Having a fully functional and super interactive discussion panel is an important aspect of a blog or a community channel. So far, internet users are addicted to the Facebook commenting system and also with the YouTube one.

But the one used in WordPress is not that interactive. It misses out tons of functionalities and most importantly, an elegant makeover which is important to attract visitors.

Thankfully, we can change the default discussion system and can use any third-party one of our choice. But, not all the options are worthy of trying.

So, here I’m with a compilation of only the best WordPress comment plugins. You need to pick one as per the personal requirements, and each one of them is capable of delivering a lag-free performance.

But to bring visitors to the discussion panel, you need to have a proper content strategy. Let’s have a look at the plugins we can go with.


Disqus Comment System

By default, the WordPress commenting system attracts a lot of spams. One can implement Akismet, but the spam comments can still manage to pass its filters. If controlling spam is what your primary aim is, then Disqus is one stop solution. Moreover, it looks elegant and always function properly. The system is free to use, and the setup procedure is dead simple. The product is SEO friendly, making the comments indexable by search engines and it is responsive to work on smartphones, tablets and of course, the traditional laptops and desktops. The system is lightweight and can load up quickly.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with social media integration, making it easy for new visitors to have a Disqus profile for commenting quickly.
  • The Admin part is easy to use, and the moderators can easily keep things clean on the website.
  • It comes with powerful spam filtering and blacklists mechanisms which are all built-in.
  • The comments are automatically synced and backed up inside the Disqus and WordPress database.

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Jetpack by

The discussion system on powered blogs can be implemented on self-hosted blogs too, thanks to the production of Jetpack plugin. It is a free product that can be implemented to get tons of other functionalities, including some paid ones. The plugin is an in-house product of the WordPress’s parent company, and thus, you can expect proper functionality and integration within the system. Things work out super simple, as the setup part requires, almost no additional efforts. Although, you can change the few configurations according to personal requirements.

Plugin highlights:

  • It puts social media integration, making it easy for users to have a quick profile via social platforms and join the discussion.
  • It can quickly fetch the profile data from account, and Gravatar ID is instantly loaded.
  • It can be used to increase the email subscriber numbers, with the simplest implementation.
  • The product loads up at an instant speed, thanks to its extremely lightweight size.

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It’s not a standalone discussion module, but it still needs an introduction here. CommentLuv has been primarily used in the internet marketing realm, as it can help webmaster create better networking and that too without many efforts. It connects two blogs with a simple functionality, i.e., fetching the latest post from another blog, and mentioning it with the discussion. It increases the flow of link juice between the blogs and thus, connect them together, further connecting the two bloggers. The best part is that it gets integrated with the default WordPress discussion system and doesn’t require too many options to configure. The product is available for free, but you can also opt for the premium version to get few more features.

Plugin highlights:

  • The product is available in multiple globally known languages, thanks to the translation.
  • It can help webmaster control the spams by putting a strong filter, named G.A.S.P. (requires separate installation).
  • It is integrated with social media platforms, helping the blog posts to get more social shares.

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Facebook Comments

As I mentioned in the starting, Facebook comments are highly praised by the internet users. If you wish to implement the same into your blog, which works with the same Facebook profile, then here is a plugin you can give a try. It adds the Facebook commenting system with proper profile integration after going through a simple setup process and is extremely lightweight. There aren’t many features offered here, as things are kept dead simple. If a person is already logged in with a Facebook account, then the browser doesn’t require to login again.

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IntenseDebate Comments

Most of the online journals have been using IntenseDebate comment module, and it’s not a new product. Thankfully, it is available for WordPress platform, officially, and you can implement the same using this plugin. It doesn’t bring much to the table, as the IntenseDebate servers control most of the options and configurations. Have a look if you were interested in implementing the same.

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Comments Evolved for WordPress

If you believe in offering multiple options to the visitors, then here is a plugin that can implement Google+, Facebook, WordPress’s default, and Disqus commenting system, all at once. Each of these is divided into proper tabs, making it easy for users to pick any of their favorites and quickly leave a comment. The product is available for free, and the source code is published on Github, making it developer friendly. If you’re picking this one, then do let me know the exact reason behind this selection, as I’m personally confused why one will require more than one options to pick.

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Bonus: Plugins to fight Comment Spamming



Comment spam is one of the biggest headaches that site owners often have to deal with. In the recent times, spamming from both bots and humans has increased significantly and if left unchecked, can negatively affect your site. Akismet is one of the most common WordPress Comments Plugins that examines the database to weed out potential spam comments and move them to a folder for spam comments pending your review. The advantage of Akismet is that it reduces notifications you receive especially from pending comments that are regarded as spam.

Many WordPress site owners have installed Akismet because of the simple fact that it’s very efficient when it comes to dealing with huge spam content. However, on the flipside, you may need to manually go through the comments since there is a high chance some legitimate comments could end in the spam folder.

To avoid the risk of deleting legitimate comments, make a habit of checking your spam folder daily. You can manually check for comments, approve valid ones and delete spam. Depending on your site’s popularity, you may be forced to repeat this procedure several times. Keeping a lot of spam comments can take up a lot of precious space in your database.

It’s important to avoid immediately deleting spam comments because you risk the chance of losing legitimate comments in the process.

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Subscribe to Comments

When choosing a WordPress Comments Plugin, it is important to select a plugin which is convenient for both the site owner and commenters. Subscribe to Comments is a powerful plugin that enables users commenting on a site to check a simple box available on the comment form to receive notifications whenever new comment is added to a post. This is vital because it encourages commenters to be informed about the conversations going on as well as get the chance to participate in future commenting.

The advantage with this Comments Plugin is that users have the freedom to unsubscribe from comments whenever they wish. On the other hand, site owners have a comment subscription manager facility which enables them to see email addresses of users who’ve subscribed to most posts together with posts that have received the most subscriptions.

As a site owner, it is good to regularly check your comment subscription manager to find out which users are subscribing to most of your posts. Using this information, you can be able to identify which commenters are your loyal fans who appreciate your content. If you have old posts that got a lot of comments and subscriptions, you should post a new comment to those posts to notify subscribers via email that a new comment has been added; this is a perfect way to rekindle interaction on highly subscribed older posts.

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GASP – Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin

In recent times, site owners are grappling with challenges caused by spammers. The process of figuring out captchas is something website users dread. However, site owners often have no option but to put these measures in place to control spam infiltration. Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin commonly known as G.A.S.P has been designed to make it easier for users to comment on sites. Instead of trying to interpret numbers, shapes or words before submitting comments, users just need to check a box to verify they are not spammers simply. The advantage of this plugin is that it only allows humans to check the box; automated boots can’t do it.

One way of customizing G.A.S.P is to greet commenters and kindly alert them to check the box before they can proceed.
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I’m sure you already have a plan for the content part, and now you also have an interactive discussion plugin for the same. Let us know which one you’ve finally picked and exactly why. It will further help another webmaster to make a better decision through our valuable discussion. Good luck with your plan!


  1. Hey Samdani,

    Thank you for stopping by and giving your feedback 🙂 DISQUS is one of my all time favourite commenting solution you get way less spam.

      • It could just be me but I still receiving thousands of spam comment on my personal blogs that’s using Jetpack. One thing is for sure is that the default commenting system does encourage more people to comment.

  2. I have good experience with Jetpack by . It is not only a plugin but also a doctor for WordPress websites. It boosts speed of websites, protect from hackers and helpful for SEO. It also has an awesome option for tracking visitors.

    • Hey Janet,

      Jetpack is a great option to consider; it used to be very bloated, but the recent updates have helped streamline things. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing all these commenting plugins with us. I’m looking to some wordpress commenting
    plugins from last few days and finally got one from here. Thanks for such an amazing post and please
    share some such kind incredible plugins with us.

    • Hey Jack,

      Thank you for reaching out. Currently, I am unable to access your site it says too many redirects.
      Sorry if this sounds silly but when you say user message terminal are you referring to like a chat plugin?

  4. Hey Brian,

    Good list of plugins.

    Right now I see alot of bloggers using Disgus. I also like facebook comments as it could potentially bring in some social traffic.

    That’s why I just installed comments evolved as it contains them both. A little glitch in this plugin is that the Gplus comments does not always appear and I need to click another tab and then back to get it working.

    Another plugin worth mentioning is wpDiscuz. It should be on your list. I am still in comtemplation between comments evolved and wpDiscuz. wpDiscuz is like a self hosted version of Disgus.

    By the way, when trying to submit my comment using firefox, I got an error saying I need javascript and cookies enabled. I’m trying safari instead.

    • Hey Leo,
      Disqus is awesome I use it on all my sites besides this one. Facebook comment plugin is great if you have a site geared towards social sharing like ViralNova, Upworthy, etc…
      I think with the Facebook plugin overall you might receive fewer comments.

      Out of wpdiscuz and evolved I am leaning towards wpdiscuz because I like to have a copy of the comments. However, my concern with any commenting plugin is whether or not it stores a copy of the comment to your local DataBase. As the plugin could retire or you might want to move to a different solution.

      Sorry about the error issue you experienced. I am experimenting with different comment spam protection. I get hundreds of spammy comments every day. It’s super hard to filter genuine comments.

      Honestly, I am concerning moving to Disqus or I might try wpdiscuz.

      I see you are using evolved let me know how you get on?

  5. Brian

    I read yesterday that Disgus keeps your comments but you can get it all downloaded to your wordpress native comments database.

    What I like about wpdiscuz is that it allows sharing the comments in different platforms too. I am really trying to figure out if there is some big advantage to using Disgus, otherwise why are so many bloggers using it. It is to do with the community, like we can follow each other? So each time we comment, there would be inbound traffic from followers.

    I still need to register with Disgus so I can get the disgus tab of comments evolved working. I’ll report how things get on, but like I say, I am still not 100% on either solution.

    • Hi Leo,

      Yes, Disqus does allow you to store comments locally on WordPress. A few advantages to Disqus is that:
      – users can sign in with facebook, twitter or Google+ to leave a comment
      – you spend less time moderating because if there is a well-known spammer in the community if they were to attempt to comment on your blog chances are they wouldn’t get auto approve.
      – there is that social aspect
      – super easy for users to comment
      – little if no auto bot comments
      – you can also display ads in your comment via Disqus ad network.

      Quick question, what do you think about the default WordPress commenting system?

  6. As it is, the default wordpress commenting system is really bare.

    If we use the wordpress commenting system but enhance it with plugins, then it has its uses.

    Some of the uses that have me thinking twice of moving to a third party system like disgus are:
    – comment redirection – redirect those who first comment to a thank you page, where you connect and apply a CTA.
    – subscribe to new comments
    – people can just write a comment by filling in name and email without the need to login

    What about your thoughts about keeping the wordpress comment system?

    • All valid points Leo.
      I ran a similar site to this one before using Disqus, and the feedback I got from readers was that they prefer the default WP comment because they can link back to their sites.

      So if other readers wanted to learn more about a particular commenter they can easily do so.

      If it wasn’t for the thousands of spam comments, we receive every week I would recommend it all day.

  7. Brian

    If spam is the only issue, then you could install a recaptcha to the default wp commenting system.

    Wpdiscuz also has a recaptcha add on too.

    Another plugin I am looking at is Postmatic. It allows people to follow the comment updates via email and reply via email will get added to the comments without them having to visit the page.

    • I have just installed one 🙂 My main reason for not doing so sooner is because we have over 30 active plugins which are slowing the site down 🙁

      I do plan to code up a custom fix in the theme when I have some time.

      Postmatic, looks interesting…currently, when I visit their site, half the page does not load. So, I’m not able to take a closer look.
      Great find never the less.

  8. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for your nice article on “10+ Best WordPress Comments Plugins”. Comment plugins are essential for a business website and these plugins are also best comment plugins and users will get benefit from your awesome guideline.