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There are thousands of WordPress themes out there, but not all themes are created equally.

And that\’s why choosing an SEO friendly WordPress theme is so important.

Today I\’m going to present to you a few themes that I have examine and consider to be:

  • Fast loading
  • Well structured with correct Heading tags
  • Incorporate search boasting features i.e. built-in breadcrumb trail, integration and more.

Even though you have a site with quality content, it may not rank well enough to be seen by your intended audience

especially if you haven’t used an SEO Optimized WordPress theme to boost your site’s visibility.

The themes mentioned below only works with which means you will require your own domain WordPress hosting. For this, I recommend SiteGround to host your site for as little as $3.95 you get FREE SSL, Free domain & support.

WordPress is known to be very SEO friendly; however, backing up with an optimized theme is an excellent idea. Fortunately, there are also SEO plugins for WordPress that play a significant role in boosting search engine rankings.

With plenty of attractive quality designs, users and the entire WordPress community are spoilt for choices. If you’re not sure which theme is most ideal for your site, take the time to research and look for information. Furthermore, this article discusses some of the top search friendly WP themes.

If you are in a rush or short on time check this out:

The 5 SEO Friendly WordPress themes I recommend to Drive traffic

ThemeType:FeaturesEase of useSpeedMobile-friendly?
SCHEMAMagazine4.1 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
DiviMultipurpose5 Star Rating4.6 Star Rating4.4 Star Rating
SocialViralMagazine4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
ExtraMagazine4.5 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
TruePixelMagazine4.4 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating

To view the full list keep reading…

What are some of the issues you need to consider when choosing an SEO friendly theme?

One of the key factors that make a theme be called SEO friendly is the simplicity of the theme.

Other considerations include the time it takes for pages to load, responsiveness, modern and friendly code, breadcrumbs as well as the layout and structure.

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When SEO friendly themes are mentioned, the term Genesis Child themes come into the picture. This just refers to themes that have been developed in line with the Genesis framework known to be highly SEO optimized and are popular with businesses, web designers, and bloggers since they conform to standard design standards that promote W3 compliance. Of course, there are numerous other themes out there design on other theme frameworks but perform excellently with impressive SEO capabilities.

So without further ado Let see the full list of my findings:



Divi is ElegantTheme flagship theme and for good reasons too. With each update, it just seems to be getting considerable better. When it was the first release I wasn’t a fan as nothing stood out about it but now it’s a game changer!

Elegant themes as always made search friendly templates and Divi is no exception their control panel as always given you options to help aid your search engine ranking efforts, and it’s the same here. Not only that but you get a beautiful template that you can customize to your heart content with the easy to use drag and drop theme builder.


  • The pre-made template that you can easily import and have your website looking exactly like the demo.
  • With the Divi builder, you get a generous amount of modules to help you create a unique and interactive web page.
  • Use the live preview to customize everything in real-time such as the color scheme, typography and so on.
  • Create your website in your native language because you guess it, Divi is translation ready.




Since the release of Schema, it\’s long been the golden standard for those wanting a minimal template without the junk coding. It as all the features we have come to love with Mythemeshop templates, so yu are in good hands. This theme as also been featured in our fastest WP theme collection which well aid your search ranking efforts.

Schema is super easy to use and setup it is sometimes compared to the default Genesis framework theme which isn\’t a bad thing at all.


  • You get a related post feature which does a good job, and it saves using an extra plugin which will slow your website down.
  • Shortcode functionality included as standard to help you create more visually appealing articles.
  • Create you blog in languages other than English; Schema is translation ready.
  • Rich snippets integration is a breeze with this theme and it helps your post stand out in the search results.




Extra can be likened to the Swiss army knife for WordPress magazine. Created by Elegant Themes and is powered by the Divi builder so you can take control of your design without knowing one line of coding. There is a community of Divi theme lovers who share their creative design and sometimes for a fee to empower you to create something unique.
For day one the Templates created by Elegant Themes were always geared towards a search friendly themes. The case is the same here for Extra. Extra allows you to create articles in a totally new way to tell storyboard.

Theme highlights:

  • eCommerece ready so you can add a store to your blog influence and authority grows.
  • Specialized Extra modules geared towards a magazine website such as a post carousel, tabbed post and more.
  • Endless customization options to hep you build almost anything.



Socially Viral

For the design and content you get, the price is pocket-friendly because you’re guaranteed to enjoy numerous advantages. When you check reviews, you’ll realize that this theme has been positively reviewed on several occasions. Thankfully, the theme comes with a demo version that enables customers to have a feel of Socially Viral before making the decision to purchase the theme.

If you’re looking for a highly interactive theme with fast page loading speeds, Socially Viral is your best bet. With all these good qualities, you’re guaranteed that your page hits will be high translating into increased web traffic. The core aim of this theme is to make your site “viral” by creating tons of traffic i.e. allowing site users to share your links and content on various social media sites leading to a steady increase in popularity and improved search engine rankings.

The exciting thing about Socially Viral is that this theme works perfectly with Mega Menu allowing users to build creatively their own drop down menus that will not only boost beauty but increase user page interaction. Also, there’s a featured post section where you can place content to draw attention and encourage sharing on social media platforms encouraging viral traffic.  Socially Viral also comes with a review plugin that facilitates direct and honest feedback from your customers. Remember that positive reviews always encourage other customers to try out your products because these reviews come from third party persons not affiliated with the company in any way. On the other hand, negative reviews should be a wake-up call to rectify mistakes.

Overall, Socially Viral is a powerful theme that can transform your site into a strong online brand with fruitful results.



Zerif Pro

Zerif Pro is said to be the best one page WordPress theme on the market ant the numbers are certainly pointing that way. With this template, you can create a unique WordPress website in a matter of minutes. With the drag and drop builder, you can easily rearrange the different sections within your site. If you blog in a language other than English, you will be happy to know that Zerif Pro is translation ready. But most of all this theme is search ready meaning you can get maximum exposure within the search engines. Get your website in the fastest time possible thanks to the one-click demo installer and setup.

Theme highlights

  • Optimized to be blazing fast so that your users don’t hit that back button due to waiting around.
  • Mega menu supports to make it easy for your visitors to navigate your website.
  • Six fantastic child theme include as standard




Performag Is an exceptional WordPress magazine template which is aimed at increasing your revenue and perfect for media companies. It’s available in two unique style switches the light and dark star with six different to preset colors to help you personalize your website. It’s built for Speed with other speed boosting features to help give users the best possible experience as it’s proven that the longer a page load, the higher your bounce rate will be. The designed is responsive as you would expect with any modern WordPress templates. Customize your website via the WordPress theme customizer and see the changes live for faster and more accurate editing experience. There is an extensive admin theme option which has a section for performance, social media, 404 pages, blog layout, analytics and much more.

Theme highlights

  • There’s a built-in feature which allows you to display your opt-in on specific post pages, categories, and tags.
  • Of course, this template is also search engine optimized following the best coding practice to help you get higher ranking.
  • You get a fantastic support if you ever need it and an in-depth documentation and training to help you take your business to the next level.



ShopIsle Pro

Thinking of creating an e-commerce store? That is fast and SEO ready?
Then you might want to consider looking at ShopIsle Pro. Created by the guy over a Themeisle creators of the popular Zerif theme. You get all the bells and whistle you will need to run a successful e-commerce store. There’s a video background module to capture your visitor’s attention which in turn helps with your time on site. Product slider to help promote and upsell your best sellers. There is also a Google map integration to display your location and built that all import trust in your prospects.

Theme highlights

  • Translation ready to bring in more revenue by serving non-English customers.
  • Unlimited color customization to be in keeping with your brand identity
  • Full-width slider to create a compelling call to action




When the word SEO WP theme is mentioned, Foundly is never far away. I have used this theme for my personal blogs and it does what it says on the tin. Getting started thanks to the live customizer interface is easy. Current you get the Classic theme skin with the basic package which is great for business or personal blogs. With their extend package you also get the Talk Mag template which is great for magazine and news website. Overall it\’s an excellent choice to consider the coding is bloated free which makes it super fast for the best user experience there is also integrations to help get higher rankings.


  • Adsense ready with numerous advertisement placements built in and a stick sidebar Foundly can help to increase earnings.
  • You get to choose from multiple blog layouts, and almost everything is customizable.
  • There is no need to use addition plugins to handle your meta tags because Foundly as that feature integrated.




Yosemite is it elegant magazine theme perfect those running a blog which is heavily reliant upon displaying beautiful images. That means that I can see this template working perfectly for photographers, fashion bloggers, travel blogs and also food blogs. You have the option to leave your layout with a sidebar so you can display additional information such as popular posts, maybe a bit about the author, social profile links and so on. If you choose the full-width layout, your users will get a minimalistic reading experience which I’m sure they’ll appreciate. Using this theme, I wouldn’t be surprised if you notice an increase in time on site thanks to the clutter-free design modeled after Apples OSX Yosemite design. As with a lot of the Themes mentioned here you get the schema integration so you can display ratings within the search results, price, event times and much more. You also get a copy of WP subscribe plug-in which is excellent for helping you grow your subscriber list. Parallax scrolling is also included to wow your readers and keep them engaged for much longer.

Theme highlights

  • You get numerous amount of shortcodes to help you build pages and post more quickly without the need for any third party plugins.
  • Yosemite gives you control over various aspects of your websites such as enabling or disabling the author box without fiddling with any code, enabling a Breadcrumb Trail for a better user experience and search engine ranking.
  • Unlimited color design and background option including patterns textures image and more.




Newspaper, as the name suggests, is a WordPress template with six unique demo pages one Gear towards video content, those running a food blog with big beautiful images, travel website and viral sites wanting to gain maximum social exposure and also an e-commerce shop. If you’re planning to earn online via advertisement or even affiliate programs, then the pre-built ad placement that comes with this template is well optimized to ensure you get the maximum click through rate thus increasing your online earnings. It comes with a ton of features to help you cross promote your content and feature your most popular articles. It’s proven that the longer you make a visitor wait, the more unhappy they become and the less likely they are to stay on-site and the fewer links you earn. Not newspaper though it has a dedicated section for Speed optimization which proves true across the Mythemeshop range. On the homepage, there’s a tabbed layout which intuitively display your trending/most popular content and also your latest articles.

What’s also great about this template and is not seen very often is there’s a popular category section which helps your visitors to find content faster. On mobile devices, the menu automatically converts to off canvas mobile menu which allows the user to slide in the menu for easy access and then close it off. Awesome font icons are included as standard so you can be creative with your menu layout. If you are a technical user or even a beginner and at some point to modified this template, then you’ll be pleased to know that the code is designed so you can quickly and easily find where to edit.

Theme highlights

  • Social media integration comes as standard in which you have the option, of course, to enable or disable.
  • Advanced typography with a huge selection of typefaces to be in keeping with your brand identity.
  • Newspaper is translation ready to allow your readers to read your content in their own language.



X theme

If you’re still looking for options, then X should satisfy the appetite here. It’s a top-notch product, which is even the most sold product at ThemeForest. It offers tons of customization, allowing the possibility to create any possible UI on the homepage or any other page. Thus, allowing the webmaster to create any type of website. Mostly, it is used for business purposes, considering the wide variety of unique layouts possible for achieving here. It is not just a theme; it’s a platform which is packed with all required premium tools.

Theme highlights:

  • It supports email subscription tools, social media tools, and other modern tools.
  • It allows setting up the WooCommerce powered shop, thanks to the built-in support and dedicated tools.
  • It allows putting custom CSS to satisfy a developer’s need to get a completely custom solution.




Best is one of that magazine theme you just love it’s created by the same guys that created Schema. So you get the same benefit of Schema theme but with a design that geared towards magazine owners, bloggers, and hobbyist. Thinking of running ads? You are in luck Best comes with predefined optimized ad places. You can easily customize your website design via the preset options to match your brand identity.

Theme highlights:

  • In-built review system to share your opinion on things you are passionate about.
  • An array of different options and functionalities such as unlimited sidebars, multiple post layouts.
  • Floating navigation to make your website easily accessible.




Truepixel is one of those timeless themes that continues to stay relevant and keep up with modern technology thanks to the regular updates. This theme is perfect for blog owners and those running an online magazine. What’s remarkable about this theme is that it’s optimized for Adsense to give you the maximum click through rate and is also laid out in an engaging manner which increases the chance of your website going viral. This is the theme which started, which as been reported to be doing well over a million dollars per year. And started by one guy just to illustrate hoe effective this template can be. Straight out the box you get two default homepage layout which you can easily choose from, and you also have the ability to import the demo content. What’s unique about the way in which the demo content is imported is that with a simple click of a button you can remove the demo content, so you don’t have to go back and manually delete everything. Your users will get the ultimate experience on desktops, tablets, mobile devices and it’s future proof thanks to the responsive design coupled with continuous updates being received. As we’re talking about search friendly theme Truepixel is schema integrated, so your search results will appear more prominent thus giving you better click through rates. Truepixel is design and laid out in a way which is said to reduce the bounce rate because it displays more content above the fold so users can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Earlier I mentioned that this theme would increase your chances of going viral that are due to the layout as well as a social media integration to encourage users to share your content and bringing in more visitors.

The options panel is similar to most the themes provided by Mythemeshop so everything is where you would expect it.

Theme highlights

  • One click update is integrated to ensure your site is secure and has the latest a feature release.
  • As standard, you get built-in functions such as related articles, so there\’s no need for third party plugins.
  • Parallax scrolling which creates a unique visual pop up to keep your readers engaged. There\’s also for different pagination types including infinite scrolling to help increase your page views.




Rise is another excellent theme to consider it\’s built for blogging affiliate marketing and media companies. It\’s developed in collaboration with affiliate marketing veterans, so you benefit from a lot of optimized call To Action placements. As soon as you land on the demo page, you are greeted by a beautifully and well thought out email opt-in form to help grow your mailing list to connect further with your users and promote your products or services. There is a testimonial shortcode included helping build trust in that your readers. A feature box to quickly highlight what users can expect when visiting your website in a few bullet points. The color scheme is well complemented with the typography of the theme which is easy on the eyes. As you scroll down a post page, a floating social share bar pops up to help boost your social sharing. In the sidebar area, there is another opt-in form which is specifically designed for this theme, so nothing looks out of place. Further down the post page, there\’s also a full-width popular post section to help increase the amount of pages a user visits.

Theme highlights

  • There\’s automatic image optimization to ensure your images looks perfect across all devices.
  • A mega menu is included to display rich information direct from the menu.
  • Over 600 Google Fonts are included to help put the readability of your website as well as a wide array of shortcodes.




SEO WP as the name suggest is actually search friendly and is aimed at online marketers. Out the box, you get quite a few generous bundle from premium vector images and icons. They didn\’t stop there you also get an array of plugins ten to be exact and as a market value of $181. SEO WP is fast loading which is great for user experience, and you will get brownie points from Google also.

Everything is fairly easily to customized, and you get a detailed documentation if you ever get stuck.

Thinking of creating your website in a language other than English then SEO WP can handle that too.

Theme highlights:

  • A wide range of premium plugins included at no extra charge to aim your search efforts.
  • Advanced drag and drop builder stamp your brand identity.
  • You will benefit from regular update throughout the theme life cycle.




Thinking of creating a personal brand, then Authority could be the perfect theme for you. It’s modeled after Matthew Woodward six figure blog if you haven\’t heard of them advise you to go check out his website to get a better idea what we\’re talking about here. The beauty of this theme is that you get all the SEO benefits that go into all of the themes created from Mythemeshop plus you get the optimization and conversion input from Matthew Woodward, which allowed him to create is six figure blog. The speed of this site is really fast and off the top of my head one of the fastest we\’ve ever tested hands down. So if you\’re considering earning online from affiliate sales or ads and you want a template that\’s a search-ready, then Authority will there be my number one recommendation.

You get four unique home layouts to help make this theme your own and further stand out from the crowd.

Theme highlights

  • You get schema integration which is critical to get that extra click through rates from the search engines.
  • You get social media integration to encourage visitors to share your content and to grow your social presence.
  • Reduce bounce rate as this theme was created by with an Internet marketer who knows how to optimize for better conversion
  • Newbie friendly as you can have it your website up and running in a matter of minutes and looking like the theme demo with the click of a button.
  • Over 12 unique widgets specifically designed for this theme to help with user engagement.
  • You get a whole array of customization option to help with the conversion and user experience the list is too big to go into so I\’ll let you check out the theme details page for more information.



Smart Passive Income Pro Theme

If you have the slightest interest in Internet marketing and the growing your business online then it\’s very likely that you would have come across a well-known site which goes by the name of smart passive income. Created by Pat Flynn in 2008, smart passive income is a Blog in which he teaches visitors how to make a living online. This brings us to the next theme in which I\’m presenting to you today which is smart passive income pro based on Pat\’s flagship website which generates at its peak over $100,000 per month. What makes this template great is that you\’re getting a design which is tried and tested and used by Pat Flynn himself. And the developed by the guys that StudioPress who knows a thing or two about WordPress SEO.

While Pat and his team redesigned the SPI website in which you see today I recall him having spent months on conversion and optimization testing which you will be getting for a fraction of the price he paid out.

Theme highlights

  • A website that is conversion Focus and the use of by one of the top Internet marketers online.
  • Rock solid security to ensure your business is well protected from hackers.
  • Advanced customization options to help you personalize this template that to suit your style and needs.



Genesis framework

Over 182,000 webmasters trust the Genesis framework and as been renowned the best SEO template for years. You can get the framework for one price along with the default theme; there is also other designs available know as child theme from StudioPress the creators and other third party developers. It\’s unlikely you will hear a conversation about WordPress SEO without the mention of the Genesis framework, and it is for that reason Matt Cutts the head of Google search spam team run is blog on the Genesis framework. You get all the modern features you would expect from a quality theme in 2016.

Theme highlights:

  • The security on this theme is among the best thanks to following WordPress best practice and rigorous testing to unveil any vulnerabilities.
  • Built on HTML5 for better cross browser compatibility and to future-proof your website.
  • The final point is that so many marketing gurus can\’t be wrong for recommending the Genesis framework. Thought leaders such as Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, and many others use this framework.




Monstroid often referred to as the New Kid On The Block being released in 2015 it\’s quickly made a massive impact on the state of WordPress themes. Unlike other multi-purpose themes which were used to Monstroid uses child themes instead which you can install individually, so there\’s less smoke on your site leaving the overall better performance. You get over 45 different demos pre-installed unique to various niches such as fashion health business and much more. Some would say that Monstroid is the last WordPress theme you will ever need to buy and once you check out the demo and read the description page I\’m sure you\’ll agree. The customization option which allows you to stamp your own brand identity upon your new WordPress theme. There\’s also cutting edge features such as parallax scrolling to impress your visitor\’s, video background slider option, font icons and much more. If you\’re new to WordPress, you will be amazed at the installation wizard which is super easy to follow a makes installing Monstroid a breeze.

Theme highlights

  • With Monstroid, you get a numerous amount of premium plug-ins free of charge such as Google Map integration, social media integration to boost your social profile.
  • Mobile-friendly site to pull in those extra visits from users searching mobile and tablet devices
  • WPML compatible which makes running a multilingual WordPress site a breeze.
  • Of course, this wouldn\’t be a fantastic word processing without being compatible with popular third-party extensions such as BuddyPress to create a social community and bbPress to run the forum as well as Yoast SEO and many others.



Point Pro

Point Pro is another excellent theme to consider; it\’s long been a marketers favorite for years and continues to be popular to this day. If you are planning on making a living from Adsense or via affiliate partnership, then you should defiantly consider Point Pro with numerous optimized ad placements. Customize the look and feel of your website with the drag and drop homepage modules to create something unique. As standard, you get a responsive design to give readers a seamless experience across various devices. Point Pro is search engine friendly to help bring in more visitors from the search engines helping you further grow your brand. Builth using modern technologies HTML5 and CSS3 to help future-proof your website. There is a slider section to promote noteworthy articles to keep readers engaged and on site for longer.

Theme highlights

  • Various custom built section to display your team members, portfolio, latest blog post and more.
  • Create an e-commerce store in minutes with the help of Woocommerce.
  • Off canvas mobile friendly menu to give an exceptional user experience.




Onepage is a single page WordPress business theme that comes with two different layouts one for the corporate world and the other for general blogging. On the homepage, you can be as creative as you like thanks to the drag and drop feature allowing you to rearrange within a matter of minutes. As it\’s created by Mythemeshop, you get all the SEO benefits you would expect from any of their themes. There is the option for Speed optimization enabling you to use internal functions such as the built-in lazy load, Ajax loading and much more without the need of any third party plugins. Disable and enable any section such as the author box, social sharing option and much more. With Onepage you get to take full control over the look and feel of your website without the need for any coding knowledge or background. The theme administration panel is super easy to use and laid out in a manner which makes it even more user-friendly. There is an in-depth documentation and 24-hour support if ever you get stuck along the way. Customize almost everything to be in keeping with your brand identity such as unlimited color schemes for further personalisation. Various amount of widgets and shortcodes included so you can add more visually appealing content such as a counter to show off your business statistics, Twitter feed, pricing table, testimonials, a client section and a lot more.

Theme highlights

  • Parallax scrolling effect to wow your users and set the right first impression.
  • Also included is a floating menu option to ensure users get easy access to the relevant information.
  • Font icons integration eliminating the need to use images which can slow down your website.



Riverside Resort

Riverside Resort is a WordPress theme and at hotels, motels, B&B and anyone in the hospitality business. This theme might not be suited for everyone, but if you\’re within this space, Riverside might just be the best template for your business. It as specially designed pages such as meeting rooms, spa, events and more to help you get online faster. You can also cater to non-English speaking users, as Riverside is translation ready. Built on the latest HTML5 and CSS3, you get a website that is cross-browser compatible and works seamlessly on all devices. This template is super fast and is in the queue of being added to our fastest WP theme collection where we will display all the results.
Theme highlights

  • Setting up as been made easy, with the click of a button you can import the demo content.
  • Unlimited color variations for further customization control.

Well commented coding to speed up the editing process when it comes to coding.




Sharifa is one of those themes that\’s super resilient and has stood the test of time release the way back in 2012 the author has made regular updates and each time making it better. Used by many webmasters and top bloggers around the web Sharifa is one of the best-selling blog and news theme currently on ThemeForest. It features a powerful admin area with well over 400 plus layout option so you get to more than enough customization capabilities that you could want or need. If you\’re planning and running a social network or community with the help of BuddyPress, you\’ll be pleased to know that Sharifa is compatible with BuddyPress. Not only that but you can also have a forum with the help of bbPress to allow your readers to have further discussion on this very theme. I would recommend this theme to both newbies and advanced users there\’s something in it for everyone the drag and drop system allows you to build unique home pages quickly within a matter of minutes.

They didn\’t stop there Sharifa is also compatible with the popular Woocommerce plugin so you can sell stuff online alongside blogging and cross promote the two. Sharifa also comes with a social counter widget which a lot of people including myself as paid for as a separate plug-in. The author as also thrown in a Bundle of Premium plugins worth $74. The feature count on this template is ridiculous, and it would take separate posts to go through all the ins and outs of this template, so I strongly urge you to go check out the details page for more information.

Theme highlights

  • There is a flying module which displays articles that your readers might also like therefore increasing the number of pages user visits and time on site.
  • There is a live search feature which allows your readers to find what they\’re looking for much faster similar to the Google instant search.
  • Also included is a sticky sidebar in which you can put whatever you choose to grab your readers attention further.




When choosing an SEO compliant theme, it is always good to carefully examine the features and see how they fit into promoting your site’s SEO friendliness. MagXP is a popular theme famous for its extensive customization possibilities. This theme’s layout structure is impressive beginning with the home page plus an exciting admin panel where you can comfortably tweak theme settings. You don’t need to have any expertise to use MagXP because the theme is designed based on a simple and easy to understand layout. The design has two preset configurations enabling users to shift between light and dark variations. Not many themes have the ability to combine design, flexibility, safety and performance in one package; MagXP does.

The well thought out framework design takes into account the need to have a successful site and incorporates a good review system that gives customers an honest platform to express themselves regarding your products and services. Thanks to a useful feedback channel, business owners have the chance to interact with their clients, check their reviews and make the necessary adjustments to fulfill customer needs. The drag and drop page builder is super simple to use and doesn’t require you to have any prior coding knowledge.

From the design layout of MagXP, it seems clear that developers were keen on attaining maximum accessibility with simplicity emphasized for every feature. If you love sidebars, MagXP has numerous options for adding and configuring sidebars to fully cater for your needs. The cool thing about MagXP is that it’s an HTML5 and CSS3 theme and therefore highly optimized for search engines. With this theme, your chances of ascending search engine rankings are high making it possible to reach out to a larger audience. Furthermore, this theme fully supports multiple languages thanks to top-notch translation code.



Daily post

Daily post is another excellent WordPress theme to consider ideal for those who are looking to start a magazine or a news based website. It comes with an array of features which will get into shortly but from the opposite of landing on the homepage he greeted by the scrolling breaking news cursor which keeps users updated on important ongoing. As you scroll down the page, we are the free featured post image which is great to promote your Most loved blog content. Also included is a weather widget which is extremely handy for keeping readers automatically updated with the local weather forecast. There\’s also numerous email opt-in location to help increase your email subscribers it\’s ever growing your brand. The feature I love reading progression indicator which automatically loads of the next post when the user reaches the bottom of a current post. This is especially great for increasing your page use, and if you\’re planning on an invite advertisement, this is our welcome news. Also worth pointing out that this template is extremely fast loading, therefore, giving your readers of the best possible reading experience. If you\’ve ever thought about accepting user submissions and wondered how to do so, you\’ll be happy to know that daily post includes I get to publish a feature which allows your readers that to submit the guest contributions. You can create an amazing storyboard with the help of the visual composer which is included in this templates free of charge.

Theme highlights

  • Allow your readers that too easily print any article on your website without losing the format.
  • A weather widget which automatically pause in your visited that local weather forecast
  • Sticky popular posts sidebar to further engage your readers




H-Code is a multipurpose theme which comes with colorful schemes, tons of features, and is totally compatible with the modern SEO norms. Combining all these features, it becomes a one-stop solution for all your needs. It’s a product from an Elite Author at ThemeForest. The layout is kept responsive to ensure proper compatibility with the smartphones. It can even be used for running an e-commerce shop.

Theme highlights:

  • It has 31 multipage, 26 one page, and 6 creative intro demos available in the package.
  • It packs Visual Composer, Slider Revolution along with compatibility for WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, WPML, and few more known and useful plugins.
  • There is built-in support for Shortcodes, making it easy to implement a particular functionality.
  • It comes with six months of dedicated support and there is also a proper documentation packed inside.



Magazine Pro

It’s known to everyone, how well StudioPress themes are optimized for search engine marks. Magazine Pro theme is one of their product which ships with Genesis framework, which handles the base. The product is lightweight, delivering impressive performance.  The design part makes it compatible to run a fully functional blog. While buying this, you shouldn\’t be expecting tons of features as StudioPress prefers keeping things lighter.

Theme highlights:

  • It packs four different color schemes and six different layout options, helping with the customization.
  • The homepage area is ready for the Widgets, making it dead simple to customize and add any useful information.
  • There is built-in Theme Options panel at the Dashboard which helps in quickly bringing a possible visual or functional change.
  • The layout is kept responsive, supporting every mobile device and tablets.




Brando is a One-Page theme that can be used for multiple purposes, thanks to the level of customization it offers. The layout is responsive and there is a dedicated layout for the smartphones. It comes with Visual Composer, the famous drag & drop page builder tool. The base is handled by Bootstrap framework, adding a rigid and secure structure. The theme has managed to win a bunch of awards for the design standard it follows, which is impressive.

Theme highlights:

  • The user interface is kept clean, keeping primary focus on the content and the visual elements.
  • By default, the theme is compatible to work with Contact Form 7, Total Cache, WPML, and WordPress SEO by Yoast plugins.
  • There are five different Header designs along with multiple blog layouts.
  • It is optimized to deliver blink-fast performance and is compatible with the norms set by Google and other speed testers.




Jevelin is once again a multipurpose theme packed with tons of design layouts, unique demos, visual elements and built-in options to help with the SEO score. It is designed and coded in such a way that the maximum possible SEO and performance score is achieved. It can even be used to run a fully functional blog, with six different layouts, and a portfolio (10 built-in layouts) to showcase best of your products or services.

Theme highlights:

  • There are plugins like Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 compatible with the theme, by default.
  • It comes with 40 custom Shortcodes which help in achieving a custom look without writing a single piece of code.
  • The theme is ready for translation and even supports RTL languages.
  • It supports custom post formats including, Quote, Link, Audio, Video, and Gallery.




Amax is a product which is usually kept updated to stay free from bugs and performance issues, and also to stay compatible with latest WordPress version. It is compatible with multiple browsers and their older versions. With the built-in Visual Composer, the possibilities for a custom looking webpage are many and that too via simple drag & drop page building tools. In fact, there are also dozens of ready to use Demos which are one-click away from the setup. In other words, you shouldn\’t miss checking its demo and a complete set of features.

Theme highlights:

  • It is optimized for Google’s standard for SEO and performance. It can easily get a 90 score out of 100 for speed.
  • The layout is responsive to support smartphones and also ready for Retina display to stay compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • The two known sliders, Slider Revolution and LayerSlider are packed inside the package.
  • Other than blog layouts, it also holds a Landing page template.




Our last recommendation is for the Photography niche. It is tough to find SEO ready themes for photography purpose. The theme in question here is read to work with WordPress perfectly and it is also tested to support WPML and WooCommerce. By default, all the SEO norms are followed and even for the pictures, which ensures the images are indexed in Google Image search engine and are ranked on better positions.

Theme highlights:

  • It is optimized to deliver top-notch performance even when heavy images are used.
  • It packs 29 custom elements which can be used anywhere to increase the visual elements on a page.
  • It has dedicated support for multiple post types including Portfolio, Logos, Team, Testimonials, Photo Albums, Slideshows, and Benefits, along with default WordPress post formats.
  • Slider Revolution, Royal Slider, Go – Pricing tables, and Visual Composer premium plugins are included in the package for free.



Houston WordPress Theme

Houston is a responsive WordPress template ideal for businesses and marketing agencies alike. It features a stunning full-screen post slider which is perfect for tablets and mobile devices as it enables you to swipe through the different slides. There\’s numerous animation effect to engage your users ultimately giving them a memorable experience. There\’re multiple shortcodes included enabling you to create team pages, contact forms and various call To Action areas.
You also get Google Maps API integration allowing used to show you\’re using exactly where your business is located to build trust.

Theme highlights

  • Retina ready display giving a crisp, clear visual display.
  • Mega menu is included as standard enabling you to display your latest news in the menu area and even Google Maps and much more.
  • You also get the Moto press visual editor empowering you to drag and drop different elements onto your site to create something that\’s in Keeping with your brand identity.



Financial Advisor Responsive WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this is a WordPress template that suitable for lawyers, consultants, and financial advisors. The template is clean easy to navigate with the various sections on the homepage which allow you to separate information. This template is elegantly designed super easy to setup and use it features a full-width layout which helps uses to digest your information more easily. It\’s several incorporate subtle features which help create the professional but elegant website.

Theme highlights

  • Built on the Bootstrap framework, you get a template that incorporates a mobile first approach give a seamless experience across devices.
  • There’s a retro testimonial slider to build further users trust.
  • Widgetized footer area to display additional information.



Creative WordPress Theme

Creative as the name suggests it is a template aimed at creative individuals, photographers, those in Arts and Media. It\’s a minimalistic temperate which features that are a full-width layout which stretches across the page leaving tiny room for borders and margins. It showcases a full-screen slider which compile of the images allowing you to express your creativity further and captures your reader\’s imagination. The typography on Creative is well complemented with bold headings which draw your attention to the content on the page. There\’s also parallax scrolling included to wow your users and if that\’s not enough you also have the option to create a video background.




BEATRIX Is a minimalistic WordPress template which is aimed at you, zone e-commerce store owners with lots of opportunities to cross promote your products and create upsell sells, therefore, increasing your overall Revenue. It features a stunning slider enabling you to promote popular or latest products to keep users to onsite longer and intrigue. As you scroll down the page, and I hope over a product it enables users to see the product image in a full-screen lightbox which kept me browsing through that bit longer. What\’s also good to see is that the guys over at Tesla theme have also got the same for to attention on the blog pages. Of course, this is welcome news as the most businesses blog to inform their readers and also to bring in new potential customers.
This theme is that made it to roundup because it allows the search engines to find your product and post easily. The page speed is quite fast and will be going on to our fastest theme collection.

Theme highlights

  • Various shortcodes to help you create a more dynamic and visually appealing a web page.
  • Easy to use theme options page giving you total control over the look and feel of your website.
  • Well commented code which is great for your planning and customizing this templates ever.




It’s a multipurpose theme which holds 30 concepts, which are one-click away from setting up. You can quickly pick the concept and install it to have the website ready within a minute. Moreover, the theme is loaded with Visual Composer with its design elements, offering, even more, customisations. It also holds custom ILIGHTBOX to ensure the images are shown in the best possible way, while using the minimum resources.

Theme highlights:

  • It packs LAYERSlider and Revolution Slider, which are both premium.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce and WPML to support e-commerce and translation, respectively.
  • Dedicated Options Panel is offered at the Dashboard, allowing the webmaster to bring the possible changes quickly.




Nowadays, there are plenty of powerful WordPress themes you can use to aid in boosting traffic. NewsMag is an incredible SEO friendly WP theme with an excellent support structure and simplicity that even a child can use it. Maintaining a blog on this theme is super simple; from writing articles to publishing and sharing on social networks; it’s a walk in the park. Newsmag is loved by everyone who uses it because it’s a multipurpose theme that can work well for personal blogs, review sites, magazines, news sites, publishing sites among others. A robust review system is available for users who need to know what their customers are saying. You can also comfortably include YouTube in your posts.

If you’re looking for a theme with excellent loading speeds, you’ll like how fast NewsMag loads despite the numerous features included in the theme. Since its search optimized, this theme has been designed in such a way that it comprehensively boosts all your SEO efforts with an ultimate aim of getting your page noticed and visited by many people because of top search engine rankings. It is always the wish of every site owner to have their platforms top search engine rankings without having to spend necessarily so much money on promoting the site. Thankfully, this theme fully supports Google AdSense.

If you’ve never used this theme before, you don’t need to worry because there are numerous online resources and instructional videos that give detailed explanations of how to install, set up and configure NewsMag to meet your needs. The theme panel is a key feature that allows you the freedom to personalize your settings by changing colors, fonts as well as layouts to make your site appear livelier.



For those who’ve used Motive, you’ll agree it’s an incredibly exciting theme that comes with a free Page Builder. If you’ve never used this theme before, you don’t need to worry because there are numerous screenshots as well as a live preview. If you have been having problems with your site displaying on mobile platforms, Motive has been designed to display perfectly; content on the theme is highly responsive on different types of platforms and therefore, lack of support for various screen sizes is non-existent when using this theme. This is a problem solved because some themes are usually unable to adjust quickly to new mediums thus ruining the quality of images and content. Using Motive, you’re guaranteed of crisp, clear images and icons because this theme is retina ready and therefore, support high-resolution graphics.

As a multipurpose theme, Motive can be used for newspaper, review, magazine or personal blogs. When you purchase this theme, it comes as a complete package with numerous cool features to ensure your project comes to life. Furthermore, any bugs and other technical issues are promptly addressed through regular theme updates as new features are incorporated. Don’t worry about the reputation of Motive because it’s a popular theme that has and is still being used by over 4,500 users. If you’re using the latest version, there are a host of cool settings such as meta posts and a brand new widget for posts that come with a numbered list.




It is important to choose an SEO WordPress Theme that will be instrumental in promoting your site rankings. An elegantly designed website is the dream of any business, blogger or creative artist who wants to make a lasting online impression. A simple and well-designed site is always appealing to users who find themselves remaining on the site for longer periods of time.

If you’re not into flashy looking websites and love simple and powerful platforms, Tribune is a must try. One of the key features of Tribune is the Theme Options Panel that comes with a powerful, customizable panel that enables you to configure your site easily without adjusting the underlying code.

Tribune always stands out because it looks amazing on every device it is displayed; it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a desktop, tablet or mobile, the display is always beautiful. The developers of this theme are always automatically and regularly updating it, you can update yours with a single click. With numerous choices of shortcodes to choose from, you have the opportunity to build creative and enticing page and post layouts accompanied by lists, buttons, columns, and tabs.

Menu Management is a key advantage of this exciting theme that has completely simplified the process of creating and modifying menus; you just need to drag and drop. When it comes to the use of logos, you can simply upload your logo and customize the background within seconds. Alternatively, if you don’t have your logo, feel free to build one using a built-in logo editor. For users looking for a theme with easy translation features, content on Tribune can be easily translated into different languages.




When choosing a theme for your site, it is important to research and choose both an SEO friendly and attractive design template. HowTo is a powerful highly responsive and interactive theme that comes with three different layouts of the homepage alongside the ability to tweak the theme and build your own layout. This theme also offers you a choice between two different sliders to creatively display your content and pull in increased web traffic.

HowTo is highly responsive; this means it can display comfortably on devices with small screens. You can also set your ideal colors and utilize an unlimited sidebar to enhance your site’s appearance. This theme comes with a one-click demo installation feature that ensures you build your site instantly to appear like a demo theme as well as an advanced topography feature to boost readability.

HowTo theme is also an ideal choice when it comes to customization because it has an advanced theme options panel where you can tweak settings and customize the theme to your liking. Tasks such as designing and uploading your logo are simplified thanks to theme options panel. Regarding speed, this theme loads quickly given the fact it is SEO optimized to make sure your content is search engine friendly. You can also monetize your site thanks to an inbuilt advertising placement option. Other important highlights of HowTo theme include powerful shortcodes, Google Fonts, parallax scrolling option, Font Awesome icons, integrated social media options among others.



SEO Company

If it\’s an SEO or a digital marketing agency you\’re trying to create then I will be next recommendation will most likely be more suited for your needs. SEO Company theme comes with nine unique demos all the conversion Focus and driving a specific action for each user that lands on a page. One of my favorite demos is the interactive whiteboard demo which educates users and walks them through the process in a creative way. Other demos cleverly prompts users to import their website URL, which Savannah redirect them to the contact form with the information they\’ve already input for more leads. So if you\’re looking for an out the box solution to get quickly started running your digital marketing agency, then this theme would certainly get the job done in a matter of minutes and empower you to run a successful company.

Each demo can be installed with the click of a button and then it\’s just a case of swapping out the words for your own. Editing your website couldn\’t be easier thanks to the drag and drop Builder to allow you to change colors funds icons and much more. The same author as also generously included Revolution Slider with $19 free of charge to create engaging slides.

Theme highlights

  • Retina ready display to give you the users an incredible viewing experience for those on higher end devices.
  • You get an informative pop-up feature to promote your service further or trigger an action.
  • Not only that but you also get invented mega menu to display additional information to make navigating your website as easy as possible.




My portfolio is an excellent WordPress theme to consider if you\’re planning to display your portfolio online in an elegant manner. As you browse through the website, there is CSS3 loading animation which gives users an interactive browsing experience as the page loads. You have the option to set the portfolio section as your homepage or your typical blogging format. There\’re lots of noteworthy features to mention, and I will try to list a few such as the in post slider to wow your readers. You get the gold standard theme options panel we have all come to love, including a dedicated performance optimization panel. You get a few custom widgets crafted to be in keeping with the website design such as the eye-catching about me widget. You have the option to post in various post types such as video, audio, gallery or even quote each display differently to keep the focus on that particular post. integration giving you more exposure and retail space in the search engine which leads to a higher click through rate.

Theme Highlights

  • Included is a “my client section” which allows you to show off your previous clients which in turn helps install trust in prospects.
  • Unlimited sidebar creation to help inform your readers.
  • Unlimited color and backgrounds to choose from helping you create a website that is in keeping with your brand identity.



Sixteen Nine Pro

Sixteen Nine Pro is another excellent WordPress template to consider it\’s created it by the guys over it StudioPress. Create a visually appealing and professional website to help build that all important trusts to keep users engaged on your website for longer and grow your audience. It\’s built on modern technology utilizing the HTML5 which makes it load even faster on mobile devices, so get that seamless experience. It\’s long been a webmaster\’s favorite template for years, and it continues to shine with various updates keeping it compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It\’s packed with lots of features that that we\’ve come to love and expect from a modern template such as a theme customizer to help personalize your website to be in keeping with your brand identity.

Theme highlights

  • Widget area to Showcase additional content it to your readers it also allows you to create custom widget area to show and particular posts/pages.
  • The header section is also completely customizable allowing use to change the typography of the menu items and upload in your branded logo.



Magazine WordPress SEO Theme

Magazine theme is one of the best SEO-optimized WordPress themes around the corner. It is a retina and responsive ready theme that gives you ultimate control over the exposure of your website in the World Wide Web. Once Magazine theme is installed on your site, you can be sure of the appearance of your site across all electronic devices with full functionality and sharp interface. This theme supports even such complex grid layouts like those of Times, CNN, Guardian, or other noticeable media sites. Magazine theme proffers you a fully responsive design, six different skin colors, six sidebar options, full SEO optimization, mega menus, and footer menu with widgets. Surely, Magazine theme will serve your needs better the most of the SEO-optimized WordPress theme today so try using it for your website.




Optimize as the name suggests is a WordPress templates centered around optimization and is perfect for you if you run an SEO or a digital marketing agency. Optimize has made it to our list because it\’s super fast which is always great for user experience and search engines love a fast loading website. There 12 unique homepages design one of which incorporates an infographic-style presentation. You also get thrown in the visual composer drag and drop plug-in and also Revolution slider which are both premium plug-ins are included it free of charge.

Theme highlights

  • Woocommerce compatibility is included as a standard enabling you to create a powered e-commerce website within a matter of minutes.
  • Setting up with theme couldn\’t be easier included is the one click demo installer.
  • Various infographic shortcodes layout which is unique to this templates




BitNews Is the great WordPress template for SEO it\’s super fast loading time give users the best possible browsing experience, and you\’ll also get brownie points from the likes of Google. This template allows you to customize your website in your in real time giving a better customization experience. There are various layout options to choose from to help ease stylize this template suits your personal preference. BitNews include multiple widgets allowing you to display post carousel, slider, image gallery, category titles and a lot more. Again this template is also built in a Bootstrap framework version 3.3 giving you a much more secure template. It\’s also search engine friendly in regards to allowance robots to access your website easily. There\’s also a breadcrumb trail included without the need of any external plugins to give a better user experience, and it\’s also great for the search engine bots.

Theme highlights

  • A well-documented template to walk you through the set-up process.
  • There\’s 24 hours support at hand to help you out if you should ever get stuck
  • There\’s also social media integration allowing users to share your post easily, and that follow you and across your social network




Infinity is a premium theme with special focus on SEO performance. It features an incredibly fast loading speed, proven in both PageSpeed and YSlow scores. The intuitive theme options panel provides all the necessary customization options. Thanks to the flexible header and navigation, you can easily choose the layout that works for you.

As the theme supports unlimited sidebars, you can add sidebars and choose their position. The built-in blog settings options will be useful for choosing the blog layout and other display options. Thanks to complete Google Fonts support, you will never be out of fonts.

Infinity is fully compatible with Visual Composer. That means you can easily create custom layouts for your posts and pages. AJAX-powered contact form is another interesting feature of the theme.

Infinity is priced at $49.

Theme Highlights:

  • Speed-optimized theme with special emphasis on SEO
  • Supports unlimited sidebars and custom styling
  • Comes with an under construction template




QOON is an award-winning creative theme for developing portfolio, agency, business, or corporate websites. The highly optimized theme follows all the SEO best practices like rich snippet support, heading customization and so on.
There are several demo designs for you to get inspired. You can use any of these designs or start your own design from scratch. The theme supports unlimited portfolios, which means you can easily show off your works in a prominent way.
Qoon also comes with several designs for the necessary pages like about us, services, contact, blog etc. The theme package includes several premium plugins like Visual Composer, Ultimate VC Addons, Slider Revolution etc.
You can get the theme for $59.
Theme Highlights:
  • Comes with total mailing list solution
  • Several demo designs to get inspiration
  • Supports multiple post formats




If you are looking for a modern magazine theme with SEO optimization, Noozbeat can be an excellent choice for you. This premium theme comes with attractive home page layouts and unlimited color variations. The SEO-friendly coding and other necessary optimizations will help you to get better ranking in major search engines.

Dedicated advertising space is an interesting feature of Noozbeat. The strategically located positions are bound to provide the maximum exposure to the ads. The theme also comes with some custom widgets, which could be used in the sidebar or footer. The theme options panel includes all the customization options you need.

You can get the theme for $49.

Theme Highlights:

  • Attractive magazine design with multiple category layouts
  • Supports all popular page builders
  • Allows multiple featured posts



MH Magazine

MH Magazine is a fully featured WordPress theme for creating news, magazine, blog, or professional websites. The SEO-optimized theme follows all the coding best practices. This could be a huge boost in your ultimate goal of having better search engine rankings.

The built-in theme options panel enables you to customize all the display options from one place. As the home page is fully widgetized, you can easily drag and drop the elements to ensure the best user experience. Having complete Google Fonts support, you can use any font you like.

The theme package includes several custom widgets. You can use these widgets to display ads, popular posts, recent posts, social sharing options at prominent locations. There are lots of online demos for the translation-ready theme. You can use any of these demos as the starting point of your website.

MH Magazine is priced at $49.

Theme Highlights:

  • W3C compliant coding to ensure the best SEO results
  • Lots of customization options
  • Fully customizable, widgetized footer




eMaxStore is a professionally developed WordPress theme for creating SEO-optimized ecommerce sites. As the theme also comes with a blog template, you can publish regular blog posts to get a steady flow of traffic. The fluid responsive design of the theme makes sure that your website looks great on any screen size and resolution.

The built-in parallax slider could be used to create and display beautiful slideshows of your products and blog posts. Thanks to the related products feature, you will enjoy an enhanced conversion. The fully widgetized footer section could be customized by choosing 3, 4, or 5 column layout. The theme also supports unlimited color, background, and sidebars.

You can get eMaxStore for $59.

Theme Highlights:

  • AJAX-powered interface for seamless browsing
  • Handy product comparison and wishlist tools
  • Comes with 17 custom widgets



BeTheme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes. The feature-rich theme comes with useful SEO tools which can be useful in getting better ranking for your website. Being fully compatible with the popular SEO plugins, the theme allows you to take full advantage of latest SEO trends.

BeTheme enjoys a huge collection of 220 readymade website templates. You can use any of these layouts to get your website started. Powered by Muffin Builder 3, you can create any layouts by using the integrated grids. It is also possible to choose from 20 different header styles, color, font, and size options.

It is also possible to use this theme to create one page websites. Thanks to the parallax effects and video background features, you can easily create attractive page sections within a few minutes.

The theme is priced at $59.

Theme Highlights:

  • Built-in SEO options and full compatibility with SEO plugins
  • Optimized to deliver the best loading speed
  • Supports RTL, WooCommerce, and custom fonts.




LEA is another excellent template to consider built under Bootstrap framework version 3.3 you get a theme that\’s developed with a mobile first design approach. Giving your users optimal experience across various devices. The templates as well put together and incorporate smooth scrolling to give a user a more enjoyable browsing experience. There\’s parallax scrolling effect included providing a better on-site experience there\’s also supposed to add a video background in which you can be as creative as you want. Powered by The Cherry framework you get rock solid theme options panel with numerous amount of shortcodes in widgets. Contact forms with this template is a thing of the past it has one built in to allow users to get easily in touch with you as a matter of seconds. There\’s Google Map integration to show your whereabouts of your company it helps clients to find you more easily. That\’s not all there is also support for Google Fonts given you access the world over 600 different front faces to help you improve the usability of your website.

Theme highlights

  • Mega menu supports to display your site navigation in it easy to digest manner with the option of displaying extra information directly from the menu.
  • Social Media option is also available allowing you to promote your social networks to help further grow your community.
  • As you would expect from a modern template, it\’s also cross browser compatible meaning everyone can enjoy your website the way it was intended to be presented.




Rustik is a minimalistic WordPress theme built specifically for Woocommerce enabling used to run an online store that super fast and SEO friendly. It\’s packed with all the features you need to run a successful online store without the extra bloat. you will get a responsive design which works seamlessly across all devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Your website will be future proof with the various device sizes coming out. Mobile shopping is on the rise and Rustik help you to capitalize on this upwards trend. With over 17 different widgetized area you\’re able to customize this template further to suit your style and needs. As quoted by the theme author there\’re over 160 different customization options giving you all the tools you need to tune your website fine to make it work best for you. Reach more customers Around the World in various languages without a problem, and this template is translation ready to help you maximize your income. It supports all the major WordPress plugins such as York City or jetpack and much more.

Theme highlights

  • With the single click of a button, you can enable the e-commerce mode or disable it to run a standard WordPress blog.
  • An in-depth documentation is included to help you through the set-up process.
  • You get lifetime free support which is becoming rare these days



Swift Themes

Swift themes along with the Genesis theme framework and the thesis framework where one of the early WordPress themes to be SEO friendly. In short, this means that instead of the standard page title they allowed you to display a meta title description and much more. Over the years Swift themes as kept themselves relevant by consistently updating and evolving their framework. That being said I would only recommend this particular theme to more advanced WordPress users. This is because the theme options panel is not the best well laid out and you get a ton of advanced features that can be quite overwhelming to those who are less technical. The Swift theme boasts a super fast load time along the fastest we have tested here. To see exactly what I mean with regards to the theme options they allow you to download the lite version of the theme which you can try for free and test yourself. I think it\’s super fast simple to use and extremely search friendly, and I am happy to recommend.

Theme highlights

  • You get Lifetime updates depending on the package you choose.
  • Happy users due to the super fast loading time so the readers can browse more pages.
  • A mobile first approach a mobile which is imperative as late last year Google announced they had released a new mobile ranking signal.


Wrap up

So there you have it all round up over some of the most advanced and SEO friendly WordPress themes to help you get the best possible start in your next online venture. Of course, it doesn\’t just stop there you have to create great content that people love and want to share and link to. But getting the basic on page SEO stuff right is it an excellent way to help you further stand out from the crowd. Some of the biggest takeaway I would say for choosing a great search friendly theme would say is ensure that it\’s fast, well coded and follows the dry principle do not repeat yourself and that your theme is easy to navigate and contains no unnecessary coding. Follow those simple steps and you\’ll be off to a winner it\’s also worth pointing out that by default the WordPress platform itself is pretty seo-friendly In the sense that it allows the search engine bots to crawl your website.

To go a step further, there are plugins you can use to help enhance the performance of your site. Such as caching plugins to help with the loading of the web pages. Lazy load plugins to help with the rendering of the images. SEO plugins to help with things such as meta title, meta description, meta tags, XML sitemap generation and much more.

Some SEO plugins might even give you tips on how you can enhance your on-page optimization, for example, reminding you to add that are an alternative description of your images, having the correct headings in place and so on. Other factors that can affect your on page search efforts is your hosting provider where its hosted, what type of sites or on the same IP if it\’s shared, the speed but we can get into all of these things in another article.

Choosing an SEO friendly theme is one of the best decisions you can make for your site. The above are examples of popular SEO optimized themes that are known for their rich features and extensive customization capabilities.

For now, I hope you found an ideal theme for your project, and if you have any questions or feel that have missed out anything that should be mentioned here, please voice your opinion in the comment box below.

Thank you and good luck


  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your kind words, it took several hours to put together this collection, and I am happy you found value in it 🙂

  2. Hey Cris,

    Thank you for stopping by, Schema is one of my personal favorites. Monstroid is another template that is fast growing in popularity.

  3. Hey Khushboo,

    Enfold is an excellent WordPress theme with various customisation options, and 100,000+ people can’t be wrong:) I prefer Divi and use the Divi builder on this site. All the templates here are great templates to consider. I recently purchase newspaper 7 for one of my personal sites.

  4. Heya Schema is by far the best SEO friendly WordPress themes out there I use it on my blog and happy with it all so far. Thank you again for this useful resource.

    • Hey Teresa,

      Indeed Schema is a great template to consider I use it on two of my niche websites and have recommended it to many of my friends.

  5. Thanks for sharing an amazing collection of SEO friendly WordPress themes. They look fresh and all of them have a different feel about them. I hate it when I see several themes that I fancy. It’s hard making the choice!

    • Hey Brad,

      I agree, choosing a new template can be hard, and that’s why at the top of this article I share my top 5 recommended SEO ready themes.

  6. Hi. Here is one more theme to be included themeforest. net/item/seo-company-seo-digital-marketing-social-media-wordpress-theme/15360949

  7. I have personally used Avada theme and really liked it. Some of the themes mentioned are new to me and I’ll surely try them out on my new projects. Thanks for sharing this list of SEO optimized WordPress theme.

    • Hey Abhishek,

      Avada is one awesome theme it and the X theme used to dominate but since the release of Divi that as changed.