Astute users of multisite have noticed that the blog ID column is no longer visible in network admin. You can still see the blog ID when you hover over the site name, however.

Frank at wpengineer has written up a quick mu-plugin if you’re happier with the whole column showing up. Check it out.

View blog ID in wordpress multisite


  1. It seems to me that the listing of users is now also reconfigured, no longer listing members by ID. This is a huge change for someone running a large community site with many members. Have you found this to be true, as well?

    • Yes. So far that’s the only change between 3.0 & 3.1 that I dislike. On a large network (or buddypress site) having them ordered alphabetically is largely useless because in most instances you don’t have the username on hand. Even if you do, unless it’s an ‘a’ or ‘z’ username, you have no idea what page they might be on.