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Ryan has posted a short notice in the developer blog that the merge of the WPMU codebase will be starting in WordPress trunk very soon. It’s likely to be a bit rocky, so fasten your seatbelts, put your tray in the upright position and secure all valuables.

If you are playing along with the home game, you might want to keep it off a live site and just go with a dev version somewhere safe.


  1. How is it possible to merge them both?

    WP regular is at 2.9.1
    WPMU is at 2.8.6.

    Shouldn’t they bring WPMU up to WP regular’s version then merge them?

    • If you look in the MU trac, it is almost at 2.9.1. 🙂 you don’t have to go by official release version when in reality the “working copies” in the trunk in both places are quite close together.

  2. […] ready but we need people to test it before the final release. This will be the final release before we start merging into WordPress so I’d love to get as many bugs as possible ironed out. Take a quick look at […]

  3. I am about to set-up a site, and was leaning towards using WPMU so that I could have the flexibility to create more complexity on the site (I love the way WNET used it!!).

    What exactly will the merge mean? Should I go ahead and install WPMU or just install regular WP and then wait for MU functionality to be integrated into everyday WP?

    Im just wrapping my head around this all, so please point me in the right direction if there is a thread I should be reading!

    Free hug,


    • There are other things being done for WordPress 3.0 in addition to the merge of WordPress and WordPress MU. The earliest date you should expect to see WP 3.0 is the end of March (and it could be another month or two after that).

      The plan is that both WP 2.9.X and WPMU 2.9.X will upgrade to WordPress 3.0, so you can start with either.

  4. @ Nick .. I have now got the same dilemma..

    I tried some things last night and felt like I was in for a ride. I love WP I have done wonders with it.. Wow I am dying to get my site running with WPMU
    Thanks Andrea

  5. hi , i have some questions for you not about this article (sorry 🙂 I am working to a wpmu projects with buddypress integrated. And I want to extend the navi bar ,i want to make an “submit blog” near the ” Create blog” in the logged in area, i want to make an web director with external links. I am asking you if is there a plugin for this or a component for buddypress because i was looking for several mounths and i didn’t find anything. My project is about web director (if i resolve this problem) with community like social network. Here is an example of what i want to do: http://toateblogurile.ro . Thank you. I am waiting for your answer! Have a nice day!

  6. If our WP sites will be able to be simply updated to MU that will be great. I was afraid I was just about to manually convert several sites to MU but this is good news. I think I will wait on that.