Divi WordPress Theme

WordPress theme development is a never-ending business and with the growing use of Internet, it’s definitely going to grow exponentially.

So, starting your career as a theme developer is definitely a good idea. Specifically, learning WordPress theme development is a perfect idea, considering the popularity of the platform.

Now, you can either start by coding your own theme, or to know how WordPress usually functions, you can start with starter themes and frameworks.

I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress starter theme/frameworks for developers right here.



Since we’re talking about the WordPress platform here, so, why don’t we start with an option from Automattic? The name may be weird but the feature it offers are truly helpful for the newbies. It comes with helpful 404 templates and includes well-commended and extremely modern HTML5 templates.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with a right amount of lean, well-commented and totally modern HTML5 templates.
  • It comes with small tweaks in inc/extras.php which can be used to improve the overall experience.
  • The CSS is smartly organised to help you quickly understand the mechanism and bring the required customizations.

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Genesis Framework

It’s not just a framework but also a parent theme for all compatible Child themes developed by StudioPress or third-party developers. All you need is to install this framework and then create your own Child theme, where all the customizations can be added, without hurting the base and the basic functionalities. The framework is easy to start, thanks to well-formatted and well-commented coding.

Theme highlights:

  • The framework is optimized for SEO to ensure higher rankings, in most of the cases.
  • It’s a product from professional developers, so you can always expect high-end security.
  • It comes with a theme options panel and a Theme Customizer built-in.
  • It comes with Featured Content Widgets to help you showcase featured page or a user profile.

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To help you start with the front-end development, Sage is a highly recommended product. It comes with advanced gulp setup, which ensures easy code understanding, and easy testing for checking out different code and errors. It also comes with the latest version of Bootstrap, which itself is a platform to ensure performance and security.

Theme highlights:

  • It comes with built-in Bower tool which is an automatic compiler.
  • ARIA roles and microformats are used by the developer and it uses the minimal HTML5 version.
  • It also comes with a book (available separately for a price), that can get you started with the platform.

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This particular theme development firm is about six years old and thus, the product comes with an experience behind. They started with the WordPress from day one and since then, have developed hundreds of quality products. Their prime product is the Drag & Drop featured Headway framework. It helps you create any sort of layout and that too without writing a single piece of code.

Theme highlights:

  • The framework is so light and well-coded that all the changes can be brought within minutes.
  • The framework allows inserting custom CSS, HTML, and even PHP codes which can work with rest of the elements.
  • Every possible design is kept responsive and the framework comes with example templates in the package.

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This is a known name among WordPress community and it’s built over Foundation 6 platform, making it extremely functional, powerful and user-friendly. It can help the developer create any sort of website from scratch. Also, it holds only the required Shortcodes and functions which will be useful in a situation. It also includes the famous Gulp setup to help saving precious time and efforts.

Theme highlights:

  • The platform comes with Sass, allowing you to add customizations or even a whole new CSS version.
  • It comes with proper documentation and you can easily find online forums to carry on valuable and helpful discussions.
  • Every version of the theme you can create is ensured to be responsive and mobile friendly.

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This product is as its name sounds like. It doesn’t come with anything, but a framework, and allows you to create any sort of functionalities and CSS styles, to have a proper and overall look and functional website. It comes with HTML5 compatibility and is a definitive WordPress boilerplate starter theme. It’s one of the best starters WordPress themes to initiate learning phase.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is SEO friendly, lightweight and ensures good performance.
  • It comes with cross-browser compatibility and a responsive layout.
  • The theme is regularly updated to ensure proper security and faster performance.

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If you were looking for a mobile-first starter theme, then consider going with Bones. It’s an HTML5 ready theme, available without any price tag. Anyone can use the theme and can even contribute to its development channel at Github. Also, to keep things away from looking complicated, the developer kept things simple and straight.

Theme highlights:

  • The theme is available without any price tag, at all and anyone interested can start with its development.
  • It supports custom Post types and includes custom Dashboard functions.
  • It comes preloaded with Sass and even allows putting custom CSS.
  • The theme comes with clutter free header area and ensures fastest possible page load speed.

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I will recommend checking out and testing all these themes and as many as you can. The ones I mentioned above will give you a good start. One thing I’m interested in knowing is the best framework or starter WordPress theme from the developer’s point-of-view. Good luck!