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Affiliate is one of the primary sources of income for internet marketers, but mastering the art of affiliate marketing is not a one month job.

You need to be aware of the basics of blogging and other related elements and after then, prepare a list of the right tools which will help you in the journey.

Today, I’m going to share a kind of such tools, better known as affiliate management tools, in this compilation of best WordPress affiliate plugins.

Each of these plugins holds a bunch of other tools which can help you achieve an automation in the system and thus, helping you to concentrate on other tasks.

These tools can help only if you have a strategy to have a proper application for them. Otherwise, the investment in them might not come fruitful.

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Let’s start with the options we’ve one by one, and get you the top affiliate management plugin.

#1 AdPress

AdPress WordPress Advertising Plugin

Affiliate marketing’s prime task is to implement the advertisement in the best possible way. The implementation should be done in such a way that the campaign receives maximum CTR, which forwards to a better conversion. So, here is my first plugin recommendation, developed to do the same. It let you create new campaigns and manage them under a single hood. It is ready to work on the global platform, thanks to the built-in support for localization and it can set the selling part on automation. A built-in analytic tool is also available to keep you in the loop with the campaign status. Everything is easy to setup, and if you still need help, then proper documentation is available. Being a premium product, it also comes with dedicated support for first six months.

Plugin highlights:

  • The layout and every design elements are fully responsive to ensure proper functionality on mobile devices.
  • The plugin is integrated with PayPal with Sandbox mode, supporting even refunds.
  • It holds dozens of ad methods and tons of customizations options to support each.
  • It supports three different kinds of ads, image, flash, and link ads, and records duration, page views, and clicks for each.

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#2 AffiliateWP

Wordpress Affiliate Plugin

One major thing the first recommendation was missing, was add-ons. So, here is the second best affiliate management plugins, and it’s again a premium one. It’s extremely easy to use, and if not, then proper documentation and support are offered by the developer. Everything is integrated within the Dashboard of WordPress, keeping things in a single place for proper and easy management. It packs real-time reporting modules for each campaign that can keep you in the proper loop. The tracking module is also reliable, which even supports caching mechanisms. It supports almost every kind of affiliate method, including the coupon tracking. The product is ready for translations at the global level. 

Plugin highlights:

  • It uses a moderation technique, to keep the affiliate registrations either moderated or fully opened.
  • The add-on mechanism is mentioned inside, which can be integrated with other plugins and extensions like Gravity Forms.
  • The plugin supports PayPal payouts, with a single click.
  • SEO norms are properly followed, ensuring more organic traffic is attracted which simply means more conversion and increased sales.

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#3 Better Links Pro

AffiliateWP Marketing Plugin for WordPress

These days, advertisements are easily ignored and can even be banned from appearing in the browser. So, the best affiliate method available is the content marketing. It’s a simple term but is extremely tough to master. Considering the case you’ve mastered the art of content marketing, then this plugin should be picked. It hides the affiliate links wisely and ensures more clicks are done by the visitors. Normally, the links are not that neat to look at, which visitors don’t find that interesting to click. Also, once they spot an affiliate link, they no longer find it interesting. So, in all these cases, Better Links Pro can be helpful. The plugin is SEO friendly, ensuring its application is respected by all major search engines.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with built-in links creation where you can enter the normal affiliate link and then get it converted into a neat looking URL.
  • It can be used to place links on automation whenever a particular keyword is matched, offering a decent automation.
  • It can also control the different redirection mechanisms including 301, 302, and 307.
  • It also packs split testing module, offering a simple method for you to decide which exact campaign is bringing better conversions.

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#4 Pretty Link

Better Links Pro

If you are interested in the last recommendation and now eager to check its alternative for comparison, then check this Pretty Link plugin. It’s a premium product, offering a similar set of features. Most importantly, it’s based on the same technique and can increase the conversion done via content marketing. It can let you cloak, shrink, track, and share links and most of the processes are set on automation. Redirection and link management modules are also built-in. The developer also offers dedicated support.

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#5 MagicAffiliate

Pretty Link Pro WordPress Affiliate Plugin

It’s the final recommendation from my side and is again a premium offering. It allows running different kinds of unlimited affiliate campaigns which are assisted with tons of other features like real-time reporting, referring commissions, autoresponder integrations, and dedicated support for WooCommerce and even WP e-Commerce. It can even setup the ‘Signup Bonus’ module, attracting more registrations. It supports dozens of customization options, which can let you achieve a custom looking solution. A dedicated multilingual support is also packed inside.

Plugin highlights:

  • A fully functional shopping cart can be implemented within the website, using the available module.
  • It packs over 300 icons and dozens of built-in banners to quickly setup the campaign.
  • The installation and setup part is simple, and the plugin is integrated within WordPress properly, supporting almost every theme.

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Did you find the one came here looking for? Let us know in the discussion section, about the one you’re finally picking up and exactly why. If your search is still not ended, let me know the exact requirements, and I’ll try my best to hand-pick a perfect one. Peace!