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WordPress coupon plugins and themes are one of the great ways to earn a sufficient online income for webmasters.

In the previous year, one of the best coupon business site RetailMeNot reported a revenue of more than $244.7 million and Groupon, which is another renowned coupon business, posted a revenue of staggering $1.33 Billion.

These were only some of the best-known coupon business who are making millions and billions, and there are hundreds and probably thousand other online coupon business owners who must be cashing some good dollars as well. So, for those of you who are seeking an entrance into this sort of genuine business online, I give you the top 7 WordPress plugins & coupon themes that will give you the desired footing stand in this niche. So without a word, let’s start exploring these themes and plugins for WordPress.

Top 14 WordPress Coupon Plugins And Themes

Coupon Theme for WordPress


Our first theme for online coupon business is one of the best coupon themes among the top coupon themes known as “Coupon Theme.” Coupon theme is a classical pack of features and options that you need to exploit this niche in a beneficial way fully. It’s a minimal work of designing and is a fully responsive SEO-friendly theme.

Coupon theme for WP also provides you some greatly advanced option to manage coupon code features on your website and its interface will make it easier for your readers to explore & enjoy great deals in a total security with peace of mind. The theme is also highly customizable with having several color options, fonts, coupon expiration dates, print coupon options, and more.


Comre WP Theme


Comre comes as the second best modern-looking theme for coupon code business online. This theme has some amazing functionalities as well as being complete retina-friendly for easy viewing. The professionalism that is clearly visible on this theme interface grabs the trust of your audience completely. Comre is fully responsive, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues on several devices. The admin panel inside Comre is easy to customize and understand for even the beginners who don’t know much about CMS’s.

The great thing about Comre is its plugin pack that you will get with once you buy this theme. Plugins like Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, and several other different modules comes very handily when you require giving your site that great visual appeal and functionality for the user-end. Now you only need to use the drag-and-drop feature in the admin panel to customize the look of your theme extravagantly. Plus, enjoy integrated support of more than 30+ shortcodes to make things easier for you at the back-end of the website.


Clipper Coupon Code Theme


If you need an easy to use coupon code theme for your WordPress site, I recommend none other than Clipper theme which is one of the easiest to setup and manage among the templates and plugins mentioned on this page. It offers an exclusive member area for your constant visitors where they can actually save and manage their own selected coupon codes quite handsomely.

Clipper has its own statistics meter as well which will keep you updated on the hottest and most viewed coupons/posts on your website. Enjoy an unlimited amount of stores you want to create on Clipper and fill them with equally unlimited coupon codes for your readers. Plus, the support for Google AdSense & affiliate banner will maximize your income further.


Kupon Theme


This as taken inspiration from websites like Groupon, which is one of the biggest names in the coupon business industry. Kupon is a feature-rich theme that keeps everything minimal but highly active for the visitors on the site. The interface is neat, modern, and highly user-friendly. Kupon is responsive, SEO-ready, retina-friendly, with so much more. Plus, you get the support of such well-known plugins like WooCommerce with several others. There are some free premium plugins comes as a package with Kupon as well like the Visual Composer.


Couponer WP Coupon Theme


Couponer is the name of that theme which will be your future’s choice when you will setup a coupon business online. One of the best coupon premium themes for WordPress is Couponer which is great for creating deals, adding coupon codes, and discounted stores online right on your user-friendly site. This theme offers you a choice of using unlimited colors on your website with being fully responsive, SEO-ready, and Retina-ready. Now, create coupon codes/deals with unlimited time-frame.

You can also add a member-exclusive area in Couponer that has a dedicated system for exclusive membership. Plus, get Mailchimp support right inside your Couponer theme if you are looking for some serious email marketing of your daily coupon deals site through sending lots of emails. So, Couponer theme is a sure masterpiece for a coupon deals website which you should definitely try.


Coupon Hut WordPress Coupon Business Theme


Coupon Hut is the most recent product to become a well-known coupon code theme in WordPress community, a task in which the theme is significantly growing as the time progresses. The theme represents a special look that is best fitted for every type of coupon code or daily deals website. The theme is also one of the easiest with just a few clicks setup convenience. Along with having all the basic modern features a competent theme should have, you can additionally get a rating system, ten custom widgets, advanced searching, page builder, and two types of coupon code/deal setup as well.


Rabat Theme


Rabat WP theme is highly regarded because of its huge click-&-conversion numbers. Rabat is indeed the coolest coupon code management system that you can ever get. Highly optimized for coupon-based business setup, its approach is minimal in designing but extreme in functionality. Your users can explore all types of coupon deals by scrolling down on different offers available on the site.

Your users can make their own profiles without any hurdles and save all of their activities on the right on their membership area. The theme is responsive, SEO-ready, Retina-ready, and have all other good qualities you can ask for.


Free and Paid WordPress Coupon Plugins

Viral Coupon

Viral Coupon Plugin

Social platforms are the best way to create a buzz and to make that happen you need to make a lot of sharing and posting. Now to make that happen in a practical situation here is a premium plugin which you can test out. It puts a social sharing button before a coupon, asking the visitor first to share the details to his/her social profile to get access to the exact coupon code. It is integrated with all popular social platforms and works perfectly with each of them. The product comes with dedicated support for first six months, and future updates are always available to the core.

Plugin highlights:

  • It works perfectly with WooCommerce plugin and its extensions, making sure the e-commerce compatibility is matched.
  • The plugin is simple to use and works on automation. It requires less than five minutes to setup completely.
  • It allows putting a custom message, “share to receive discount,” which can practically boost the social sharing.
  • Once the sharing is done, the coupon is automatically applied to the cart if you’re running a proper e-commerce website.

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WordPress Coupon Widget

WordPress Coupon Widget

WordPress coupon plugin is said to increase your conversion rate while building your email subscriber list. Although I haven’t used this personally, I have used similar ones with a similar feature set, and I can report that it did increase our earnings primarily deriving from social media channels. It’s a simple widget which prompts users to take a particular call to action depending on your setting to even share or subscribe to gain access to the coupon code.

I’ve seen this method works wonders for other webmasters around the web and myself. It allows you to create a custom message with a call to action button that guides users through the process. You get a generous amount of customisation option such as being able to customize a color, text size and so on. The plugin comes over various location setting such as being sticky at the top which floats as user scroll down the page and various other placements.

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Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator WordPress Plugin

Creating a coupon code and the area around it which looks elegant and attractive, is one of the prime tasks. If you’re looking to achieve this functionality within the WordPress Dashboard, then here is a plugin that can make it happen. It adds a Shortcode to the system using which, a coupon code can be generated easily and then can be displayed anywhere you like. The plugin is available for free, with a limited set of features, while keeping the premium features with a price tag. And, it is extremely easy, to begin with. It even has a dedicated support forum, managed by the developer itself.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with built-in functionalities and support for the Shortcode, which can be added to anywhere on a post.
  • It can categorize the coupons, which can make the management process straightforward.
  • The Shortcode Coupon code can also be integrated within the widgets, and added into the sidebar.
  • Few customization and configuration options are also available but to unlock all, you need to buy the premium version.

Full Details & Download

WordPress Coupon Code Generator

WordPress Coupon Code Generator

It’s another plugin capable of doing the same, coupon generation task, but it is not available for free. You need to pay to get the only version, but the plugin does come with dedicated six months of support from the developer. The product comes with proper documentation and can be used on a unlimited number of website. Once you buy it, there are no restrictions, whatsoever.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can be used to create a coupon and promotional codes easily.
  • It can even be used to create an API key which you can share to make it work with a specific product.
  • Few customization options are available which can be controlled from the Admin area.

Full Details & Download

Magic WP Coupons – Lite

Magic WP Coupons Lite

As you can judge from the name itself, it’s a free plugin, holding the functionality we are primarily looking for. It comes with built-in support for coupon generator and also wraps likes/dislikes system, and click counter system. The developer is keen to provide proper support from the dedicated forum. The product can be designed according to personal taste, thanks to the inclusion and support of custom CSS. Moreover, it is compatible with most of the WordPress ready themes, ensuring proper functionality in every case. FYI, earlier, the developer was offering a premium version of the same, but currently, it has been taken down.

Plugin highlights:

  • Working with posts, pages, and even widgets is compatible.
  • The plugin can work with affiliate URLs, and those links can be cloaked.
  • It packs social media integration and allows users to like or vote for their preferences.
  • The plugin also packs built-in templates which can be used to do a proper makeover.

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JC Coupon

JC Coupon WordPress Plugin

It’s more of a level management plugin that can help you properly manage the appearance of the available coupons. It can allow you to put an expiry date, show them on a post or page using the Shortcode, and can change the coupon code. The product is available for free and serves a limited set of functionalities.

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Coupon Reveal

Coupon Reveal Affiliate Coupon Plugin

This is my final recommendation which is a complete package and comes at a premium price. Thankfully, different versions with a different set of usage details are available to pick. It works with almost every affiliate channel and uses a mechanism to boost the affiliate income properly. It lets you showcase the coupon, create them, put an expiry date, and make them look interactive for the visitors. The design part is customizable, and you can achieve tons of elegant design choices. It also works with animations which can further increase the interaction.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with a built-in mechanism to properly hide and reveal a coupon code.
  • It packs proper reporting tool behind-the-scene, helping you to know how a particular coupon is working.
  • It can work with Shortcode which is the simplest way of putting an element anywhere on a website.

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Once you are ready with the website setup, all you need to look at is to update the content regularly, sharing deals and promotions. Making use of social media channels is extremely necessary and you should also be working on creating an email subscribers database. All these strategies are going to help you drive better traffic and quality conversion. 

So, which of these WordPress coupon themes/plugins have made right into your heart? Do share with us your opinion as well as any other significant theme you may have in mind for online coupon business.


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