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Among several possible ways, inserting a set of related posts at the bottom of every post, can literally take care of the high Bounce Rate on your website. The reason behind the high Bounce Rate is that, the visitors are leaving your website from the exact first page, they entered. In other words, your website is failing to interact with them, and showcasing other valuable posts, they might be interested in.

So, you need to fix this situation right away, yeah? To do that, adding a set of popular posts at the sidebar of every post, can definitely help. Thanks for the case, that you’re using WordPress to drive your blog, which makes the setup situation, further easy.

Showcasing popular posts can definitely help, because these are the posts, visitors are already loving. So, once they get more exposure, they will get more visitors, social share, and you’ll get rid of that high Bounce Rate.

You just need to find a perfectly working plugin, built for this functionality, set it up, and forget about the situation anymore. I promise you’ll definitely notice an improvement.

In most of the cases, if you’re buying a premium or using even a free theme, Popular Post widget is already available. You just have to drag and drop it in the sidebar and it will be activated, right away.

Before we can begin, we are searching a plugin that can add a Widget, which can be further sticked in the Sidebar or at the Footer section, and will display the most popular posts of our whole blog or website.

What is the Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress?

I’m not here, just to point out the cause and symptoms, but will also share the way to get relief. So, the following are the set of best popular post plugins available for WordPress platform. You can choose any of your choices, and get started right away.

Jetpack Popular Post Widget

What If I told you just now, that you can get the popular post functionality along with a bunch of other important ones too? If you’re interested in saving the total number of active plugins on your website, then you should begin using Jetpack, right away. Till previous WordPress versions, the plugin came pre-installed (it does come even today, but not with every install). You just have to activate it with a WordPress.com account, and then activate or deactivate any module, available inside.

To add a list of popular posts, you need to activate the plugin, get it attached to that account, and then move into Widgets section under Appearance. Now, you’ll find a new widget available, that can be added instantly and with few tweaks, it will be ready to use.

The reason why Jetpack is highly praised is because it doesn’t offer single functionality, rather it’s a package of a lot of them. Each of them is developed by official WordPress developer, so there is nothing to worry about its credibility. You should definitely check out its complete modules, as it can reduce a total number of the active plugin, which can improve the site speed, and will also make it further secure.

Download Jetpack Plugin


WordPress Popular Posts

This is the second best plugin in this sub-niche, and probably the number one. It got over millions of active installs, which proves its worth. It comes with features like multi-widget capability, time range, custom post type support, thumbnail view, and option to upload your own custom layout. Even with all these features, the plugin comes without any price tag.

It does bring WPML support and WordPress multisite compatibility to the table too. You’re offered proper statistics of how users are interacting with this particular inclusion, and all these features make it the best. Yes, it is simple to setup, easy to understand, and requires one-time setup only.

Download WordPress Popular Posts Plugin


Top Stories (Premium)

This is the first premium plugin in our compilation, which is priced $15, and available at a premium and well-known plugin store. Since, you’re paying for its usage, you get features like unlimited background, unlimited title colors, Engadget styled sidebar style, featured image background, and 3 in 1 widget to showcase.

All these features, definitely makes a difference, at least visually, which is the most important thing in this modern web world. You’re allowed to insert the popular list based on most commented posts, most viewed posts, or a simple list of existing web pages.

Download Top Stories Plugin


Top 10

This is again a free choice, which comes with features like Page Counter, popular posts, widget ready, thumbnail support and brings a new feature to the table, i.e., Shortcode support. So, you can insert this particular section, anywhere on the theme, wherever you put its Shortcode. It also offers a bunch of visual customization.

Download Top 10 Plugin


Popular Widget

If you’ve seen widgets, which showcase popular, recent, most commented, posts in a tabbed view, then this is the plugin you should look at. The same kind of widget can be inserted into the website, and that too pretty easily. It is easy to implement with very fewer features to tweak. Although, you can set the day timer, which can be set to count popular posts.

Download Popular Widget Plugin


Coliris (Premium)

Another premium plugin to the table, which offers features like responsive design, advanced filtering options, and 4 in 1 widget style. You’re allowed to insert Recent Posts, Popular posts, most commented posts, and even pages. It’s priced $15.

Download Coliris Plugin


Stylish Popular Posts

Last, but not the least from any corner. Stylish Popular Posts plugin comes without any price tag and looks good too. You should check out its detail on it’s listing page, as I wish to keep this little gig in your court. See if it looks any good to you.

Download Stylish Popular Posts Plugin

Over to you

Finally, it’s your call to decide one, and go with it. Let me know your selection and the reason behind that call. If you need help on any related subject, then feel free to explain your side in the discussion section, and I’ll try my best to clear the air. Don’t forget to share this compilation, as keeping information intact within ourselves, is not the thing we bloggers are known for, right? Peace.


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