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There aren’t many features or functionalities you can play with when it comes to creating and managing a 404 error page. It’s an error code, used to denote a webpage which has no specific content.

For an authority website, having a proper and custom 404 error page is extremely important, as it’s a showcase of how you plan to handle an error.

Now, most of the premium themes (almost every) have specific custom 404 page, which keeps the admins away from requiring any such specific plugins.

But, if you’re among the other case, then here is a compilation of best WordPress 404 plugins. You can go ahead with the list, and check out the exact product to go forward with.

Before you begin, most of the features and functionalities will be all same. So, you’ll find it tough to pick a single one out of these.

Let’s start with the list now!

#1 Redirection

Redirection WordPress Plugin

I’m recommending it at the first position because of two reasons. First, it comes with all required functionalities, and second, it is used by over half a million of active users. It is extremely easy to use and get started and you don’t require any coding knowledge to make it work. As you can judge from the name itself, this plugin can put a redirect functionality to the 404 error, which can convert the error into a valuable end. You’re allowed to control the redirection and set the specific page, and even configure the setting according to the custom requirements. For the redirection, it uses the 301 requests while keeping a full log of every 404 error.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows adding 301, 302, and 307 redirections manually to any post or page.
  • The product is available in over 20 internationally known languages and is translatable among those.
  • If you want, you can even redirect an available URL, increasing the functionality of the plugin beyond 404 error.
  • There is no pricing involved and there is still some level of support offered by the developer.

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#2 All 404 Redirect to Homepage

It’s a simple product which does a simple thing, redirects all the 404 errors to the homepage using the simple 301 redirect mechanism. The plugin is free to use and does nothing else. It is extremely simple to use and doesn’t require anything to configure. Just get it install, activate and you are done. The product is usually kept updated with the latest WordPress version.

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#3 404 to 301

404 to 301 WordPress Plugin

If you were impressed by the features offered by my first recommendation but were looking for its alternative, then here is the best one. This particular plugin does most of the things similarly, but it does bring certain unique features to the table. The code base is available on the Github where anyone can contribute to the development, which is also a sign of a trustworthy and developer-friendly product. Other than the usuals, it packs the concept of add-ons which can increase the functionality with a single click. For example, you’re allowed to add a log manager which can keep a track of every redirection happening on the website. The manager can email the reports and alerts on the regular or as per the configuration basis. It even creates a PDF file of the log which is downloadable for future reference. There is a proper documentation available for the whole product, which is impressive, considering there is no pricing involved here.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin follows all the SEO norms which are applied in this specific section of a website. It is extremely lightweight.
  • The product is ready for translation, making sure the services are available on the global level.
  • Other than just 301, it also works with other methods like 302 and 307.
  • It keeps a track of everything and is a developer-friendly product.

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#4 Custom 404 Pro

Custom 404 Pro Plugin

There might be a ‘Pro’ word here, but the plugin is still available for free. It adds a simple looking Admin Panel to the Dashboard area, allowing the webmaster to put a proper control on how visitors interact with a 404 error. The plugin keeps a proper log of this error’s occurrence. It comes with dedicated support from the developer and the codebase is also available Github, making it a developer-friendly product.

Plugin highlights:

  • The code behind the product is clean, and the overall product is lightweight.
  • It allows putting the custom page and URL redirects, offering additional functionality from the basic one.
  • It is extremely easy to use and is (mostly) compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Full Details & Download

#5 SEO Redirection Premium WordPress Plugin

SEO Redirection WordPress Plugin

If Redirection is a major activity on your website, then you should be interested in buying a complete package. The plugin I’m recommending here, comes at a price and includes a good number of functionalities, all related to the redirection. It adds an Admin area from where the redirections can be controlled and configured. The area is simple to start with, thanks to the easy interface. A proper log is maintained keeping the history of every redirect occurred, and in our particular case, the plugin can also take care of the 404 error.

Plugin highlights:

  • It keeps a cache for redirection which boosts the performance further and is helpful as per SEO is concerned.
  • It allows putting general configuration rules for a specific set of redirection, making sure the global behaviour is controlled.
  • It comes with built-in import and export functionalities for all the configurations inside.
  • The plugin works perfectly with Bootstrap and even with WordPress Multisite installation.

Full Details & Download

#6 404 Error Logger

This particular plugin can create a log of all the 404 error occurred on your website during a time frame. The plugin does nothing else but the log can record IP address, referrers, and user agents. It’s helpful if you’re interested in knowing the numbers initially.

Full Details & Download


Finally, these were the options you can go with, and if you’re finding it extremely difficult to select an exact one, then go with the plugin matching the WordPress version, and having a higher rating and higher number of active installs. If not, let me know the custom requirements you’re looking for, and I’ll hand-pick one for you. Peace!


  1. You forget the most important thing in your reviews:
    By far, most 404’s are generated by hackers, trying to hack the site…
    So it’s far better to use security plugins to analyze the 404’s than just redirecting them to your homepage or so.
    Hackers are not interested in visiting your homepage 😉
    My two pence…