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Performance is becoming a major ranking factor these days and Google is bringing a lot of updates in SEO norms to help the websites which load faster, rank on better ranking than the one which is slow in comparison.

This gives us all a clear call to start working on the performance and make sure it is top-notch. It will not be that easy to achieve a website with page load speed below 3 seconds, but there are certain plugins which can help you bring it close.

Usually, these plugins are named as Cache plugins, but there are few other ones capable of doing this too. Today, I’m sharing a compilation of best plugins to speed up your WordPress websites.

I have used each of these plugins and each of them is capable of helping out a website with its poor page load speed.

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Let’s check out what all options we have.

#1 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Unless a theme or hosting provider recommends any other cache plugin, W3 Total Cache is a one-stop solution for everything you need. It packs tons of options to play with and have advanced settings to give you more control over the performance standards. If you’re not a developer, then using this plugin can be tricky as those advanced settings can even damage the performance is configured in a bad shape. Still, the plugin remains powerful and the number one choice when it comes to cache plugins. You can even name it as a framework, considering the number of configurations it packs. Moreover, it is a free product available at the official WordPress repository.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can help you set the cache settings and configure them according to the custom requirements.
  • It can let you put a CDN and configure it perfectly to get even better performance scorecard.
  • It can let you configure the database settings, allowing to meet an even advanced level of performance improvements.
  • The plugin is used by big names like AT&T, Mashable, and much more.

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#2 WP Smush

WP Smush Image Optimization Plugin

Even a single image in a post can increase the page load time by a big margin, considering the text part of a content doesn’t consume a lot of server resources. Now, if you wish to achieve a better performance without hurting the image quality for a normal visitor, then consider using this particular plugin. It is available for free and there is also a premium version available which can deliver even better score when used. Every image can be compressed to a level where the overall size can be decreased while the details are still maintained. This particular plugin does the same and that too on automation. Once installed, you need to push the button to reduce the existing images, and it takes care of the future uploads on its own.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can optimise the size of JPEG, GIF, and even PNG images, thus, supporting all popular image formats.
  • It can bulk smash the images (up to 50 at a time).
  • It is compatible to work with, almost every theme and other plugins.
  • It’s a product of a premium WordPress developer and thus, you get some sort of support, even for the free version.

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#3 Revision Control

Revision control plugin

Every WordPress install these days comes with a revision history for every post and page. This revision history keeps a track of post and page details, allowing us to move back to time and restore a previous version. As far as security is the concern, it’s an excellent feature as it allows us to restore a particular post, but if the number of revisions is more, then it can hurt the performance due to the overall size. If this particular thing is concerning you, then use this particular plugin and it will limit the number of revisions available for every post. Cool, right? And, yes, it’s available for free!

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#4 WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache Plugin

It’s the alternative to the first recommendation in our compilation and is a product of Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. It’s perfectly integrated with WordPress and works to deliver the best possible scorecard. It packs lesser features in compression to the W3 Total Cache, lacking the advanced features, but it is extremely simple to use, and requires, almost, no setup. It is free to use and is recommended by every (almost) WordPress theme developer.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is extremely easy to use, considering the limited number of features it packs, but it does get the job done.
  • It compresses the PHP files using the super caching techniques.
  • It does support CDN and help you quickly integrate one.

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#5 WP-Optimize

WP Optimize WordPress Plugin

Considering the Database as a prime factor to cause the performance issues, WP-Optimize is a plugin that helps you improve and optimise the database section of your WordPress website and achieve a better performance. It mostly runs on the automation and has tons of functionalities to tweak and achieve a custom solution. The plugin is available for free and is compatible up to WordPress 4.2.8 version.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can enable or disable and even clean up the trackbacks and pingbacks from all posts and pages.
  • It can do a cleaning of the auto draft posts, removing them to free up some space.
  • It can optimise the MySQL commands in the database and can improve the whole tables.
  • After every automatic cleanup, it notifies the admin with proper mention of the details.

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#6 BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load WordPress Plugin

This particular plugin does a simple thing. It forces the images to load slower than the overall content. In a post, if there are more than one images, placed at different positions, then the plugin forces the images to load as per the scrolling. If user is at top, then it will not load the images placed at the bottom. This simple trick helps getting better page load speed, considering the page can load quickly.

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Bonus How To Speed up WordPress [Video tutorial]


These were the plugins that can help you speed up your WordPress website. You must be confused now which particular one to use, or in other words, which combination to be used. If you can share the details of your blog, just a URL, I can help you further by recommending the combination of plugins to be installed which can boost performance further. Don’t forget to share this with all your friends online. Good luck!


  1. Informative blog! It is the fact that Customers will hit back
    button if site loading speed is less than 3 secs especially the eCommerce
    website conversion optimization gets reduced. In order to improve your
    website performance you have to choose a good web host, Estabilish CDN,
    Minimize javascript and optimize images.

    • All great tips Hansoftech, I could have said it better although there’s a few more tips you can use to further improve your website speed. Such as choosing a good WordPress theme, limit the amount of plugins used and so on.