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Dropbox is one stop solution to everything you require from a cloud-based service, and it’s not a new name in the industry. It has been offering a professional service, ever since the cloud-based storage system became popular.

Another popular thing on the internet is the WordPress. Now, if you can combine these two popular platforms and make them work in harmony, then it will be super helpful, right?

Let’s start with how we can make that possible. One simple solution is by installing a dedicated plugin that can implement and integrate Dropbox into the WordPress. You can also go with some custom solution if aware of the development side.

I guess you’re interesting in the plugin method, so here I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress Dropbox plugins. Pick any of them which meets the application you’re looking for.

Let’s start with the list now!

#1 Snapshot Pro

SnapShot backup plugin

It’s a premium plugin which is meant to keep a backup of complete WordPress website and even take care of the restoration process. It comes integrated with Dropbox completely and even includes Amazon S3. So, if you have a Dropbox account, then using this plugin, the complete backup of your website or blog can be uploaded. And, this all happens on automation. The backup part is handled for both, front and back-end (database), and you can even customize it. You don’t need to worry about downloading a backup, then uploading it, as it happens on automation, as I explained earlier.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can help you manage the memory usage and keep a specific number of backup, keeping the Dropbox storage under control.
  • It works with Amazon S3 and even with FTP and SFTP.
  • It is compatible to work with Multisite and keeps a log of everything, which is even downloadable.
  • The backup process can be initiated manually, and the restoration can be done with a single click.

Full Details & Download

#2 WordPress Backup & Clone Master

WordPress Backup Clone Master Plugin

It’s another backup plugin which can take care of keeping files and folders of your website safe and sound, and can also use them to restore the complete website. It can even help you clone the whole website to a whole new domain or hosting provider. The plugin is regularly updated and is also provided with six months of dedicated support from the developer. Other than Dropbox, it also supports Google Drive. It also helps a website to move from development phase to the production one.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can help your website to be pushed onto a new host and can even do the exact thing for Multisite network.
  • It works on automation and can send regular updates (even backups) to the email address.
  • It includes everything in the backup while offering you to pick a custom configuration.
  • Working with the latest WordPress version is compatible.

Full Details & Download

#3 Embed Any Document Plus

Embed Any Document Plus Plugin

As the name suggests, it’s a premium plugin that can help you embed any document or a file or even a folder from Dropbox, straight to the WordPress post or page. It’s not a backup plugin and other than Dropbox, it also works with Google Drive and Box cloud storage solution providers. The usage of this plugin is very rare, as not everyone is in need to embed a document. But, if you were looking for such a solution, then here is a plugin that can make it happen.

Plugin highlights:

  • It works with Adobe Illustrator file format and even with Vector Graphics and other formats like TIFF images, PDF, etc.
  • It works perfectly with the translation as the whole plugin supports it natively.
  • The whole layout is minimal, and the performance scorecard is top-notch.
  • The plugin comes with proper support and even with documentation.

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#4 WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

If you’re looking for the backup application for Dropbox but don’t have a budget to buy a premium plugin, then consider this free one. It can keep a complete backup of the WordPress website to Dropbox and never charges anything for it. The product is simple to use and easy to understand and does what it promises to, professionally. It is regularly updated to meet the new standards of WordPress and the developer also provide some sort of support.

Plugin highlights:

  • You can schedule the backup by picking up the date and time, which is cool for a free plugin.
  • The setup procedure for the backup is really simple and includes about four steps.
  • It also packs certain extensions which can increase the functionality further, but they are paid ones.

Full Details & Download

#5 Global Gallery

Global Gallery WordPress Plugin

Recently one of my friends asked that what’s the solution if one has to upload a lot of heavy images without putting the whole weight on the server. Well, a plugin like this, Global Gallery is the perfect answer in such a situation. You can upload the images to Dropbox cloud storage of your choice, and this plugin will embed it from there, right into your post or page. This is how the image will not be putting any weight on the actual server your website hosted on. This is not the single feature this plugin offers, as it takes care of everything an image post requires. It also supports the WP Galleries and the nextGEN integration is also present. You should definitely check out rest of its features.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports unlimited responsive and adaptive galleries and includes support for Dropbox.
  • It comes with one click setup, and the gallery builder is assisted with the drag & drop builder.
  • It even includes nine types of Lightboxes in the package which are one click away from using.
  • The plugin holds a built-in feature to put a watermark on all your images.

Full Details & Download


Now you have more than a couple of options to pick from. If you find it confusing, then let me know the exact WordPress Dropbox plugin you’re looking for in the discussion section and I’ll hand-pick one. It’s time you share this compilation with all your friends online.


  1. Hey Betty,

    Thank you for your recommendation it looks really good 🙂 I have yet to use it but will test it out. My favourite is Updraft.