Creating a membership-based system could be a great way to earn some extra income. You can create a brand new site from scratch or turn your existing site into a membership site. Either way, you will need a dedicated plugin to offer various features of a membership site and to ensure the proper management of the community.

There are lots of membership plugins available for WordPress. But not all of them provide the necessary options. For today’s post, I have made a list of the most comprehensive membership plugins for WordPress. You can use any of these plugins to create a fully featured membership site.

Let’s see which is the best WordPress membership plugin, shall we?


Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a very popular membership plugin for WordPress. This feature-rich plugin allows you to lock your valuable contents only for the members. The simple member management options will help you to manage the active, expired, pending, free, and cancelled users from one location.

When using this plugin, you can accept credit card payments by using popular payment methods including 2CheckOut, PayPall Pro, Stripe, BrainTree, etc. The integrated subscription package feature allows you to create unlimited number of packages at various price points.

The plugin also comes with readymade email templates for various events like new member registration, payment confirmation, reminder before expiry, etc. You can export the member data as a CSV file.

There are several pricing plans for the plugin. The basic one starts at $49 per year.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Versatile dashboard for easy customer management
  • Simple upgrade and downgrade system for members
  • Total support for payment modules and WooCommerce
  • Detailed report for tracking website performance

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S2Member is a fully featured membership platform for WordPress. You can use this plugin to create a membership website or reserve some of your contents as member-only. The plugin allows you to choose a custom login page and add custom fields to the registration and profile pages.

Thanks to the integrated Pro-Forms feature, you can offer one-step registration and checkout for new members. The plugin supports all popular payment methods including PayPal Pro, Stripe,, ClickBank, etc.

As the plugin makes heavy use of shortcodes, it is very easy to use its various features. When it comes to security, s2Member can help you protect your site by using the unique IP restriction, brute-force login prevention, and security encryption key features.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Total solution for developing membership sites
  • Complete integration with popular payment methods
  • Reliable security features
  • Lots of shortcodes for using various features

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Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Membership Pro is a widely used plugin for providing complete membership solution. This premium plugin allows you to protect your valuable posts, pages, products, images, etc. and choose a replace content rule for free users.

The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce. That means you can sell your membership plans as products, use all the extensions and payments gateways of WooCommerce. You can create different types of levels of membership plans for your visitors.

There are several readymade templates for the register and login pages. The plugin also supports social login, integration with popular email marketing platforms, unlimited form fields, coupon codes, etc.

The plugin is priced at $28.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Multi-level membership plans with precise restriction
  • Social login with support for 7 social media networks
  • Complete integration with WooCommerce and BuddyPress
  • Dedicated profile and account settings page for members

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WooCommerce Membership

If you are looking for a reliable plugin to introduce membership system on your WooCommerce website, this plugin is the solution for you. The plugin allows you to convert any of your WooCommerce product to membership-based product.

You can create different types of membership and offer various features for the packages. The simple admin interface allows you to manage the existing and new members. If you want to create a content drip feed system, the delayed plan activation feature will be very useful for you.

The plugin also comes with a diverse range of options to restrict access to exclusive posts and/or pages, grant access to all members, non-members, or choose accessible posts or pages in bulk.

You can get the plugin for $39.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Simple solution for converting WooCommerce products to membership system
  • Advanced content restriction options
  • Simple options to manage members

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WP Membership

WP Membership is a simple but effective WordPress plugin for using the membership feature in your website. It allows you to offer free or paid trials so that your members can evaluate the benefit before signing up. The plugin works with both PayPal and Stripe, which means you can easily accept payments on your membership site.

The plugin allows you to store new member details on your MailChimp account. The fully responsive plugin makes sure that your membership features work perfectly on all devices. As the plugin is available in 11 different languages, you can use it to create membership websites on other languages too.

You can purchase WP Membership for $34.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Beginner-friendly options to get started quickly
  • Supports different types of free and paid memberships
  • Multiple readymade styles for pricing table, signup form, and profile page

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Membership 2 Pro

Coming from WPMU Dev, Membership 2 Pro could be another excellent solution for building your membership site. The intuitive setup wizard will be very useful in setting up the basics of your membership site. Thanks to the smart simulation mode, you can easily confirm that everything is working before you go live.

The plugin supports four membership types – standard, guest, dripped content, and default memberships. You are free to use any or all of these types according to your requirements. You can accept payment by using 4 payment methods – PayPal,, Stripe, or manual payment.

Membership 2 Pro works perfectly with multi-site network. It is also possible to extend the plugin functionalities by purchasing various add-ons.

You can get the plugin by becoming a WPMU Dev member. Membership pricing starts at $49 per month.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Supports all types of membership sites
  • Smart setup wizard to help you with the setup process
  • Advanced options for sitewide content protection

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MemberPress is another premium solution for creating a fully functional membership site in WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you can turn your website into a money making machine. You can create different types of subscription plans. You can provide or revoke access to various posts, pages, categories, media files, etc. based on the plans.

As MemberPress supports common payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, and, you can easily accept payments from your visitors. The plugin also works perfectly with the popular email marketing tools.

The plugin price starts at $99 per year.

Plugin Highlights:

  • Simple solution for building membership plans
  • Advanced controlling options on content access
  • Convenient way to sell digital products

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Final Words

When creating a membership site, you have to handle various things like user management, member profiles, membership plans, content locking, payment, security, etc. Premium membership plugins provide a complete solution to all these requirements.

This post introduced you to the best membership plugins for WordPress. Feel free to choose any of these and get your membership site started shortly.

So, which plugin looks the most interesting to you? Does it offer all the features you look for in a membership plugin? Let me know by leaving a comment below.