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One major functionality WordPress lacks the ability to upload files and folders from the front-end. Even from the back-end it supports specific file formats, putting a big limitation.

But, thanks to the availability of plugins, one can achieve this extended functionality easily. Today, I’m going to share the compilation of best WordPress File Upload plugins.

Each of these plugins is capable of implementing this special functionality at its best, and I am pretty sure you’ll find a professional solution from here.

Implementing such a functionality can help you start a user-friendly website as they will be allowed to upload files and folders from their end. But, there is also a security point of view here, which I’m sure you’re aware of.

If you need to know more details, then let me know in the discussion section. Right now, let’s begin with our options.

#1 User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts Plugin

Running an online community blog where anyone can post their views, is possible via User Submitted Posts plugin. It’s a free product that packs tons of features to support this expandability. It allows users to put the name, URL, email, title, tags, category, content, and even allow them to upload images. Once the post is submitted, it goes for the admin’s approval. The plugin does support the active translation which is extremely necessary to run a global standard community. Apart from these functionalities, which are much-needed, it also packs a bunch of customizations to help you achieve a custom looking solution.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows the webmaster to either use a classic form or the one developed using HTML5 or even via a stylesheet.
  • Admin is allowed to control the number of fields allowed to be part of the submission form, offering the customizations.
  • The error messages related to the submission is also customizable.
  • The plugin is also available in a paid version if one is considering to get the best of it.

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#2 Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

This is a premium plugin powered by AJAX, as you can judge from the name itself. It offers a simple looking and elegant interface that can handle the file uploading easily. It packs image resizer, custom filters and even supports thumbnails. You are allowed to put a limit on the size of the upload file or even put a number on the number of files allowed for a user to upload. The plugin even holds a statistic tool, collecting the data regularly to keep you posted on the current status. If you are not using WordPress, then the same plugin is also available in non-WordPress version. Moreover, it’s a product from a featured author at CodeCanyon platform, confirming how powerful and safe it is.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is easily integrated with other forms, and there are tons of customization options available to play with.
  • It takes care of the thumbnails on the automation, and can even manage the images by putting them into separate folders.
  • The plugin supports all popular web browsers, and the UI is responsive.
  • It is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the modern WordPress version.

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#3 WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend Plugin

Remember the features offered by our first plugin? Well, if you were looking for more features then check out what WP User Frontend has to offer. It is available for free and offers additional features like allowing users to delete the post from front-end. It even keeps an updated profile of every user which is again customizable from the front-end itself. It packs a custom Dashboard for the front-end, and there is also a premium version available, offering special features like CAPTCHA, many performance improvements, etc. It does support translation and is kept updated to stay compatible with modern WordPress script version.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows users to create their profile, customize it, and post or edit content from the front-end.
  • The Admin is offered powers to control the content publishing, and there are different levels of access offered.
  • It allows you to put a price ahead of the profile creation, allowing users to pay for the subscriptions.
  • Users are allowed to upload attachments which are again manageable by the admin from Dashboard.

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#4 WordPress File Upload

WordPress File Upload Plugin

One of the unique feature of this another free entry is that it is developed using HTML5, ensuring the modern web ethics at the base and compatibility for smartphones and tablets. Not to forget, it keeps the plugin lightweight and secure, thanks to modern ethics. It allows users to create a profile quickly and then they are allowed to post a fully featured post from the front-end. It can even take care of the email notifications for user profiles. Moreover, a visual editor is also present at the Dashboard, making sure that no technical knowledge is required to use it for the best.

Plugin highlights:

  • It keeps a track of uploading and offers a complete progress report to the user.
  • There are over 50 options to customize and change the overall look and feel.
  • It even let users capture pictures using their smartphone or laptop or desktops and use them in the posts.

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#5 Frontend Uploader

Frontend Uploader WordPress Plugin

It’s the last recommendation which is again a simple product and is extremely easy to use. It packs a bunch of customizations and even packs functionalities which all support the thing we are looking for here. It even allows uploading Office and Adobe files along with the normal content post files. It allows the admin to add some exotic MIME-type, which is a rare feature.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can be used to publish Posts or Pages or even the Custom post types.
  • There are no restrictions on the file types allowed to be uploaded with the help of this plugin.
  • It is offered with some support from the developer, and proper documentation is also available.

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These were the WordPress file upload plugins, I can recommend right now. If I missed a worthy one, let me know in the discussion section below. Don’t forget to tell us about your selection and the reason why you picked that one. Peace!