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Tumblr is the most popular microblogging platform right now. The simple way to publish visual content, quotes, and links have made it a popular choice for hundreds of millions of microblogs. Like most other blogging platforms, Tumblr also comes with professionally designed themes to help you create beautiful microblogging sites. You need to choose a suitable theme to make your blog look more attractive.

To help you with that task, we have prepared an exclusive list of the best free Tumblr themes available right now. Check out the themes mentioned below, and feel free to get started with any of these.


Featuring premium-quality design with lots of customization options, Hipster is an incredibly popular Tumblr theme. The attractive single-column layout ensures that the primary focus remains on the content.  The sticky sidebar can feature your logo, avatar, title, social media links, etc.

Hipster allows you to choose five header images which will be displayed randomly. The handy sticky post feature will help you keep a specific post on top. It is possible to connect your Instagram account and show photos on your blog.


This three-column template is primarily designed for displaying lots of images in a nicely laid out structure. However, it is also possible to publish occasional blog posts. As it follows Tumblr’s Global Appearance options, you can rest assured that the customizations will work on both mobile and regular versions of your blog.

Integrated customization options allow you to choose the font, show or hide the photo captions, enable infinite scrolling, choose colors for the website background, title, post text, post background, etc.


The minimal, beautiful design of Indy makes it an excellent theme for creating personal, portfolio, or any creative blog. You can choose between the single, two, or three column layouts. The large photo backgrounds will add further attraction for the header and other section.

Unlike most other themes, this one doesn’t come with a lot of configuration options. You can choose any Google Font to spice up the typography section. It is also possible to integrate Google Analytics for easy performance tracking. The mobile-friendly design will ensure that your website looks great on all screen resolutions.


Looking for a visual theme for your gallery, portfolio, photography, or handicraft website? Pop Gallery Lite could be an excellent choice for you. The strategic positioning of images, and the clean images will make your content pop out.

The editable color scheme allows you to have precise control over the colors of your blog. Infinite scrolling will make sure that the visitors will never have to run out of contents. The fully responsive layout will look great on all screen resolutions. The theme comes with full support for Google Analytics and Facebook Open Graph.


The simple, minimalist approach of Ashley makes it an excellent choice for creating different types of blogs. Perfectly readable fonts at bigger sizes will ensure that all of your content are easily digestible. It is also possible to choose any Google Font for the website.

Ashley comes with full support for all post types. Built-in search will allow the visitors to find out the desired content with a few clicks. Other notable features include choosing a custom color, custom images, and a fully responsive layout.


As you can guess from the name, this theme is centered around the concept of minimalism. If you need a theme which puts the main focus on the content, Minimalism could be one of the best choices for you. Thanks to the built-in infinite scrolling feature, visitors will always have something to read in front of them. The sticky navigation will provide access to the necessary menu items.

The theme is provided with dedicated icons for the popular social media networks. The intuitive configuration options allow you to choose a custom background, header, grid type, and other styling options.


Pation is a unique Tumblr theme with a complete focus on displaying images. There are four readymade styles to help you show images in different ways. These features make it an excellent choice for image-heavy photography, fashion, beauty, food, and travel blogs. The grid-based layout will make sure that each image is getting the best possible treatment.

Thanks to the integrated sticky navigation, your visitors will always be one-click away from the home page. Other features like customizable grid size, 45+ built-in fonts, and multiple hover styles have made the theme a popular choice.


Simplify makes it very simple to create different types of blogs. It comes with several navigation options for the visitors. First of all, you can enable sticky navigation so that visitors can always have instant access to the menu. There will be another navigation menu at the bottom. Visitors can browse the previous or next posts or pages by using their keyboard.

The theme comes with a unique night mode. When enabled, this mode will decrease the brightness and choose lighter colors, resulting in less strain on the eyes. Simplify also features complete integration with Disqus comments and Google Analytics.


Based on a beautiful grid layout, Sugar is another popular Tumblr theme. The theme supports all the available post types, which makes it a great choice for different genres. You can feature up to three photos on the home page. The grid-based layout is perfectly optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions.

While the default color scheme looks great, you can choose the color for text, background, accent, and so on. It is also possible to choose any Google or Tumblr font. The theme works perfectly with modern browsers and comes with social sharing, Disqus comments, and Google Analytics support.


Void is a specially designed theme for creating designer or artist blogs. The clean, fully customizable theme comes with responsive columns, which makes it a great choice for showing off your portfolio. Opening images is a treat, thanks to the beautiful lightbox effects.

As the theme follows the web best practices, your blog will look great on all modern web browsers. It is also optimized for loading the images in a faster way. You can use the built-in customization options to control the font, color, image, white space, and other styling options.

Final Words

Tumblr themes make it a lot easier to create attractive microblogging sites within a short period. This article introduced you to the best free Tumblr themes for creating different types of microblogs.

So, what do you think about these themes? Do they look interesting enough for your next microblog? Let me know in the comments below.