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We are looking for the best WordPress Quiz plugins as implementing a quiz or running a questionnaire is one of the best and easiest ways to connect with the visitor.

A simple quiz can help you gather a better audience as people will feel an urge to answer that puzzle. Now, it all depends on what you ask them and if it’s related to your primary content or not.

Over here, I’ll be mentioning the best options you can look into and at the end, you’ll have a perfect plugin, fully capable of adding this particular functionality.

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#1 Wp-Pro-Quiz

Wp Pro Quiz Plugin

If a free plugin comes with proper documentation and a level of support from the developer, and if its code is available on Github, then no doubt, it can be your best pick. Our first recommendation has matched all these criteria and it’s also good in performance. Moreover, the plugin is ready to be translatable among global languages.

Plugin highlights:

  • It offers all the options which a quiz module will require like sorting, matrix sorting, and free or multiple choice.
  • It can implement a time module into the quiz, giving the visitors a small window to participate.
  • It comes with built-in statistics and even allows sending email notifications.
  • The plugin also comes with dozens of configuration options along with import/export functionality.

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#2 mTouch Quiz

mTouch Quiz WordPress Plugin

Now, as you must have understood from the name itself, it’s a mobile friendly quiz plugin which is optimized to work perfectly with touchscreen devices. Now the last functionality I’ve mentioned can be a game changer if the majority of your audience are using modern smartphones or tablets. It covers all the functionalities and features required by most of the webmaster to put up a quiz online.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows putting specific point values for correct answers and can help the visitors to get a scorecard.
  • It can put a customizable start and end screens, just to increase the interaction.
  • It is extremely simple to setup and use, and the installation part is just like any other WordPress plugin.

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#3 FSQM Pro

WordPress Form Builder Survey

It’s a featured and one of the best product at CodeCanyon platform and believe me, it can offer all the functionalities and features; one might require, and that too wrapped in a premium package. The UI part throughout the plugin, both at front and back ends is super elegant and easy to use. It is backed up by a proper support and online tutorials are also available as part of the documentation. The tool which is required to be interacted with in order to put up a quiz online is powered by a drag & drop form builder, which helps us away from coding. It is optimized for mobile devices, touchscreen devices, and also for Apple’s Retina display featuring gadgets.

Plugin highlights:

  • It comes with built-in analytics, gathering and offering proper reports and related data.
  • It allows putting conditional logics which is one simple way to increase the interaction and also to put some hurdles before the quiz.
  • It is integrated with PayPal and Stripe payment systems, offering a chance to monetize, if possible.
  • It packs 100+ Web fonts, 35+ form elements, 860+ HD icons and 30+ themes, all for the sake of proper customization.

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#4 Watu

Watu WordPress Plugin

It’s another simple plugin which is available in both free and paid versions. It comes with a proper UI which is ready to work on desktop, laptop, mobile, smartphone, tablet, and even support the touchscreen displays. The quiz module is powerful and comes with dozens of options to configure and achieve a proper functionality which is also unique.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is lightweight and stays away from consuming tons of CPU resources.
  • It is featured with AJAX-based loading for the quiz results and even includes Facebook sharing.
  • It can be integrated with MailChip to achieve email notifications and other related functionalities.
  • The plugin is compatible to work with WordPress Multisite.

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#5 Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master Plugin

Most of the features and functionalities are available without any price tag, but there are certain premium extensions which require you to pay. This is the story of our next recommendation here, and those premium extensions are for creating a landing page, or expiring the results, or putting up MailChimp integration, and so on. The code base of this plugin is available on Github so that anyone can contribute and make it better. The primary attraction of this plugin is it’s customization level, which is rare for a free product.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports different types of questions and surveys and even allows putting multiple landing pages for each quiz.
  • It offers an email notification when the user has completed taking the quiz or the survey, which is a safe and cool way of increasing email subscribers.
  • It allows putting categories for different questions and the whole module is responsive to work on mobile devices.
  • If you wish to put it this way, you’re allowed to put a login restriction before the user can participate.

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#6 SlickQuiz

SlickQuiz WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for an elegant product which can interact with the visitors in an even better way, then consider going with SlickQuiz. But, it has to use heavy code to achieve those cool interactions and animations. The plugin is responsive to work on smartphones and tablets, and it uses jQuery code to achieve the cool animations. It is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, offering a sharing button once the visitor is done taking up the quiz, allowing him/her to share the results.

Plugin highlights:

  • There are no restrictions on the number of questions or answers you can put up online.
  • It allows putting a message for both correct and incorrect answers.
  • Certain elements are customizable, which help you achieve a custom module.

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Two simple factors which you should include in your decision-making process is that the quiz module implemented by any of these plugins should be, first, responsive to work on mobile devices, and second, it shouldn’t be heavy. Let us know which one you’re finally picking up in the discussion section as it will help others to make even a better decision. Peace!