The navigation is an important section of a blog and it has its own importance regarding user experience and even in SEO. A website with poor navigation can get poor SERP positions, which can kill its growth.

By default, WordPress supports Menu (navigation module), and it can be quickly implemented in the supported themes. These days, you’ll rarely find a WordPress theme which doesn\’t support this feature.

But the default one is not that powerful and modern. Especially, it’s not responsive to properly function on smartphone and tablets.

So, here I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress Menu plugins which you can use. And, these plugins can take care of everything not available in the default Menu.

Alternatively, you can also buy a premium modern theme which supports modern Menu system and packs the module by default. Else, the following are the plugins to look at.



With over 50k sales, UberMenu is a popular product which is even trending right now at CodeCanyon platform. It packs almost every feature which you might require to boost the usual boring menu section, and it takes care of every modern aspect. The layout is flexible and responsive, and it even has dedicated layout for smartphones and tablets. It packs tons of customization options and uses a full grid system with individual layout controls. Moreover, the plugin is optimized properly to work on devices with the touchscreen display. It even allows putting images to the section. Moreover, it packs tons of visual animations effects and even dropdown CSS3 transitions.

Plugin highlights:

  • The module supports advanced content, allowing the webmaster to showcase map, or widgets or anything via Shortcodes.
  • It comes with a dynamic item generator, allowing the webmaster to build a submenu from a term or post quickly.
  • The UI is super enhanced, and it is even featuring tabs to categorize the content properly.
  • It supports Mega and Flyout submenus, making it totally modern.

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Admin Menu Editor

The WordPress by default has Menu editor, but it’s not that powerful as it can be. If you’re missing those additional functionalities eagerly, then install and activate this particular plugin. It is free to use and has over 20k active installs. The plugin makes the customization and creation process of the Menu dead simple, thanks to the drag & drop menu ready UI. It just adds extra features to the existing module. The product is kept updated to stay properly compatible with the modern WordPress script version.

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NOO Menu

If you were impressed by our first recommendation but were looking for some alternatives, then NOO Menu should be checked thoroughly. It covers all the basic functionalities with modern features but offers a slightly different UI, with cool design elements. The design is the primary attraction of this product which is available at a price on CodeCanyon platform. It adds Mega Menu to a WordPress website which can be customized further according to the personal taste. The product is lightweight and is compatible to work properly on smartphones, tablets, and on any known web browser. It allows sharing a grid layout which can hold up to 12 columns.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can showcase real-time preview in the backend itself, making it easy to customize and see live changes.
  • It packs both horizontal and vertical orientation, offering you two custom options to pick from.
  • The plugin packs nine preset styles with add-ons to improve further or customize them.
  • It allows unlimited colts to be used, multiple transparent options, multiple Google fonts, and 350 Font Awesome icons.

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WordPress Menufication

It’s a premium plugin that can add a mobile friendly navigation to the WordPress website or blog. It uses a mobile-first UI with super elegant design elements, while still maintaining the simplicity. The Flyout is the style primarily used here, and it uses the CSS3 to keep everything moving. It’s available on the CodeCanyon platform, and the package includes proper documentation and six months of free support from the developer.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is totally integrated and compatible with WordPress default Menu system.
  • It works with swipe gestures, supporting the touchscreen featuring smartphones and tablets.
  • It allows adding a custom logo which can be visible within the Menu.
  • It packs certain visual and functional configuration options to adjust the overall behavior.

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Mega Main Menu

As you can judge from the name itself, it can add a Mega Menu to a website after going through a simple setup procedure. The product comes with proper documentation and six months of free support, which can help out the beginners in every way possible. The plugin can add a Menu which can feature a logo or a search module, and it will always end up looking elegant, no matter how unique you configure the same.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with 10 different drop-down visuals and functionalities, offering some choices to the webmaster.
  • It packs over 600 Google Fonts, 1600 Vector icons and an unlimited number of colors to pick from.
  • The layout is modern, adding sticky support, and is responsive to work on smartphones and tablets.

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Bootstrap is becoming a one-stop solution for creating WordPress products which are lightweight and yet modern and elegant. This particular product is based on the same platform, thus, coming up with all the mentioned ingredients. It supports responsive layout with both horizontal and vertical Menus and can work with gestures on the touchscreen featuring smartphones and tablets. It’s a premium product available with proper support for first six months.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with an Admin option to control the available options and have a different configuration.
  • It comes with unlimited skins to pick from and even customize the existing ones.
  • It is compatible to work with WooCommerce and supports digital downloads.

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If you’re looking for a WordPress mega plugin that will deliver excellent results, ScrollNav specifically aims to boost website accessibility. As a mega plugin, ScrollNav is designed to improve accessibility thanks to a circular button that performs different functions. Some of the key functions of this button include; a Scroll to Top function which facilitates a smooth scrolling effect enabling you to quickly navigate to the top as well as a custom menu loaded with numerous plugin options. With over 20 predefined styles and a custom link, this mega plugin also supports future updates which are crucial for a plugin given the fact that improvements will always be there.

ScrollNav is highly compatible and works perfectly with different browsers such as Chrome, Opera, IE11, IE10, Firefox and Safari. This plugin also comes with numerous files included such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript JS and CSS. Further more, ScrollNav is compatible with BuddyPress 1.7.x, BuddyPress 1.8.x and BuddyPress 1.9.x.

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Big Voodoo – Mega Menu Plugin

It’s always the dream of every web designer to have a robust platform that will permit faster and easier access to menus. Furthermore, having the freedom to edit menus is a desirable feature that encourages customization to create unique and attractive menus. Big Voodoo also comes with a related links menu, a key advantage for this WordPress 3.5 plugin that enriches the menu. Notably, Big Voodoo is known to boost the wp-admin Menu interface. Some of the key functions of this mega menu plugin include saving menus to a specified table to ensure menus are quickly displayed on the front. Furthermore, before menus are displayed on the admin interface, the plugin adds two shortcodes [mega_menu] & [related_links]

So, how does Big Voodoo enhance your menu? The addition of Shortcode/custom HTML to menus of your choice means you can comfortably and easily display widgets, forms or any other preferred styles within your menu. Stronger and simple styles and formats are achievable thanks to the fact that you can add a Section or Column section to any selected menu. This is as a result of the appropriate division of menu items. Furthermore, Menus come with an optional header with an optional link, and you have freedom to add an existing menu to another menu. Big Voodoo also enables you to include a button to the menu item options to include page descendants in WordPress page hierarchy.

For Big Voodoo to function properly, you require both PHP 5.3 and WordPress 3.5 . Installation of this plugin is a simple and straightforward procedure. To begin with, you need to add a menu location in your theme. Next, go to Appearance – Menu, setup the menu hierarchy. Once the setup is completed, you need to assign the specified menu hierarchy to the location of the menu. Finally, add one of the shortcodes for your menu to be displayed.

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LMM is an abbreviation of Liquida Mega Menu an amazing a popular mega plugin whose effectiveness cannot be underestimated. The cool thing about LMM is that it works perfectly regardless of whether you’re a developer or general user. LMM plugin integrates perfectly with your design and therefore, you can rest assured you’ll not experience any technical hiccups. If you’re looking for flexibility and powerful menus, LMM will definitely meet your requirements thanks to the wide range of features.

Those who’ve used this mega menu plugin love it because of the extensive customization possibilities and the fact that the plugin supports beautiful Font icons as well as Google fonts. Furthermore, LMM can be used to run an online shopping platform since it is compatible with WooCommerce. Liquida Mega Menu has super stunning layouts that comprise of a vertical menu associated with mobile displays as well as horizontal layouts for larger screens. Typically, the menu is clearly displayed whenever the toggle button is pressed. Interesting features of LMM include setting the scroll offset to the sticky navbar as well as changing the menu width.

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When selecting a mega plugin, it is important to choose one that allows you to customize various options in order to meet your requirements extensively. Supermenu has a powerful options panel to simplify how you interact with the plugin. Also, this mega menu plugin is packed with plenty of options to enhance your menu and make it look unique and attractive.

When you install this plugin, several menu layouts are availed to you; you just need to scroll to switch in between menus. You can use the numerous link hover effects to enhance your menu appearance as well as utilize attractive CSS3 animations to boost your click through rates. A unique feature of Supermenu is the super slide menu which is an option that comes with the plugin. You also have the freedom to choose from 600 Google fonts enabling you to realize great unique styles that will enhance your menu’s look. This plugin also comes with a search box that boosts your site’s uniqueness and creativity.

Those who’ve used Supermenu before agree that it integrates perfectly with any type of theme. This Bootstrap built plugin has numerous customizable options allowing users to set and configure various designs. Some of the notable features include the ability to show or hide logo and Social icons in superside menu. Menu styling is a key attribute of Supermenu mega plugin. Using this plugin, you can be able to set menu background colors as well as specify menu border configurations i.e. border radius to ensure that your menus blend well with the rest of the theme. Also, you can specify the colors you want to have for your Top Menu Links (Active, Hover, Regular).

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Implementing any of these Menu plugins is easy, but you need to keep things limited. If you put a lot in the navigation section, then it will be flooded with links, bringing down the sole utility of making things easier. These were the options I can recommend. Let us know which one you’re finally picking up and why. Your feedback will help other visitors to make a quick decision. Peace!


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