of every site owner to use a theme which is simple to work with and allows you the complete freedom to customize key features. Prana is a cool, simple and straightforward theme with a simple design. It is customary for a blog to contain a lot of content and therefore there’s need for enough space to clearly display your content. Prana gives you all this liberty coupled with an impressive topography thanks to eye catching Google Fonts that give your site a unique appearance. You don’t need to splash multimedia content everywhere for your site to be visually appealing, the theme itself is already stunning.


The coolest thing about Prana is that you are free to edit and set styles for both the custom menu and flexible header. If you wish to include featured images to creatively display your content, you can do so without any hindrance. A variety of designs and styles are achieved thanks to a custom background that enables you to tweak background images and colors. The presence of the Theme Options Panel means you are permitted to alter basic theme settings to your liking. Prana supports multiple post formats which is advantageous especially for a user who’d want to experiment and create content variety.

User engagement is key for the success of any site. This theme supports threaded commenting enabling users to communicate within the site. Site navigation is superb because Prana is built with a multi-level dropdown menu to ensure users can quickly move in between pages. Furthermore, this theme is SEO optimized to ensure your site achieves good rankings for purposes of increased visibility. Prana is also cross-browser compatible; it can be accessed on any browser.




Your personal blogging can go a notch higher if you choose Radiate, a powerful theme designed exclusively to meet the needs of bloggers. Released in February 2014 by ThemeGrill, the theme is an instant hit with well over 200,000 downloads. This evidence demonstrates the theme’s capability to design modern and responsive platforms that conform to modern web design standards. This light, clean and retina ready theme supports a parallax header image which allows you to use an image to explain your blog.


When it comes to speed, Radiate loads super fast and therefore, you can be assured your visitors will keep coming back. This theme has a well designed topography to ensure your content is clearly displayed for readers to see. In the front page right below the header is a section for featured pages you can customize to include contact information, brief introduction of who you are or a customized welcome message.

Radiate is a feature rich theme with a color option that allows you to choose which colors you want to use in your blog. Alongside other incredible features, you’re guaranteed to have an attractive theme that will reflect both your personality and professionalism.




Successful blogs have incorporated intricate design concepts that make them stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a theme that sets you apart from your competitors, Enigma is an excellent choice. To begin with, this theme is highly response, well coded and multipurpose. This means aside from your blog, you can use it for portfolio and business sites among others. It’s worth mentioning that this theme is based on BOOTSTRAP CSS framework that enables your site to display perfectly on different types of screens.


Enigma will always display your site well regardless of the browser used because it’s a cross-browser compatible theme and retina ready. With five widgets in total; four footers and one sidebar, this is a well-balanced theme which makes automatic adjustments depending on how widgets have been used. You can add a custom Flickr widget to display Filkr photos. Other key features associated with this theme include; translation ready, amazing Caroufredsel slider, custom menus and social media links which can be conveniently placed either in the header or footer section of your site. A powerful but easy to use Theme Options panel exists to allow you to customize various functions to meet your needs.




Bloggers looking for a simple, responsive and powerful theme can rely on Hemingway to create unique and attractive designs. The impressive topography is a key attraction for this theme and with it, you’re sure your readers will enjoy their time on your blog.

If you wish your blog to have large beautiful images, distinct topography and a rich array of colors, Hemingway will not disappoint. It’s important to mention that this theme supports four post formats which are; quotes, sides for brief updates, featured video above a post and the standard format with featured image at the beginning of the post. When you incorporate these formats, your posts will definitely appear unique, top notch, well-presented and thus attract tons of traffic.

Color customization is very profound in this theme; immediately you change the custom accent color, your primary color and blog links change to the color you’ve specified. Hemingway is retina ready and therefore, regardless of the type of display your readers are using to access your blog, the blog and its contents are still crisp and clear.




Studio has been successfully used to design powerful blogs which keep users closely engaged with content. Studio is no doubt a powerful and responsive theme known for its sleekness and enchanting design. Catch Themes known for their reputation of building well-coded and secure themes are the designers of this amazing theme.

When it comes to design, everything is in its right place and functionality is on point. Studio is famous for its numerous features that will enable you to be in charge of customizing the theme until it has a nice feel. Key features highlighted in this theme include; custom CSS, logo and colors, numerous layouts, background among others. When used together, your blog will come alive and you’ll love the results. Studio is translation ready; you can easily translate your theme content into different languages. Furthermore, you can include social icons on your site to integrate with social media platforms.



The above are some of the coolest themes you can consider for your blog. There are numerous nice free themes that can transform your blogging dream into reality. It is always wise to do thorough research especially by previewing theme demos to see if they match the requirements you are looking for.