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The moment website’s database has tons of entries, the need for a powerful search tool rises. It becomes a standing pillar which can break or make the success.

When it comes to a normal blog with hundreds of articles, a normal WordPress integrated search tool can handle the job. But, when the website is related to e-commerce, that search tool starts looking small.

You need to have an e-commerce dedicated solution and that’s exactly what we are going to find out today.

This compilation over here consists of the best WooCommerce search plugins. Each of these is capable of adding a powerful search tool that can help your e-commerce website, work even better.

If the search tool isn’t good, then it can take longer to find products, which can kill the user’s interest and then it will affect the conversion rate. Makes sense, right?

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s start looking at our options, right?

#1 YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

AJAX is a web technology, which can bring quick results via a search tool, without loading the page completely. For an e-commerce, this technology makes total sense, as it keeps users for a long time, especially if they are using a slow internet connection. Now, the very first plugin I’m recommending is capable of delivering a similar result. Once installed, it gains access to the product list, and when the user input a query, the search tool begins automatically. The product details start coming in the results, which are also clickable. The plugin is extremely easy to use and requires few click to setup completely. Also, it is perfectly integrated with WooCommerce and can work perfectly with all of its extensions. There is also a premium version available which packs dozens of paid features, capable of improving the functionalities further along with the addition of certain customizations.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is ready to work with widgets and even supports Shortcodes, allowing you to put the search tool anywhere.
  • It allows setting a minimum number of characters before the search can bring the results.
  • It is compatible with other WooCommerce plugins and works perfectly with modern WordPress version.
  • It can search through every category, and you can even put few of them aside.

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#2 Woocommerce Live Product Search

Woocommerce Live Product Search Plugin

It’s not a standalone plugin, rather an extension which adds a specific and powerful search tool to the overall WooCommerce powered e-commerce website. A live search which is capable of bringing quick results without loading the browser tab is what every e-commerce requires, and this particular extension does exactly the same. It is powerful enough the find and results only the matched products as per the keywords. There is no other functionality or feature it packs, which makes this plugin simple and extremely lightweight. If you’re looking for a similar one, then go ahead and check it in the live preview.

Full Details & Download | Demo

#3 WooCommerce Predictive Search

WooCommerce Predictive Search

The AJAX powered search tool can also be named a predictive search tool, as it can predict the products based on the search queries. Make sense, right? Now, this next plugin adds a similar predictive tool to the website powered by WooCommerce, and, it’s available without any price tag. It supports both post and page types and is well-coded to deliver 100% accurate results. The best part of this free plugin is that it packs tons of customization and functionalities which are all available without any price tag. You are allowed to set options which are displayed in the search results like price, prime details, featured images, etc. It supports Shortcodes and even includes Widget, allowing the webmaster to put the search tool online, anywhere he/she wants it to be available. The search tool even works with special characters, if those are matched with the product description. It also works with most of the languages, thanks to the support for translation inside. You should check out the details to know every feature it packs, and there is also a premium version available if those aren’t enough.

Plugin highlights:

  • It’s a popular product used by over thousands of users and is available on the official WordPress repository.
  • The plugin adds a super fast search tool, which doesn’t cost a lot on the server.
  • It can list down not only the product name but also the thumbnail or featured image.
  • Even the search result pages get better-looking URL, to maintain a better SEO scorecard.

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#4 Instant Search + for WooCommerce Search

Instant Search for WooCommerce Search Plugin

It’s an extremely fast product, as it’s based on the CDN, but the free version is limited to be used on a website with up to 50 products only. So, once your store grows up beyond that, you have to pay for its services. The plugin is simple to look at and easy to understand and use. It packs tons of functionalities and customization options to make quickly it look like a custom solution. It supports all the characters, even the special ones which can bring the product details. The plugin takes care of the SEO norms, and since it’s optimized for speed, it can get your website ranked in better positions.

Plugin highlights:

  • The result pages don’t look dull, as the plugin takes care of each of them and makes them look elegant.
  • It highlights the search term in the product description, making it easy for the user to find the details quickly.
  • Most of the elements are based on CDN and delivered via the same, keeping your website’s prime server away from the load.
  • You’re allowed to do contextual promotion of a product right into the search results.

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These were the best options to pick from. I did a thorough research and couldn’t find any other options to consider. But, I hope these four are good enough for you to pick, at least, one matching perfectly with the requirements. Let me know if you have any issues or queries in the discussion section and we will sort it out together. Don’t forget to share this with all your friends online who are running an e-commerce website. Peace!