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Looking for the best WordPress popup plugin?

Below you will see my findings of ten plugins I recommend.

Do you know the reason for success for any online business? Yes; The successful survival of any business online largely depends upon two significant things.

They are; Making the website valued visitors into e-mail newsletter subscribers in a successful manner and then making them into potential customers in the open market.

Less than thirty percent of your esteemed existing and potential website visitors will revisit your website unless a great chance to sign-up is provided to them with a lot of perfection.

This is where the significance of WordPress popup plugins directly comes in with great assistance and support.



In the open market, Bloom has several features that are very close to those of the ones mentioned above in this particular list. It comes with different and unique features too that largely makes it as one of the most popular and sought after e-mail opt-in plugins for WordPress.

The features of bloom provide opt-in from locations such as Popup, Fly-in, Inline, Widget, Locked content, and Below post. It permits you to totally control for any particular location, the display of opt-in forms. The A/B tests unlimited of the sign ups to find out the one providing you the most conversions.

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OptinMonster is one of most popular and powerful lead generation software that assist and support marketers to increase lead generation best efforts, and lower cart abandonment and builds e-mail subscribers.

It comes with significant features such as to permit you to get visitor’s valuable attention by decent animated effects, increases conversion rates with multiple chances for the visitors to sign up.

It also offers multiple opt-in; kind to be properly placed in several locations with a lot of perfection on the landing pages plus all around the website.

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ConvertPlug is the most useful and economic popup plugin. With different positions, it provides different kinds of opt-in forms; they can be largely displayed in, triggers that total control its decent behavior, templates that can be customizable and a lot more.

It comes with certain additional characteristics that might not be found in other popular and most sought after plugins.

It comes with features such as an Add-on Installer that provide all essential add-ons for FREE, quick plus user-friendly setup of pop-ups, cent percent customizable templates and designs, integrated with all major and minor e-mail marketing providers.

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Ninja Popups

With a couple of clicks, designs perfectly created using Ninja Popups are mobile responsive, 56-plus animations plus its effects settings that can be very used for all the elements properly created in this plugin.

It is Real-time, inbuilt analytics permits you to understand your conversion rate status rightly. It is easy to install and use in the best possible manner.

With inbuilt analytics, the cent percent customization options and A/B test the possibility to them largely ensures you are properly working with the perfect design plus behavior settings that work best with your esteemed audience.

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Popup domination

Popup domination suit permits you to customize easily opt-in form well designs to suit your effective campaign plus brand for smooth and clear visibility on mobile apps.

It offers integration with major and minor e-mail marketing service providers. It gives simple and successful A/B tests assists and supports you to get a data-driven idea regarding conversions.

It is understandable easily stats help you to take actions to modify your lead-generation strategy in a successful manner properly. With Popup domination, you can quickly get started.

On the other hand, you just have to largely opt for a master plan, properly install the plugin plus you are really good to go. The esteemed user interface of it is simple and largely inspired by the WordPress user interface.

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SumoMe provides a unit of website traffic significant tools to provide your online business a great boost in the open market.

It assists and supports your readers to subscribe to your e-mail list plus successfully share your articles while getting you optimize your effective and efficient marketing efforts with the best analytics.

The free important tools are Google Analytics, List Builder, Scroll Box, Share, Heat Map, Welcome Mat, Image Sharer, Smart Bar, Highlighter and much more.

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Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box gives compatibility with significant email marketing software, such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and Mad Mimi.

It helps to create certain outstanding opt-in forms and permits you to display forms on significant blog categories certainly. In that manner, you can promote freebies for esteemed readers with interests.

On the other hand, the ready availability of several trigger options permits you to decide the location of your opt-in form largely.

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Icegram comes with share count assists and supports you to properly monitor the frequency of sharing your good number of images.

It can be perfectly integrated with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor.

On the other hand, Popover significantly helps to increase e-mail subscribers. Moreover, you can wholeheartedly customize templates to create great looking e-mail pop-ups.

You can also personalize the timing in a successful manner of e-mail subscription popover, customize the e-mail subscription box wordings and colors plus add easily social media sharing buttons to your decent images.

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Pippity is a popular WordPress plugin. You can successfully monitor the needed and required statistics such as conversions from the WordPress dashboard, email lists, tracking of opt-ins, etc.

You can also rightly disable the opt-in forms on specific posts and pages.

It lets you perfectly set the display interval of opt-in forms. On the opt-in forms, simple A/B tests assist you to largely decide on the forms or the positions for best conversion in a successful manner.

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YITH newsletter popup

It is to be noted YITH newsletter popup is one of the most beneficial methods to convert your long list of valued visitors into e-mail subscribers.

Thanks to certain great WordPress popup plugins, you can perfectly use pop-ups in almost each and every possible manner like an immediate display, display after a decent amount of time, or just for a specific and a good number of page visits.

In the present scenario, there is a good number of popup plugins readily available on the open market, both paid and free.

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Hello bar

This is my personal favorite and one of the free to use the plugin. Don’t go with its name, as it talks only about the bar. Along with mentioning a subscription trigger in the top notification bar of a website, you can also opt for dozens of other pop-up styles. For starters, there is no price tag, but the branding will be there for sure. A detailed analytic tool also comes in the package, but if you pay for the premium account, then you’ll have access to the every possibility.

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Optin Forms

While, the first option was paid, the second best in our list is free to use. Although the features offered are, of course, limited compared to the OptimMonster, but they are good enough to keep you addicted and keep using it. It comes with gorgeous design layouts, which can be used to quickly sketch a pop-up, asking to subscribe.

You’re allowed to set the occurrence timing and exact place on the website. You can even vary them from post to post, or pages to pages. If you’re in a hurry, then you can simply start using it, and within five minutes, a basic but pretty good looking setup will be done. In short, go ahead and check it out, before you pay for any premium one while your needs are full filled by this free one.

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Conclusion: You can decide on your best WordPress popup plugin that is useful in fulfilling your needs and requirements in the open market. You can personally check its features and other benefits in the right manner before opting for the best.


  1. Great list. I’ve used bloom and it’s super awesome. But the only problem is that it doesn’t support feedburner. Otherwise it’s good.

    Can you share the name of the plugin you use for showing floating share bar on mobile view. I’ve been searching for one for a long time.

    • OptinMonster is also great I use it in conjunction with Bloom. The only negative I can say about OptinMonster is that I had a lot of issue with it on my site and the support wasn’t much help.

  2. I’m using convertplug, it has many features & very easy to use, furthermore it is reasonably priced compared to optinmonster & other popup plugins out there that are 3-4 times more expensive or subscription based.