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It’s possible to get a free theme just by searching for the specific niche on Google, but it’s not advisable, at all. The prime reason behind this is that you need to be aware of the developer team behind a particular theme, as it will be injecting the set of codes into your clean WordPress installation.

So, you must be thinking, if that’s not safe, then what’s advisable?

Well, the best way to get a proper and totally safe theme is to look for it from specific theme providers. Either from a sole developer or a team, providing premium themes since years.

This is what you need to look, and once you are at their portfolio, you’ll have options to pick dozens of, depending on the specific niche.

Now, searching for a premium theme is an ideal situation these days. But, to make it even worth, you have to look for developers who are providing their theme with a framework behind.

A framework is kind of a control panel, offered in the Dashboard area, using which webmaster is allowed to bring all possible visual and functional changes. Cool, right?

Not every premium developer is offering a framework, but if they are, then you can understand how passionate they are for this work. And, you’ll have an extremely simple to use the tool, in your arsenal.

Which is the Best WordPress Framework?

Now as I’ve peaked your interest, let’s have a look at the premium and the best WordPress theme framework you can with begin right away.



If you’re considering going with ElegantThemes, then do check out Divi theme. It’s an extremely powerful theme, packed with a drag & drop interface, allowing the webmaster to create any sort of possible visual combination. Else, you can have a look at any other themes they have in their arsenal and if you buy their developer licence, you even get a couple of premium and 100% worthy plugins.

All of their themes come with a dedicated framework behind, which is powerful enough to bring every possible functional change, and that too, without writing a single piece of code. Also, for just $69 per year, you can get all of their themes, each of them backed up by their powerful framework.

Framework Details & Download

Genesis by StudioPress

If you’re not looking for tons of customization and functional features, and simply a fast, secure and to-the-point framework, then Genesis is simply the best. It’s the same reason why Genesis has been the number one choice of thousands of internet marketers and trust me, you can begin using it without any technical knowledge. And, if you get lost somewhere, a super helpful and experienced support team is always ready to answer your queries.

StudioPress is a known name in theme development, especially for WordPress, and they have been offering their services for years. You can buy any of their themes, and it will come with Genesis framework, which acts as a parent theme. If in future, you learn how to code, you can even create your own Child theme, and use it to make the website look totally unique or according to your taste.

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Every Themify developed themes you buy, comes with their Themify Builder, which is their own take on the drag & drop visual page builder. It comes with dozens of modules and elements which can be picked and placed anywhere possible, and you’ll have a ready to go visually stunning layout. Further, every layout will be totally responsive and mobile friendly, to ensure proper functioning of small screen devices.

To keep things further simple, there is no concept of child or parent theme here, as every theme comes with Themify Builder integrated. It packs dozens of features which otherwise have to be purchased separately via premium plugins.

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TeslaThemes works on the same concept as of StudioPress, as it comes with a parent theme (framework) working as the base, and then custom child themes build on them to bring additional functional and visual changes. It comes with proper documentation and a support forum is always active to help any newcomer facing issues.

If you wish to know things in short and quick, then TeslaThemes is the framework one should go if he/she needs to stay away from hundreds of customization features. Rather, looking for a simpler layout, with simple options, which are still powerful and visually stunning to woo the visitors.

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The prime purpose of Headway framework is to woo the visitor with its magical and impressive layouts and visual elements. The framework is powerful enough to bring any layout and in spite of having super cool visual elements, the website still remains lightweight. In short, this framework is perfect for those who put design before anything else.

To bring additional changes, CSS, HTML, and PHP code addition is allowed, and it even integrates perfectly with Block API and WordPress hooks. Each and every layout created using the framework is always responsive in nature and can adapt to any screen size to function perfectly.

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For users keen on having an advanced WordPress theme framework that allows more freedom to customize layout, designs and functions, Thesis is definitely a good choice to consider. If you don’t know how to write code, you don’t need to worry because there is a drag and drop layout tool plus a visual template editor enabling users to have a good time building the site. Just like the other top WordPress Theme Frameworks, Thesis is packed with a lot of features.

One of the key highlights for this theme framework are Boxes which resemble template plugins that allow you to add numerous features such as Facebook Like Boxes, integration for Newsletters as well as other exciting features. Also, you can get to focus on topography which allows you to have full control over your fonts. Thesis API helps developers to realize the maximum benefit of coding as well as simple integration of facilities such as Google Webmaster Tools.

Thesis is a good choice for developers looking for an advanced theme. With a price tag of $197 for the Professional license, this theme framework is costly compared to its counterparts especially if you only need basic services. Fortunately, there is plenty of unlimited support plus an active community.

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Unlike other paid WordPress theme frameworks, Gantry is free but paid support costs $99 per year. Gantry is a product of RocketTheme, a popular theme shop known for their beautiful themes and an amazing theme framework which is packed with numerous features and extensive documentation. No doubt, this theme framework has undergone a lot of improvements to make it more competitive.

Some of the core highlights of this theme framework include numerous widgets and built-in fields, extensive customization possibilities, 960-grid system as well as support for LESS CSS. The framework’s responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap makes it accessible even from mobile devices. The documentation for this framework is extensive but you need time to familiarize yourself with the different ways of doing things. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out how things are done because Gantry Google Groups have many developers who can answer your questions.

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Final words

Finally, which particular one you’re going with? For extreme simplicity, power-pack and security, StudioPress is highly recommended. And, if you can handle a lot of customizations and features, then go with any other from the list above.

If confused between picking one out of two or three, simply create a requirement list, and see which matches the most. I’ll be available at the discussion section below if you need help on any related subject. Peace!