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The bulk of the merge has been done in WordPress core. At least with regards to moving over the files. Now the fun part begins: bug gardening, testing and tweaking.

Here’s what you can do to help not only the dev team and others, but also yourself:

– set up a local install of WPMU
– import some data, plugins & themes from your current setup
(in other words, create a working copy somewhere)

Now, upgrade it to the latest WordPress trunk. The zip is located at the bottom of this page. To manually upgrade, just overwrite the MU files with the files located in the zip.

When you find bugs, please file them over at the WordPress trac, and pick the term multisite in the component field dropdown, so the other devs know is it MU related. Some terminology is changing, so this refers to the multiple blog capabilities. Your login to file a ticket is the same as your forum username and password.

Did you get the part where I said to do this on a dev version and not a live site? Good. 🙂


  1. Going to have to spend some time learning the trac system so I can be more effective with possible contributions. Massive head/sinus invasion is making that difficult currently. And as I enter an infinite loop when I make the changes spelled out in the Network section to go from SU to MU, I’m going to wait till I think better. It’s possible there’s a challenge with my Nginx setup (and having different regex stuff than the stock .htaccess. But who knows!)

  2. Trac looks scary, but it really isn’t all that bad. I submitted a couple bugs last week, it was very cool to see just how quickly a patch was created and committed.

    Make sure that you document the steps that you take troubleshooting issues, as it may be helpful feedback if there is indeed a bug.

  3. So, I figured out that if I actually read the error message on the Chrome page and deleted my cookies for the trunk enabled site, after applying the Network changes, I don’t get caught in that infinite loop. Sweet, but still major “duh” on my part!