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Heretofore Andrea & I have avoided posting personal posts on this site. I’m making an exception in this case to ask for some short term assistance.

I am going to be having surgery tomorrow. Full recovery time is going to be somewhere between 2 and 3 months. The surgeon asked me to take 2 weeks off work. During that 2 week period I will not be providing support on the support forums.

If you feel you could, consider offering a helping hand to someone who is using (or trying to use) one of the plugins I have hosted on

I use my plugin committer page to check for recent threads.



  1. Good luck for tomorrow, Ron, and be sure to have a REAL rest – you’ll be missed but the better you recuperate the sooner you’ll be back!

    Sorry my technical skills are not up to giving decent advice, but I’m sure there will be some better qualified who’ll step up…

    Best wishes, and tell Andrea to hang in there and make you chicken soup,