Divi WordPress Theme

Over the weekend I updated SharDB to allow installs to upgrade from WordPress MU 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0.1.

I also did an initial pass at support for new WordPress 3.0 -> WP network in SharDB. In this implementation the main site’s tables will be in the global database. You can easily set up a test install (to test your plugins, etc. with SharDB). Set up a fresh install that has the network enabled, create your database shards, then configure & install SharDB.


  1. Hi Ron,

    I would like to make a humble suggestion… When you post articles, sign them. Yes, your name shows up in the post when I visit your website, but it doesn’t show up in the email distribution list. TAKE CREDIT for the good things you are doing!

    Jerry Helms

  2. Hey Ron,

    Is there a possibility to move from single DB to SharDB semi-automatically?
    I mean, using a script similar to WPMUDev’s?

  3. Is there a tutorial that has detailed instructions on configuring this plugin? In the db_settings.php file there is a line that instructs to “Add your configurations here”. But the assumption is that the average user will know what to put there. I’m the average user, am not a coder, and know nothing about configuring database tables. But I can follow step-by-step instructions with examples fairly well(if examples are provided)… Could you provide a tutorial of what the configuration should look like when configured correctly–basically a before and after? The only thing close are these detailed instructions for a different multi-db plugin that I don’t have access to (http://bavatuesdays.com/wpmu-multi-db-tutorial/). Thank you Ron…