Coming up in 3.1 is the addition of the often debated admin bar. Long time wpmu users know at one point we had it rolled in. Well, they rolled it in to WordPress itself.

It has been severely altered, so many of the items have been stripped to essentials. A decision was made to remove all the super admin functions and place those in a separate plugin.

Snack bar is the plugin you will need for this. On the plugin page it says “do not use” but if you are a brave tester, please feel free to play with it (nom nom) and provide some feedback.

We’re running the 3.1 RC here, so we’ve also been testing the snack bar. Handy screenshot:

This appears on both the front of the site and the admin area.

I think the admin bar makes sense for really beginner users and for those using the network feature, as long as they have the snack bar available. What do you think?


  1. Cool! I didn’t know about the removal of the admin features, but it is a good idea from a usability perspective.

    I think it’s important to add that the plugin you address is currently version “version 0.01-alpha-do-not-use-yet” – perhaps it’ll be ready with the release of WordPress 3.1?

  2. the only real issue here is duplication of functions (example a buddypress site), you can do the same things, on the site, on the /admin/ and now on the snack bar, sure its handy to have shortcuts to major things, but you don’t see sites like facebook needing them, they have the menu and then the functions, added links on top… i dont know… there should be a way for the user to minimize or hide/un-hide easily the snack bar ^_^

    • For buddypress’s admin bar, the devs have been working together to figure out how they’ll handle both.

      There *is* a checkbox on the user profile page to turn it off. 🙂

      • when was the last time you went to your profile page? that isn’t practical…. there should be something on the tab itself to hide, that’s what i think… still ill most likely will disable it on all my sites