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You’re already aware of the super power of WordPress. Yes, it’s the support for third-party theme and plugin development, and the large database of each.

I’m guessing you’ve already used the Google or any other search engine (very rare) to find a perfect theme for your website, but instead of helping out, it trapped you among millions of results.

To save you from this situation here is a quick tip. Instead of using Google, go ahead and check out the products by most popular WordPress theme providers. There are dozens of them, working and sharing their work since years, and they have pioneered the art of developing a perfect WordPress theme, with rooted integration.

So, having a list of them will definitely bring down the panic and you’ll have some ease finding the perfect one. Shall we start?

Top WordPress Theme Providers

I’ve years of experience with WordPress and its related products, so the compilation below is based on my personal experiences and years of research. Still, if you find any missing name, or a wrong entry, feel free to share it in the discussion section.


Each and every theme available at this platform is without any price tag, and it’s the official store maintained by core team behind the WordPress itself. For a newbie, this is the highly recommended store as every product available over there is safe to use, which isn’t the case with other free resources.

It got thousands of free themes, and a power search tool with filters to help you find a perfect theme based on the requirements.Trust me, going with any of their product is a dream come true for a newcomer and most of the internet marketer started with the same.

Check out



They don’t offer any free theme, and every single is costlier than the market price. Still, their products are highly recommended and worthy of the steep price tags. StudioPress themes are powered by their powerful and renowned Genesis framework, acting as a parent theme, and the other ones act as a Child theme. Moreover, this concept of Child and Parent theme was first coined by StudioPress itself.

With every theme, you get the framework bundled, or you can simply pay for the framework and get the child theme from any other genuine source. Further, they allow making changes in the Child theme, allowing the webmaster to come up with their own and unique looking themes. Getting started with them is damn simple and all their products are highly secured.

Check out StudioPress



MyThemeShop is among those rare premium developers which not only share themes but also make plugins. They have themes for almost every specific niche, available both as free and premium. Every theme comes with a custom MyThemeShop framework behind, making it easy to bring customizations and possible functional changes.

I’ve personally used their products and have been a fan of their strategy behind the work. They are always working on bringing unique looking themes, and also, work on updating the existing ones.

Check out MyThemeShop



The prime reason why I love ElegantThemes is that at a very marginal cost, compared to the industry standards, they not only offer all their themes but also their premium plugins. Bloom and Monarch social share are the two prime plugins which you get with the developer plan along with 87 themes (both free and premium). Impressive, isn’t it? And, yes they are good at support, and their products are functionally and visually impressive.

Check out ElegantThemes



FancyThemes develops handcrafted WordPress themes that are geared towards professional bloggers. They’ve got a neat collection of free and premium themes and plugins that can help you launch a successful personal blog in no time without having to code at all. The developers behind the scenes understand the importance of building a strong brand identity which is why they’ve made their themes customizable.

Each of the themes and plugins comes with professional technical support from the developers at no additional cost. According to their website “If we can’t solve an issue, we’ll work tirelessly until we can”. If you’re looking for a premium quality blogging theme then be sure to check out FancyThemes’ collection.

Check out FancyThemes



This is the developer, having very few products in the catalogue but still made a name in the industry. Its Newspaper theme is known as an industrial standard product and trust me, you’ll find tough to look for a better competitor of that theme. They are always and eagerly working on improving their existing products and provide proper documentation, video tutorial and dedicated support to existing products and customers.

Other than Newspaper, Newsmag is their another product. Both looks super unique, functions perfectly, and are impressive enough to always score high on user experience. You can buy any of these two from ThemeForest.

Check out tagDiv



Upfront is the name of their prime framework which powers each and every theme, making each of them perfect for almost any niche, as the webmaster is allowed to make any visual changes using the Drag & Drop tools behind. Their support is industrial standard and design part is simply stunning. The page builder they offer holds hundreds of elements which can be simply dragged and used to bring out a visual and functional change. You should check out their demo products to start loving them.

Check out WPMU



Heard of WooCommerce plugin? Well, WooThemes is the theme platform by same developers, offering their quality product for WordPress users. As one can expect from a developer of this statue, their themes are quality, impressive, fast loading and definitely worth the price tag. They even offer dozens of free themes so that a user can begin using their services without paying anything.

It’s useless to say that their themes are perfectly integrated with WooCommerce plugin. If running an online e-commerce is what you’re aiming for, then you won’t make a bad decision selecting any of their themes.

Check out WooThemes

Bonus: Top WordPress Theme Marketplaces

Luckily we’ve few marketplaces available which all have thousands of premium themes, mixed up with the quality and normal ones. Again, these marketplaces are just offering the collection and you’ve to do your research before purchasing any product from their catalogue.

Still, I can help you in choosing a better, genuine and well-known marketplace, right? If you’re interested in knowing that, then go through the following compilation of top WordPress theme marketplaces.


ThemeForest can be defined as a marketplace where a perfect theme is always there for everyone. It is literally a forest where you can count thousands of trees and label them as individual themes. With a collection of over 4k premium themes, ranging from $28 to as high as around $70, it is definitely the perfect place for theme hunting.


With hundreds of known and popular developers and many others who are new to the community but eager to showcase their hard work, the collection is always updated and I can assure you that you’ll definitely be confused because of availability of lots of good looking options.

The marketplace is part of Envato family which also holds CodeCanyon, one of the largest and premium marketplaces for WordPress plugins. So, your money is always safe with them, but, you’ve to buy a theme after doing a detailed research. Check out the comments, support, and features offered in that price group.

Finding a theme is very easy, thanks to simple search tool and well-categorised compilation. You can quickly select a category to enlist the themes under that and can even improve the search results using different tags available. Personally, I’ve always found at least 5-10 themes for specific niches.

So, if you’re looking for a theme designed for a specific niche, covering each and every real life aspects, then you’re certainly at the perfect spot. Just enter the search term right, and you’ll have a bunch of quality options to choose from. You can even quickly open lists depending on top themes under any niche.

Check out Themeforest

MOJO Themes

mojo-marketplaceI came across this marketplace while setting up WordPress using the SimpleScript tool available in most of the cPanel offered by hosts. Since then, I’ve been a regular visitor to the marketplace, that’s because of quality and number of themes available at their catalogue. Just like ThemeForest, there is a product available for almost every person.

You can easily look at the most popular products which are refreshed and listed according to the sales graph, support answers, ratings, and a number of comments mentioned by the existing customers. All of these helped MOJO Themes become a perfect community to discuss related matters and also a spot to quickly find a theme meeting the requirements.

They also offer premium plugins, which is another reason to stick and they are good enough to make an impression at the first time. As a developer, one has to pass a lot of quality tests, before listing his theme into the marketplace. This helps in creating the list of only quality themes, and not a single bad one. They also keep on checking every product in future for the same.

One more super awesome feature offered by this marketplace is that the developers are forced to offer free support after you buy a theme. So, you can never find yourself in trouble. This feature isn’t offered on this scale by ThemeForest.

Of course, you are offered a preview of every theme and plugin, using the simple previewer tool, and a list of features offered under the hood. An installation service is also offered for the theme and even WordPress, which is chargeable, but indeed a good option if you’re a total newbie and don’t want to indulge in technical aspects. Although, using installation services from a host will be better an idea.

Check out Mojo marketplace

Creative Market

As the name suggests, it allows creative people to set up their own shop at the marketplace, of course, and offer their premium products. Creative Market not just offer themes, but also offer plugins, photos, fonts, and many more. In short, it’s like a hub for a professional creative person, who is looking to get customers initially.


It looks and functions mostly like ThemeForest, and offers around 1300+ themes. But, due to the fact that it offers a lot of other products, a user can easily lost. This may be the reason why it’s not so popular.

Check out Creative market

Final words

Now, the final selection has to be done by you, but if you can share your specific requirements in the discussion section, I’ll be able to help out further in hand-picking few best.

The best part of using a theme from any of the above-mentioned providers is that you’ll always be having a premium and super cool standard theme, regardless of the selection you make.



  1. WPMUdev themes are my favorite but there are so many other WordPress premium theme providers having creative themes. Check some these providers cloudways .com/blog/premium-wordpress-themes-providers/

    • Hey Jamaila,

      Thank you for stopping by and voicing your opinion WPMUdev would be my first choice personally when it comes to choosing a theme. They do however have a bunch of great plugins 🙂