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In the realm of digital marketing, Call to Action has never lost its place. It has been a vital part of the system since years and has evolved a lot.

By default, there are very few CTA (Call to Action) areas offered within the WordPress, which is the reason why we need to stick with the third-party solutions.

The third-party solutions can go with either a theme or a plugin. If your selected theme isn’t offering any such feature, then it is time to look at the plugin way.

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Today, I’m writing this compilation of best WordPress Call to Action plugins that can help you achieve a better conversion without putting too many efforts in place.

Let’s have a look at the recommendable options we have here.

#1 Inbound Marketing Suite

Inbound Marketing Plugins for WordPress

It’s one simple solution to all your internet marketing needs. It packs CTA, landing pages, lead management & tracking tools, email marketing tools, and even holds marketing automation measures. All these features are wrapped in a single package which is entirely compatible with WordPress platform. The plugin packs other related features and configuration options for these individual entries and even holds a built-in system for A/B testing. The plugin is a suite of every feature or functionality a business website might need. So, you are safe under a single roof, rather than using separate plugins for these individual elements. Moreover, the plugin is ready to be developed and improved further as its developer friendly.

Plugin highlights:

  • Most of the elements are customizable and available tools can be integrated with other plugins like email subscription providers, CRM tools, etc.
  • It allows putting custom template developed using HTML which primarily and always holds CTA areas.
  • It’s a premium product, backed by dedicated support from the developer team behind.

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#2 Bloom eMail Opt-In Plugin

Bloom Email Opt In Plugin

If you’re interested in getting dozens of premium themes and plugins, then check out what ElegantThemes has to offer in its package. Once you buy the subscription, you get Bloom eMail Opt-In plugin within the package, which I’m sure you can judge from the name itself. It comes with tons of customization options and pre-made templates that can be used quickly and the email subscription can be implemented anywhere on a website. It just offers the visual and functional facilities, and you need to signup for an email subscription service separately to get management tools, like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

Plugin highlights:

  • It packs special targeting elements that can help the system get better conversion i.e. more email subscribers.
  • The design part is the real deal in this plugin, as it comes with tons of customizable elements.
  • The CTA area can be implemented via six different types and to set it, you just have to push a single button.
  • It comes with special features like timed delay or pop-up after inactivity, or after commenting or after purchasing, and few more.

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#3 WordPress Calls to Action

WordPress Calls to Action Plugin

It’s a free product used by thousands of active users at this time. It packs almost every feature as of our first recommendation but with limited functionalities, considering there is no pricing involved here. The codebase of the plugin is available on Github, making the plugin developer friendly. Looking at the features it packs, you can easily consider it as a one-stop solution for most of the CTA requirements. It also packs dozens of customization options and even includes ready-made templates. Proper tools to track how things are going with the current setup are also present inside.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin allows conducting A/B split testing with the built-in tool.
  • It allows creating beautiful and interactive pop-ups for implementing CTAs and improving the conversion rate.
  • It packs Visual Editor at the Dashboard, making the customization extremely easy.
  • It supports extensions which can further improve the functionality of the overall plugin here.

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#4 WP Notification Bar Pro

WP Notification Bar Pro

Putting up a notification on a website and implementing the CTA within the same, is one of the best ways, as it always manages to get visitor’s attention. If this is what your strategy is, then here is a premium plugin to offer tons of notification methods. It’s a product of MyThemeShop, a known name in the WordPress development realm. It comes with social media integration, allowing you to put social media icons and buttons within the CTA. Also, it packs multiple notification methods to be used, and each of them is featured by tons of customization and other functional options which can be configured as per personal taste and requirements.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is optimized for performance and is also SEO ready for better search ranking.
  • The layout is responsive, and every element works correctly on smartphones and tablets.
  • There are multiple color schemes which can quickly change the overall look and feel.
  • It can be used on unlimited websites, as there are no restrictions from the developer. A dedicated support is also offered.

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#5 Easy Responsive Shortcodes

Easy Responsive Shortcodes

Shortcodes have increased the WordPress’s power further and if you’re eager to use the same concept to implement multiple types of CTA, then here is a plugin to make that happen. It can implement alert, or box, or columns, or even highlight a dedicated area which you’ve coded to bring some conversions. It is a free product that comes with proper support for SEO norms.

Plugin highlights:

  • It packs 470+ icons developed by FontAwesome.
  • The layout is responsive to ensure every element works properly on mobile devices.
  • In the package, LESS CSS file is included, allowing anyone to alter the code and make it a custom solution.

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These plugins can implement the functionality, but you need to use them in such a way that the implementation works correctly. You need to focus on the content and design part of the CTA area to bring maximum conversions. In every case, conducting an A/B test will give you a better perspective of the situation. Now, don’t forget to share this compilation with your internet marketing friends. Good luck!