Mobile apps are becoming the one-stop source of massive traffic. But, they are not that easy to code and popularise. One simple way to utilise the best out of this concept is by turning your website into a mobile app.

There are working methods that can quickly create an app for an existing WordPress website which is fully functional on smartphones and tablets.

These plugins simply put a responsive layout for the website which is in use, every time a visitor hits the website from a smartphone or tablet. If your site is already offering a fully responsive layout, then you might not need to consider using these plugins.

But, if the case is on the other side, then here is a compilation of best plugins to turn WordPress site into a mobile app. Before you begin using any of these solutions, I’ll recommend to try them out on a demo site first.

Let’s have a look at the available options one by one.

#1 AppPresser

Build Mobile Apps AppPresser

If you do a through research, then AppPresser will come out as the number one solution for this specific need. It works with a plugin and creates an app for smartphones, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It publishes the app from user’s account, offering them a full control of everything. The product is premium and comes with proper support from the developer team. As soon as a post is published on the main website, it’s refreshed onto the app. It even allows monetising the traffic from the mobile devices.

Plugin highlights:

  • It quickly creates a mobile specific app layout which works perfectly on every iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones and tablets.
  • All the apps can be controlled from a single place, making the control and management part straight and easy.
  • The apps are self-hosted offering complete control to the webmaster.
  • It is compatible with most of the themes and works on automation.

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#2 Worona

Worona Mobile App free iOS Android

It’s an open-source product, available for free and is extremely developer friendly. For a normal WordPress user, it can convert a properly functioning blog into a super interactive app which is ready to work on both Android and iOS running devices. It uses Corona SDK to create the plugin itself handles the app and rest of the configurations. At this time, the plugin supports only Post type, making it useful for blogs only. But, the developer has promised to bring additional support for custom post types. Check out rest of the details if it fits your requirements.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with a proper installation guide, covering everything which you might need during the setup.
  • It is compatible to work with Android 4.0 and above, and iOS 8 and above.
  • It’s backed up by a dedicated support forum, supporting the users via an online community.

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#3 MobiLoud

Convert WordPress mobile app by MobiLoud

It’s my next recommendation and is a premium plugin which can create a native app for iOS and Android. The plugin is specifically built for WordPress platform, making the integration super strong. You need to pay once for the plugin and rest of the costs are covered within the same package, making it extremely useful and worthy. The setup process is simple and requires no special knowledge of the app development. Moreover, a proper support is offered from the development team, making it super easy for everyone to use the services. The app even holds a built-in browser, opening the external links within itself. The plugin also has built-in social sharing elements. It has tons of other features which you should have a look at. 

Plugin highlights:

  • The apps are customizable, making it easy to have a custom solution to gain a branded appearance.
  • It allows monetising the mobile traffic with app specific advertisement campaigns and networks like AdMob.
  • Active push notifications are offered for the app users, instantly when a new post is pushed on the website.
  • The plugin allows putting external links or even pages to the app, other than the regular post type.

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#4 WiziApp

WiziApp iPhone and Android Apps

This particular plugin can release Android and iOS specific mobile apps and can even make the web apps, using the HTML5 technology, ensuring things stay extremely lightweight yet modern. The plugin is compatible to work WooCommerce and BuddyPress, ensuring a deeper level of integration with the WordPress. The customization options are available, allowing a webmaster to change the theme and menu part and even upload their own CSS. The mobile app traffic can be tracked with the Google Analytics inclusion, and a dedicated social sharing bar is also available. It can also offer active notification on mobile view, and push notifications on the apps, and even allows monetising the traffic using the AdMob network.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with premium support from the developer and even packs a dedicated support forum.
  • It lets you use your own responsive theme or pick from the available ones inside the package.
  • There is no branding from the developer, and you’re free to use your own branding, making it look totally cool.

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#5 Blappsta

Blappsta Mobile App Plugin

Here is my final recommendation which can do the primary thing we’re looking at here. The best part is that it is always kept updated to ensure proper compatibility with the latest WordPress version. It also comes with a preview tool to let you check the app instantly on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, before actually releasing the app. It packs features like push notification, social sharing tools, and support for categories and comments. The app also supports videos and images.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports Contact Form 7 plugin and other popular WordPress plugins.
  • It can let you showcase related articles at the bottom of the post on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It allows showcasing the live feed from the Facebook page.

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So, which exact one you’re finally going to try? As I recommended earlier, test it out on a demo website first, and later, if it works, make it live on the established one. Let us know your experience with this method of creating a mobile app for WordPress site. Peace!


  1. hi
    thanks for your great article , i actually tested many of website to create android and iPhone app for
    my WordPress blog , most of them are getting error and iPhone store rejected my apps , but
    with this website everything thing was fine , they publish the app in google
    play and iPhone store for free and their app are great , so thanks again for sharing
    all this great info
    hope that help you

    • Hi Kalifa,

      Thank you for stopping by and giving your input. Could you please be more specific as to which service provider gave an error message on IOS?

      Also, Mobiloud is already mentioned.