Last weekend, Ron and I did a joint session and workshop at WordCamp Toronto. Our first session was a soft intro to multisite highlighting how we got into it, how ti developed, and what we use it for. Then we highlighted how other people use it. You can see the slides below.

On Day Two we did a 3 hour session on setting up multisite. We also walked through the network admin area and squeezed in at the end some of the more common plugins in use for common tasks they might want to accomplish.

The workshop was *awesome* and we very much would like to do that again. Ron & I got some great feedback, and I know I learned a few things about how I might want to do these in the future, as well as pacing, material to cover – etc. Ron and I took turns speaking and helping attendees with specific issues.

I wanted to post here to let the multisite-interested people find more good information and see how people *are* talking about it at WordCamps everywhere. Apparently at WordCamp Philly there was a session on multisite as well, on the same day.