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Whether it’s related to Real Estate or any other specific niche, MLS websites are becoming a hot trend these days. Everyone is into creating a brand new website that offers listings on a particular niche, sharing the services and related information with the visitors.

And, with the help of WordPress, setting up the base for such a website is dead simple. You need to have a proper theme and then look for the MLS plugin, which can implement the required functionalities.

Over here, I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress MLS plugins. Each of these is capable of offering the required functionalities.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s begin with the best options we have.

#1 Simple Real Estate Pack

Simple Real Estate Pack Plugin

It’s one of the popular solutions in this specific niche, and it is available without any price tag at the official WordPress’s plugin repository. It is perfect for running a real estate website which can house tons of listings. The product packs widgets and additional tools to make the website look totally functional. It works with Google Maps and Yelp listings and can be used for other micro-niches like local schools, Trulia, Mortgage rates, etc. It even packs related tools like calculators, Google Maps integration, Walk Score, and special GRE extension.

Plugin highlights:

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#2 dsIDXpress IDX Plugin

dsIDXpress IDX Plugin

Once you have a dsIDXpress account (which is required to use this free plugin), you can start importing the live real estate listings directly into your blog. It packs built-in widgets to make the importing and showcasing the data dead simple and you don’t have to write a single code to make it work. Moreover, the details are displayed using the HTML code, keeping things on the lighter side, and thus, helping out in the performance. The data imported can also be imported into posts and pages.

Plugin highlights:

  • Using the services offered by this plugin is 100% free, and it works with WordPress 2.8 and higher version.
  • Once the login part is done, the API used in this plugin is fast enough to do the importing at a speed and that too on automation.
  • It has got over 10k+ active installs, confirming the number of users finding it interesting.

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#3 Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin

Optima Express MarketBoost IDX Plugin

It’s another IDX plugin which works to import the listings from real estate websites and share them on your website. The layout used here is responsive to ensure proper compatibility of elements with smartphones and tablets. Everything at the base is SEO optimised to ensure the listings are ranked at better rankings within SERPs. You can send emails to the users and can keep an eye on the performance of these campaigns.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows highlighting the expertise with regular market updates using a branded makeover.
  • Customization is allowed at various level, and there is even a widget inside to let you quickly showcase the data.
  • It takes care of the email alerts, user registration prompts, social media links, and Call to Action area, which all boils better conversions.

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#4 IMPress for IDX Broker

IMPress for IDX Broker

As you must have judged from the name itself, it’s another free plugin that can offer IDX integration and that too with 100s of service providers. You just need a broker account, and once the login is done, the plugin takes care of the functionalities part on its own. It has tons of dedicated tools for this specific niche like Map Search widget, neighbourhood pages, Omnibar search widget, etc. To use this plugin’s services, you need to buy a premium broker account.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows adding listings via Shortcodes and it even packs built-in widgets.
  • It offers powerful lead capture tools to generate better conversions and these tools even allow customizations.
  • Most of the part of this plugin is cloud hosted, keeping things on the lighter side for your website and also improving SEO scorecard.

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#5 Real Estate Website Builder

Real Estate Website Builder

Let’s talk about a plugin that can build the ground functionalities here. It is integrated with RETS continuously, and the data is imported automatically. It also unlimited images per listing and is fully customizable. For better conversion, you can even put featured listings on top of others. The plugin is free to use and is offered some support via dedicated forum.

Plugin highlights:

  • It packs a built-in theme which works with the plugin seamlessly. Few premium themes are also offered.
  • A dedicated landing page is created for individual listing, increasing the overall SEO scorecard.
  • The widgets available for the sidebar, are customizable, and they are fully functional to match the requirements here.

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#6 WPL Real Estate

WPL Real Estate WordPress Plugin

This particular plugin works with RETS, IDX, and VOW, all three, making it a one-stop solution for everything you might be looking for. It’s a free product which has so far managed to get 4.8 stars out of total 5. It works with almost every RETS based MLS listing providers across North America, and supports every possible scalable feature. It allows adding, removing, or changing the fields and adding custom changes to the listings, which are reflected in the database directly.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with proper documentation and knowledge base. A dedicated support forum is also offered.
  • Dedicated extensions are available which allows adding a dedicated functionality.
  • WPL Pro translations are available supporting English, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, and Croatian.

Full Details & Download


These were the best MLS WordPress plugins I can recommend, and I hope you’re finally going away with a perfect solution. If not, share your requirements in the discussion section below, and I’ll try my best to come up with a custom solution (if available). Don’t forget to share this compilation with all your friends. Peace!