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RSS still holds its value and it doesn’t require going through a lot of trouble to make the best out of it. You just need a right plugin to achieve the desired functionality and then left rest of the things on automation.

It’s like a common platform which is used by millions of bloggers and news publishers, helping the visitors to gather information through a simple web format.

So which is the WordPress RSS feed plugin?

PluginFeaturesEase of useWorks with current theme?Mobile-friendly?
WP RSS Aggregator5 Star Rating4.8 Star Rating
RSS Just Better4.3 Star Rating4.8 Star Rating
RSS Image Feed3 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
RSS Includes Pages3.7 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
RSS Importer3 Star Rating5 Star Rating

Abbreviated for Really Simple Syndication, here is a compilation of best WordPress RSS feed plugins.

Let’s begin with the list and see if you can find a better plugin to work with or not.


FEEDZY RSS Feeds makes it very easy to aggregate multiple RSS feeds from various sources and display these on your WordPress site. If you plan to use some RSS feeds more than once, you can combine these into different categories.

The plugin offers several admin options that enable you to control how the feed items look like. There are custom widgets and several custom shortcodes to help you display the feed items anywhere you want.


  • Provides a simple way to display RSS feed items
  • Supports categories to group similar feeds together
  • Custom shortcode with lots of parameters
  • Lots of useful features in the premium version


  • No default option for custom CSS

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#1 RSS Includes Pages and Custom Post Types

RSS Includes Pages and Custom Post Types

It’s an extremely simple plugin which brings additional functionalities to the table. It increases the power of RSS by including even Pages, not just the Posts, which is usually the case with WordPress websites. It also comes with other custom options to pick and play with.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is available for free, but it also comes in a paid version, including few premium features.
  • It allows excluding or including posts or pages by their IDs.
  • It can work with WooCommerce products and Avada portfolios.

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#2 RSS Image Feed

RSS Image Feed Plugin

As you can judge from the name itself, it’s an RSS plugin for creating image feeds. If you publish a lot of images, and most of the content is dominated by the pictures, then consider using this plugin. It works with multiple browsers and is even compatible to work with Firefox browser.

Plugin highlights:

  • It quickly creates a feed for all the images while keeping the first one as featured.
  • It adds a functionality which makes the image clickable even in the excerpt.
  • It is regularly updated to keep its compatibility properly with the modern WordPress version.

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#3 RSS Just Better

RSS Just Better Plugin

If you’re looking for a simple product that packs tons of customizations and is even ready to go beyond those which are available in the package, then check out what this particular plugin has to offer. It is available for free and can help your blog bring tons of traffic. It is currently being used by over 5k users. You are allowed to showcase the feed in either ordered or unordered list.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can display a list of RSS (and even Atom) feed items once you input the feed URL.
  • You’re allowed to control the recreation cache frequency.
  • You can even change the publication date, time, and excerpt, and put these custom details according to the situation.

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#4 RSS Importer

RSS Importer WordPress Plugin

It’s an extremely simple product which can be useful in a particular situation. Suppose if you’ve accidentally deleted a post or might have lost it due to some reason. Now, importing that post is all you need, and if you have the RSS feed of that particular post, then the restoration is possible, thanks to the RSS Importer plugin. It doesn’t do anything else and is an extremely simple to use a product. Go ahead and use it if you’re in a similar situation.

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#5 Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

It’s a unique and little powerful (than above mentions) plugin allowing the webmaster to put a subscription menu among posts or pages, or even in the sidebar. It allows the webmaster to put this subscription module online, where users can interact with and can subscribe to new posts or pages based on the categories or even tags. So, yes, it functions as it’s mentioned in the name itself. Bottom line, this plugin is extremely useful if you’re running a blog or magazine with tons of categories while the specific users are interested in certain topics only. So, you can gain their trust easily, thanks to this plugin.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is simple to use and is simple to setup, thanks to the very limited options inside.
  • It is regularly updated to meet the compatibility score with the modern WordPress script version.
  • It sends a notification to the subscribed user in a cool and simple way.

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#6 WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin

It works with both RSS and Atom generated feeds and comes with dozens of functionalities available under the same roof. This plugin should be used if you’re looking to implement all those functionalities and make the most out of this RSS concept. It can work as an importer to help you restore a post, and it even allows merging and then displaying two or more feeds in a single column. With over 30k active users, it’s a popular product in its category and has received 4.4 ratings out of total 5, which are all a clear sign of a premium class product.

Plugin highlights:

  • It works with Shortcode and using the right one; you can achieve a particular functionality.
  • It comes with premium add-ons which can increase the functionality further.
  • It works perfectly with Lightbox, and can even handle the videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo.
  • It comes with a scheduler, which can handle the feed imports for individual sources.

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#7 continuous RSS scrolling

continuous rss scrolling

As the name suggests, it can implement a special module, allowing the visitors to scroll through the available feeds, either in a specific post or page or even at the sidebar. The plugin packs its custom widget which can be implemented on the sidebar or even at the footer.

Plugin highlights:

  • It is extremely simple to install and setup and includes specific features for controlling the scrolling part.
  • It holds options to customize the scrolling part like you can set the speed and delay.
  • It can be implemented manually by copying and pasting a simple code anywhere on the website.

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RSS Manager

RSS Manager Plugin

Full Details & Download

Super RSS Reader

Super RSS Reader WordPress Plugin

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WP RSS Images

WP RSS Images Plugin

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Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds

Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds

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Finally, you have the options to pick the best RSS plugin for WordPress. But you might be confused to pick one out of these. If that’s the dilemma you’re in, then here is a simple process to help. Put up a list of requirements you’re seeking for and then start the matchmaking process with each of these. The one matching the maximum options will win the case. Cool, right? Don’t forget to mention which one you’re finally picking up. Peace!


    • Hey Mike,

      Thank you for visiting if I had to choose just one I would say “RSS Includes Pages and Custom Post Types” my second pick if I had one would be “RSS Just Better”.

      Let me know which one you went with?

    • Hey Toby,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. What issues are you facing? is saying the plugin was last updated 3 weeks ago.