WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages has been updated. In the latest version:

+= =
+* Run populate feature in source blog context.
+* Added resource warning for populate feature.
+* Fixed PHP warnings.
+* Only insert categories for published posts.

If you noticed in WordPress 3.1.3 that posts were being duplicated, this fixes it. Thanks for those who helped work through this issue in these threads.


  1. Hi guys. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into these plugins.

    I have the newest version of the plugin ( network activated. When I read the populate from source blog context i thought this meant it can be done from each blog?

    I have a blog which uses custom post types (Deals) and created posts before upgrading to the newer version of SWT which supports CPTs. I have added the filters to that themes functions file for that post type (‘deal’).

    How do I tell SWT to pull those posts?

    • Make sure you have the absolute latest version of the plugin. If you have it installed in mu-plugins, remember you will not get upgrade notices for it.